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Good Advice: How to know when your healer is giving you good advice about money, health, happiness, or guidance.
Safe Healer Space: Why your healer must create a safe space for your healing process and how that must work.
Failure String: Why you should not be discouraged by previous failures.
Failure=Quitting: How the only way to fail at healing or anything else is to quit.
Stepwise Healing: Why you should keep on going and how each step counts.

Good Advice:

"When seeking advice about anything, I follow the rule that 'if they don't SHOW it, they don't KNOW it' and I stay away from these people like they had the plague." (Robert Anthony)

Robert Anthony says: "Do not take advice from people who have not manifested what they are advising."

* Money: "I stopped taking financial advice from people that were broke." I started my business without any loans and still have none. I bought a house while self employed. I have attracted all that I have needed, wanted, or desired whether personally or professionally. I have made more being self employed than I did in what I considered to be my high paying corporate job. I am on my way to being debt free. I could be debt free now if I was willing to part with some assets that have exponentially increased in value… which I prefer to own and enjoy.

* Health: "I stopped getting health tips from unhealthy people." I have lived decades longer than others with my birth condition have. I have survived at least 15 death sentences from doctors (I stopped counting after that). I have worked my way out from under Fibromyalgia, from being a respiratory cripple, and from having chronic debilitating allergies to name a few. Getting tips from unhealthy people who have worked themselves into being healthy are more valuable than tips from healthy people who have done little or nothing to create their own health.

* Happiness: "I stopped taking relationship advice from people with toxic relationships." I have had the same friends for most of my life. I spend my days in great harmony with my life partner. I have many satisfying relationships in my life. I have helped many people save their relationships and fall in love all over again. In past lives, I have co-created the deepest, most passionate, and most committed romantic relationships time and again. I live in peace with others around me.

* Guidance: "I stopped looking for spiritual guidance from people that could not demonstrate the manifestation of Universal Principles in their life." along with the channeling abilities to support it is the best proof of my ability to manifest the life and livelihood of my dreams. So I have showed what I know by these achievements. I have saved many lives over time.

Safe Healer Space:

When you place your well being into the hands of a healer, make sure they deserve your trust. Healers in any helping profession should create a "safe healer space" for their clients. Unless and until they do this for their clients, they are not worthy of their trust... and, in fact, are abusing it.

* No Harm: A healer has done their job when you, the client, feel better AFTER the healing session than you did before it. Whether this is the relief of physical pain, mental agitation, or emotional upset, you should feel less pained, less agitated, and less upset. If you are feeling WORSE as in more pain, more agitation, and more upset, the healer has FAILED to create a safe space for you... so run fast, run far.

* No Bad Tips: You know that a healer has done their job when they give you actionable information which will improve their situation. You should get ONLY good tips (about recovery) and NEVER bad ones (about complications).

* No Nonsense: True story. While I was at the bedside of a close friend who was recovering from a failed suicide attempt, the nurse told them why their attempt had failed and how they should have done things to make their suicide work! Aargh!

* No Worry: You know that a healer has done their job when you are left with a positive, empowering view of your future. Healers who only attend to making their client's physical body better fall short. They should also attend to helping clients to feel emotionally confident about a positive mental picture of their vibrant health.

* No Doom: True story: A nurse was glooming and dooming about a family member's situation. I asked. "Are you more invested in your patient's illness or wellness?" I reminded this person of all they had to live for and suggested they focus on family events instead. This positive vision was the key to their recovery.

* No Attitudes: You know that a healer has done their job when you feel respected, valued, and confident that they have your best interests at heart and that they will keep whatever you say/do in the strictest confidence.

Failure String:

If you have had a series of failures at healing (trying different healers/treatments) but nothing has worked, then you may be afraid to try again. Yet if at first you do not succeed, you must try again. Just because things did not work for you in the past does not mean you will fail in the future!

* Failure String: Just as success breeds success, failure breeds failure. Each time you try something and it does not seem to work for you, it makes it harder for you to want to invest time, money, and energy in trying again. After awhile the "string of failures" de-motivates you to do anything at all. Yet the only way to really fail at anything is to give up trying to make your situation better and accept that "this is the way it is" and, no matter what you do, it cannot - and can never - be improved.

