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Guestbook Entries #241 - #260

   Entry #241:   Jodi - USA

Thank you for your insight into my past lives. I am touched and educated by the [Past Life Profile] you sent to me. In the reading, you were so accurate in your description of my relationship with [family].

You related many things I did not tell you. I hope knowing how dead on center you were about this encourages you in your own walk through this life. I am pleased to know that my guides have confirmed that my contract with [family member] is largely worked off, I believe it is time as well.

Mostly I want to say thank you, and express my envy at the wonderful people you meet each day as you not only meet todays lives but yesterdays as well. You have been a blessing to me. Again, thanks and God bless you.

   Entry #242:   SunethraD - New Zealand

Ellen, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU more than Million times!!! I was awaiting for a reply from you for my questions and absolutely surprised to see it so soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can't find words to say "Thank you" enough!!

Email Reading and real clarification for the unsettled mind. I really accept what is there as I'm seeing it as the same way! I'm going to look after myself as I wanted the Freedom and Peace and Joy in my life.

Also, I was able to download the ebook -
"Creating Good Luck" - to my system and reading it now. That's absolutely amazing!!It has written in so simple way as anybody can understand without problem. That's GREAT WORK Ellen, GREAT SERVICE to Humanity!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! May the Blessings be with you!!

   Entry #243:   DavidC - Australia

Ellen, Thank you very much for your reading and advice. It has strengthened my confidence and made me realise how much I have already achieved. Thanks to you I now regularly remind myself that "I am love" and you know what? I actually believe it sometimes! Love and light to you!

   Entry #244:   ThomasS - UK

Dear Ellen, Your Past Life Profile was VERY revealing and has given me the tools to work off many past lifetimes worth of Karma. I can fully recommend the Past Life Profile to anyone who feels that they are carrying a burden.

   Entry #245:   ChristineB - USA

My Past Life Profile reading was amazing. I cried spontaneously while reading it, because the truth of them so resonated with me. Thank you very much.

   Entry #246:   KirstenJ - USA

Dear Ellen: Thank you so much for my reading. Overall, I feel encouraged and I am anxious to start with your recommendations. Thanks & Blessings!

   Entry #247:   DeborahR - USA

I truly enjoyed your reading. It resonated with my inner senses. Thanks, Reiki Woman

   Entry #248:   Ben - USA

Hey Ellen! I've been perusing "The Rules of the House" and would like to commend you on the work you've done. Good stuff. A friend of mine and I often use the saying "You only live once," to justify taking ambitious trips, etc. While, I feel it is good to have this attitude towards life, I feel I can no longer use that statement in good consciousness as it is a lie! Thanks for helping me to see the light!

   Entry #249:   PegG - USA

“Rules of the House” ebook is an extraordinary compilation of information that everyone could benefit from! Thank you so much for confirming the numerous facets of my life's many journeys!

   Entry #250:   ~Mari~ - USA

This has to be one of the most comprehensive sites created on the topic of karma & reincarnation. The information here is precious. My perspective on birth, death and that space in between is profoundly altered. Thank you for taking the time to make sure people have access to information concerning their own immortality. You are a blessing.

   Entry #251:   ErinnE - USA

Your website is absolutely amazing. I have been a guest for years and have found so many of the messages inspiring, if not life-altering. Thank you for putting so much energy into the site, it is much appreciated! Much love to everyone involved in creating this gift, and to those visiting as well.

   Entry #252:   SharaeT - USA

Such a great site and so much information! True believer of what you are doing ! Thank you so much for the awakening that you are creating in awareness and how past lives influence so much more than one can imagine. Keep up this wonderful work. Many Blessings, Angel Sharae

   Entry #253:   Astrid - Netherlands

I really loved this site; interesting and so much to learn about the topics. I'll recommend this site to other friends of mine who are speaking and reading English. My compliments! Love and greetings!

   Entry #254:   IreneF - USA

I am enjoying your message on spiritual laziness. It is helping me to evaluate myself.

   Entry #255:   DianeK - Canada

Thank you for your insight! Regards!

   Entry #256:   WendyK - USA

I love this site. It is very informative.

   Entry #257:   Porsha - USA

Surrfing threw, nice sight and of allot helpfull info.

   Entry #258:   Vrensia - South Africa

Your site is a blessing! Thank You

   Entry #259:   BarryA - USA

Thank you. I can't think of a higher compliment.

   Entry #260:   JayL - USA

There's more to heaven and earth then you will ever understand in your philosophy of reincarnation...
[There is more to heaven and earth than any of us will ever understand, that includes both of us. -EM]



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