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HEAL ALONG WITH ME: Ellen, A Work in Progress

"If you weigh well the strengths of our armies, you will see that in this battle we must conquer or die. This is a warrior's resolve. As for the rest (who choose not to fight), they may live or be slaves as the gods decide."
Queen Boadicea of Britain (upon being outnumbered by Romans)

Battle of My Body: Queen Boadaceia could well have been describing the long battle that I fought to gain health. I say gain and not regain because I was never in a state of good health in this lifetime. From the moment I was born I was "afflicted" with a host of health problems that I have spent most of my life solving.

Fighting the "Battle of the Body" was not unlike warfare... except the enemies were disease, depression, despair, and disconnection from all things spiritual. My last previous life was in the Holocaust... and it left me broken in body, mind, and spirit. Incarnating into this life I had the same three choices as the ancient Britons. Either conquer my afflictions, live as a slave to them, or die. Like Boadaceia, slavery was not an option so I resolved to conquer them or die trying to.

Physician Heal Thyself: Not only did I survive but along the way developed the ability to heal others. I was surprised to learn along the way that most healers came to their work by resolving on their own problems first (as I did). I was more surprised to find that they continue their healing process by healing themselves in others (I can attest to the fact that I do heal as I heal others). The most surprising thing I discovered was most healers would agree that "to be a true healer, one must be a living example of their own work" (as I am).

Digging Out from the Past: I am the best living example I know of the power of past life healing. Developing my past life abilities was obviously God's way of keeping me from going bankrupt as I unwound my own wounds. I have yet to meet someone "more screwed up" by past lives than I used to be.

If you think you have problems too numerous to be overcome, read this...

Worst of the 7th Chakra- Sleep Apnea/Insomnia: [Cured]
I have come to learn that the "quality of your life is the quality of your sleep". My sleep apnea was a carryover from three previous past lives. For most of this lifetime, I used to spend much of my waking hours thinking about the next time I could get some sleep. There were many times I was so exhausted that it was a miracle that I got through the day but now I sleep soundly (Thank God!).

Worst of the 6th Chakra- Off the Chart Myopia: [Cured]
My near sightedness was so severe that is was "off the charts". My right eye was so out of synch with my left eye that it was adversely impacting my ability to work. My doctors advised me that surgery to shut down my right eye was my best alternative. That was unacceptable to one as independent as I... so now I see perfectly without my glasses... mainly due to past life healing!

Worst of the 5th Chakra- Neck/Back Pain: [Cured]
The worst chronic pain was in my neck, shoulders, and upper and lower back. Although the chronic pain in my legs, ankles, and calves was really bad as well. Not to mention recurring problems with my wrists for which carpal tunnel surgery was advised. After 40, when my past life healing was well underway, I had my first pain free day. Now free of my past, I am free of this pain - for good.

Worst of the 4th Chakra- Pneumonia/Bronchitis: [Cured]
In 14 years of school, I lost a total of 20 months to bronchitis and/or pneumonia. At one point, I was hospitalized for it. Over my 20 year working career, I have lost a total of 6 months to those disorders, even once having to go on short term disability. It has been 2 years since my last bout with acute bronchitis. The new millenium marked the first winter ever where I was "bronchitis"-free.

Worst of the 3rd Chakra - Gastric Ulcer: [Cured]
Since my solar plexus is my strongest chakra (the "bull headed" General), this area has been the least damaged. Basically, I quit my ulcer when I quit the "karmic" job that caused it. Ironically, loved that job and thought I was a major failure by being forced to leave it. Yet, in the perfectly unfolding universe, things worked out for the best... and now I have found the work that I truly enjoy.

Worst of the 2nd Chakra- Fibromyalgia: [Remission]
Chronic fatigue disorders like Fibromyalgia are never cured - they can always come back at any time. Yet I have beaten the odds so very many times - as in surviving a usually fatal birth defect - that I consider no condition to be absolutely incurable (although I do agree there is a point of no return). Even though I have technically been in remission... I consider myself free of Fibromyalgia. I have had NO symptoms since 1996 when I started doing channeling.

Worst of the 1st Chakra- Menstrual Dysfunction: [Cured]
The stress of all these illnesses suppressed my menstrual cycles. When I was "well enough", I got cycles so intense as to be completely incapacitating as to cause me to miss both school and work. Now I am totally free of "female pain" due to past life healing. Since I have been a man more often than a woman in past lives, I was only truly healed when I fully embraced my life as a woman now.

There are other things - maybe some others would consider worse - but these are what I am comfortable sharing. They give you an idea of the power of past life healing. So maybe it's time for you to... get the key to your future.



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