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Short Description: Using the Bounty of the Earth to Heal Yourself Naturally

Case Summary: Vibrational Healing and other similar treatments (Aromatherapy, Toning, Holographic Healing, and 'Laying On of Stones') are done only when "management" directs us to do so. In such cases, Vibrational Healing and other similar treatments are performed "inside"a Past Life or Higher Self Channeling session in order to release blockages so that the session can progress normally (as in the case below). Vibrational Healing-only sessions are performed infrequently.

Background: "Love is in the Earth" is the form of crystals, rocks, and stones. The use of "rocks" in healing is as old as the Earth itself. It is one of the major tragedies of the modern medicine that "rocks" have fallen into disuse as healing aids. For those who are seriously interested in healing themselves, it is my opinion that using rocks is absolutely essential. For the "pros and cons" of rock healing, click here.

I have used rocks extensively in my own healing process. Often I will recommend the types of rocks that would be beneficial to others in their own healing process. Less frequently, I use them during sessions to help clients release past life traumas.

Although the rocks used will vary for each client in any session, there are some that are especially good for any general past life healing purposes because of their special vibrational properties. In order of their usefulness:

Citrine: because it cannot hold negative energy (along with Kyanite, it is the only rock to have this property) it assists the healer in discharging it from the client's energy field. Beyond aiding the individual in transmuting the pain of the past, it helps them to connect with the joy in living that the present has to offer.

Kyanite: because it cannot hold negative energy (along with Citrine, it is the only rock to have this property) it assists the healer in discharging it from the client's energy field. Beyond aiding the individual in transmuting the pain of the past, it helps the individual to ground and center themselves in the energy of the present.

Selenite: because it is a powerful discharger of negative energy. As it discharges the "negative" energy from the client's field, it helps to balance and align their "positive" energy to accelerate their healing process.

Obsidian (Rainbow or Mahoghany): because it is the "dust buster" of negative energy. Like a vacuum cleaner, obsidian sucks the junk from an individual's energy field and holds it inside for later discharge and removal.

Present Life Issue: Among the worst two words any parent can say to a child is "shut up". Those who learn to keep quiet are usually those whose lives become one of quiet desperation. Speaking is the quickest, clearest way we communicate to the world what are needs are. Look around, I guarantee you will see those who are happiest and most successful in life are those who are the most self expressed.

Those who have learned to shut up will find that they are almost always shut down as well. When our Throats get shut down, we become afraid to connect with who we really are (Crown and 3rd Eye Chakra) and to love (Heart Chakra). This collapse from "above" collapses our identity (Solar Plexus Chakra), our creativity (Sacral Chakra), and our ability to sustain our ourselves in life (Root Chakra).

This client's throat was almost totally shut down from years of verbal abuse by their parents whose constant command to them was "shut up!" This client's life was almost totally shut down as well: bad husband, bad job, no money, and so on.

Case Findings: Those who attract "shut up" energy to themselves in this life are almost always those who suffered horribly by speaking the truth in past lives. For in the past, there was usually safety in shutting up. If you shut up, the church will not burn you for heresy, the king will not hang you for treason, the next door neighbors will not turn you in for witchcraft - you get the picture.

It was in this client's nature to speak the truth. In life after life, they paid the price for their outspokeness. In life after life, they grew quieter and quieter until in this one they could be barely heard at all. The pain of their silence was so deep and intense that only the "vacuum cleaner" of Rainbow Obsidian could pull it out of the client. The rock just needed to be placed on their throat for it to be opened.

Case Learnings: What a great job this is! Lay a rock on the throat of the client, they cry for an hour and you get paid. The truth is that the client was ready to lay down their burden of silence. I feel very privileged to be one of the first to hear their true voice. Stand back... because this client's true voice is awesome indeed!



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