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Guestbook Entries #141 - #160

   Entry #141:   MimiH - USA

Dear Ellen, I wanted to thank you so much for the past life reading you gave. It was wonderfully uplifting and both relevant and helpful. Your good practical suggestions of ways to follow up on issues were useful and the past lives you recalled relevant to my current issues. I would recommend you highly to anyone who is interested in exploring past lives. Lots of love, and gratitude!

   Entry #142:   ArleneM - USA

Your Past Life Profile has truly been a blessing to me -- enabling me to be guided along my true life's path with a fuller understanding of where I've been, where I am now, and how to effect where I am headed. Thank you for all the information and the guidance (including the suggested exercises, etc.) to help me move forward. Love & Light!

   Entry #143:   JaneQ - USA

Ellen, thank you so much for the insights into blocks laid down and reinforced life time after life time. Your web site is most informative and helpful. Thank you again. May the blessings be.

   Entry #144:   LukeM - USA

Thank you so much for your honest & forthcoming nature, your generosity, and most of all, your compassion in my Email reading. The information and encouragement you provide to othere are such a blessing. You are a bright light indeed.

   Entry #145:   ChristineG - USA

Very interesting and informative - I was glued to this site for hours! The subject has interested me since childhood, and although I'm still a little nervous/wary about it, I think your writings have gotten me a little closer to understanding the roots of some of my problems. Guess I'll have to let all this information sink in and mentally/emotionally digest it and then make the best of it! I'd like to express deep thanks for making this information available to people willing to explore it. I think it could be a real eye-opener even for people whose lives are running on even keel, perhaps helping to accept and be grateful for all that life HAS given them instead of focusing solely on what is "lacking". THANKS!!! All the best to you!

   Entry #146:   KellyB - USA

I love your web site! I have learned a lot from it, and I hope to continue to keep learning from it. Thank you so much for sharing your information!

   Entry #147:   Ami - UK

"Plant your own garden and sow your own seeds of happiness. Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers". Great site!! I will be back!

   Entry #148:   BobO - USA

Love this site ... will return again and again and again. Thanks, BobKat!

   Entry #149:   BeckyG - Canada

I found the site very informative and answered many of my questions. Also Ellen Mogensen was really nice and helpful. It's a great site!

   Entry #150:   John Paul Allen - USA

What a great site. I'm glad I found my way here. JPA [NOTE FROM ELLEN: I am not glad that you found your way here... I offer my sincere apologies to those whose email addresses were lifted by Mr. Allen from this Guestbook. Mr. Allen did this on his own without my knowing or approving of a such a blatant violation of Netiquette. This is why email addresses will never again be posted to the Guestbook. At Past Forward, we have zero tolerance for spamming.]

   Entry #151:   LynnMS - USA

I was led to your website and enjoyed it very much. I signed up for your free zine. Now, I am on a Higher Self high. I enjoy your writing. MoonSign

   Entry #152:   RedC - Australia

One of my clients recommended this site. It is one of the most generous sites on the internet. There is so much FREE and helpful information. Anyone that visits is blessed. Thank you for having it available here to help others.

   Entry #153:   Butterfly - USA

I have only recently developed an interest into looking at healing through my past lives. I have come to this through working on myself and developing a great interest in the metaphysical. I had my first past life healing and I am very anxious to do it again. So, this site is a great help to me along with the articles.

   Entry #154:   SusanJC - USA

This site has answered many of my questions, and more! I feel its a key I've been searching for. I thank God for sending me here. Blessings, light, & love always, Everseeking!

   Entry #155:   Rina - Malaysia

To all who have contributed to this web page. Thank you for sharing so much information in this very interesting site. It is captivating and I am reading it daily and finding new information as my life unfolds. Congratulations on a site well done!

   Entry #156:   DavidS - USA

I was very pleased to hear back from you. My wife and I truly enjoy your site and will be frequenting it. You have our gratitude for all of your hard work, and we wish you all of the best life can offer. Brightest blessings, David, Rena, and Isabelle

   Entry #157:   BillW - USA

A really wonderful explanation of Soulmates. A very special lady...

   Entry #158:   SheilaP - USA

Just trying not to be spiritually lazy. :O)

   Entry #159:   Mamatha - India

A very good information on past lives!

   Entry #160:   DanaN - USA

Thanks from sunny Las Vegas!



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