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Guestbook Entries #321 - #340

   Entry #321:   SunethraD - New Zealand

Dear Ellen, Words can't express the gratitude I feel for the whole journey T've gone through with you in this life time!! Coming out of the deep dark hole to see the light of inner being is a long winding road with so many unforgettable events and experiences.

You are absolutely a gift to this whole world who can make connections to other diemensions to make us understand the nature of living beings and the relationship we have with ourselves and others.

I'm greatly thankful to you for the
Email Reading and Remote Releasement process with you Ellen. I'm feeling the benefits all along the way!! Thank you indeed!! May the blessings be with you!!

   Entry #322:   TimR - Netherlands

Thanks for the healing guidance. I never thought I would forgive my [family member]. It happened in a nano-second. I also never thought I could forgive msyelf. Healing my old wounds brought about INSTANT changes to my physical self. Simply amazing. I am empowered by my own abilities and excited by the spiritual road ahead. I look forward to watching the progress continue. Kind regards.

   Entry #323:   SherAB - USA

Ellen, Thank you so much for the Past Life reading. Hopefully, knowing the past life information will help me avoid making the types of mistakes I have made in the past. Keep up the good work!

   Entry #324:   RoxanneG - USA

The reading for my son was so helpful: it backed up my theories about his past life trauma. I am so glad to have this information, so I can continue working with him in the correct way. Yours is wonderful site, full of so many resources! I love the amount of "self-help" guidance available! Much Thanks for this very valuble information.

   Entry #325:   StefanK - Austria

Thank you so so much, for your past lifes service, it is so good, to receive so much inside/insight. Thank you, thank you. P.S. You really cause sometimes wonders, Ellen ;)

   Entry #326:   TracyB - USA

I was searching for the healing properties of minerals when I found your site. It is just what I needed. I stayed late at work so I could read the many uses of pain. I have been in terrible pain (emotional) for a long, long time. I will be back to read more. This is such a wonderful site full of useful information for people l ike me who want to heal the inner-self. I will visit your site more and also share it with others. Thank you for being there.

   Entry #327:   JillB - USA

Hello: I'm glad I finally got to find your website. Thanks to Google. I was not quite sure what I was looking for but something was pulling me into a shift of awareness. I have never felt at home or at ease in my life. I am hoping that by investigating my past lives, I can finally come to see the larger picture of who I really am. Kind regards!

   Entry #328:   MarideeL - USA

I have found your site so inspiring and so very helpful! It's helped me so much to increase my understanding of some of the strange and wonderful things going on in my life! Thank you so much for all the information insight and help you give!

   Entry #329:   CarolC - USA

Somehow I stumbled apon your website. Maybe I was directed who knows? I have read through some of your articles and find them quite interesting. I have had some questions to my life and I will continue to study what you have to offer. I feel fortunate to have come accross this website. Thanks

   Entry #330:   Gemstones - USA

Peace! I discovered your website by searching for answers to life's questions. I am just beginning to read the information here and have found some critical information that I have been in search of... What a blessing. I am a willing spirit who is always is search of becoming better before the Provider of all things. It has been a pleasure to discover what you are offering here. Continued success...

   Entry #331:   Ciara - USA

I ran across your page while looking for some healing stones. The information here is wonderful and really appreciated. Thank you for the time you have put in for me and others who are working towards enlightenment. Blessed be!

   Entry #332:   Natalie - Scotland

I've been away lost in darkness and am so thankful that you and your web-site are still here.
[Like Motel 6, "I'll keep the light on for you!" -EM]

   Entry #333:   Rebecca - USA

Thanks! Your site provides much to stimulate thought and growth... I will be passing this site along to others.

   Entry #334:   WilliamC - USA

Fascinating. I applaud you for your approach to problem solving.

   Entry #335:   SherrieK - USA

VERY interesting site - a lot of insight gained here too! Thanx. Ellen!

   Entry #336:   DebraW - USA

This has been a very enlightening website. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

   Entry #337:   MustafaA-S - USA

I really enjoy all the knowlegde and information on this web-site. Thank you.

   Entry #338:   Morticia - New Zealand

You have wisdom, you speak Truths... Blessings!

   Entry #339:   MargaretC - Ireland

Thanks & God bless. I love & appreciate your site.

   Entry #340:   BeckS - USA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this site.



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