* Failure - Not Ready: Many times, healing fails because the individual is just not ready to receive it. Perhaps they are in the grip of a karmic sentence, it is still running, and it cannot yet be released. Perhaps the person still - at the deepest level - still wants to punish themselves more for past karmic indiscretions. Perhaps the one who suffers is getting some payback from suffering (like others feeling sorry for them) and will not let it go. If they are not ready, healing will not work from them.

* Failure - Wrong Channel: Many times, healing fails because the healer and the client are just not compatible (possibly due to past life karma). Perhaps the way the healer practices their modality does not address the client's problem. Perhaps the chemistry between the healer and the client is so poor that it blocks the healing. Perhaps it was the wrong time for a certain modality to be tried (meaning that it would have worked if it had been tried at a different time).

* Failure - Not Open: Many times, the weight of the string of failures causes the individual to believe that "this too shall fail" like all that has gone before. Yet if an individual "already knows" it will not work or if they think "they have been there, done that" and it will not work, their mind will block their progress each and every time. The only way any healing will succeed is if you approach it with an open mind and a trusting heart... believing that this time the healing will work for you.


There is only one way to fail in the physical world... and that is to quit trying. If you are thinking of quitting, here are some things to remember… that just might keep you going. All too often in life people give up just before they were about to "break through" and solve the problems keeping them down.

* Physical Change: If you have an injury and/or an illness, then the pain resulting from it may be convincing you to quit. Yet a cure for your pain may be just around the corner. Perhaps a new surgical procedure can correct your problem. Maybe there is a new pharmaceutical medicine or a new natural cure that can alleviate your suffering. Or it might be that, if you had just hung in there, all the healing work you did would have paid off… and your physical problems would finally be cured.

* Mental Change: If you have not manifested the wealth that you desire, then the misery and despair resulting from it may be convincing you to quit. Yet prosperity is an inside job. Perhaps you have been practicing wealth affirmations and they have finally cancelled the negative money beliefs which were keeping you poor. Maybe some unexpected money will come your way. Or it might be that, if you had just hung in there, that golden opportunity you always wanted would come through.

* Emotional Change: If you have not manifested the romantic relationship that you desire, then the sadness and loneliness resulting from it may be convincing you to quit. Yet you might just be one day away from meeting the person who could become the love of your life. Perhaps someone you know sets up a blind date and it works out or maybe you tried online dating. Or it might be that, if you had just hung in there, you would have found someone who is compatible with you.

* Spiritual Change: If you have not found your life's purpose, then the empty feeling resulting from it may be convincing you to quit. Yet you might find a website - like - that gives you answers you have been seeking. Perhaps you might find a group of people who share your beliefs. Or it might be that, if you had just hung in there, you would give meditation one more chance and find the peace which had eluded you. Where there is life, there is hope.

Stepwise Healing:

"The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step."

Has your healing journey been a long and winding one? Did some of it feel pointless? If so, know that karma always has a point which is to bring more love and joy into your life.

* Health Karma: One of the ways that your karma unfolds in your life is through the resolution of your health problems. Many times people will say: "I have been doing so much for my healing but I am really suffering and death seems to be more preferable than life." From the standpoint of reincarnation, death is a return home to the bliss of the inner worlds and life is the hard, fearful struggle.

* Stepwise Healing: Healing a broken body and mind is a stepwise process. Sometimes you take two steps forward only for it to seem like you are taking one step back. Yet, in this equation, you are still moving forward even if it is frustrating. So here is what you need to know about the stepwise process of healing:

* Step Forward: Whether or not you can see a result, each time that you go for healing you are taking a step forward. In choosing to seek healing, you are stepping off the default path of karma and exercising your divine power to create your future. Just by exerting your free will, you are automatically taking a step forward.

* Learning Experience: Each time you go for a healing you learn from it. Learning what works and what does not work... both these move you forward each time toward the goal of vibrant health. Each healing is a step on your journey of healing... sometimes it is a long, winding road... sometimes it is an express train.

* Eye on the Prize: Each time you go for a healing you are putting your attention on the end result: that you will be restored to your natural state... the state of wholeness, health, and optimal functioning. The longer your eye stays on the prize of vibrant health, the sooner you will manifest your dream of health into reality.

* Good Advice: Simple cures can be the first step on your journey of stepwise healing. If you want to achieve vibrant health, it all starts you taking action and making that first step on your own healing journey. Best wishes along the way!

Credits: from channeled information.



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