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Short Description: Transmission of Energy to Heal, Balance, Revitalize

Case Summary: Reiki and other similar treatments (like Trager Work and Body Mapping) are done only when "management" directs us to do so. In such cases, Reiki and other similar treatments are performed "inside" a Past Life or Higher Self Channeling session in order to release blockages so that the session can progress normally (as in the case below). Reiki-only sessions are performed infrequently.

Background: Your body always remembers your past lives... even if you cannot remember them yourself. This cellular memory is what allows all you have learned in the past to be brought forward into your present life... without you having to be overwhelmed by the details of exactly who you were, where you lived, and so on.

Normally, cellular memory functions properly allowing you to "pick up" in this life "where you left off" in a previous one almost seamlessly. "Problems" with cellular memory happen when the resonance of past lives are not stored properly. That is: when the body forgets the lesson associated with the pain (why it happened) and only remembers the pain that accompanied it (how it happened).

This "improper" storage causes the past life pain to be embedded in your body and to manifest as pain in your present life that is crying out to be healed. To release that pain, you must reconnect with it to understand the "why of it" so that the "how of it" can be healed and integrated into your being.

Present Life Issue: This client felt as if they were being "painted into a corner" in their present life. They were "trapped" in a disempowering marriage and were a parent to troublesome children. They described their life using the phrase "I am so squeezed by my responsibilities/everyone's demands that I am unable to breathe."

This energy of "squeezing" manifested in several different ways in their life today. The client was physically small: their body was very thin and - literally - took up as little space as possible. They had difficulty with breathing and speaking. They had "problems standing up for themselves": they could not stand up straight and they found it impossible to ask for what they truly wanted or to confront others.

Case Findings: Sometimes pain is so deeply embedded in the body that it can only be "rooted out" by hands on healing. Sometimes bodies, damaged by painful or destructive touches, can only be healed by loving and nurturing touches.

Reiki is an ideal modality for this healing because the healer "touches" the energy field of the person but not their physical skin. In this way, the body receives the love and the nurturing that it needs without "being threatened" by actual physical contact (which it has come to associate with pain).

This client, in particular, did not like to be touched at all. This created an additional difficulty for the client of being perceived by family and friends as being cold and unloving. There was always a distance between the client and those among their family and friends that the client did want to be close to. Putting all this together, it was easy to see why the client felt "painted into a lonely corner."

Once Reiki energies were being applied to the client's field, dark and jumbled images of their past life began to emerge. In a past life, this client had been an average sized African man who had been sold into captivity and found himself aboard an American slave ship. On the ship, the man (who was timid by nature) found himself being drowned in the crowd of bodies in the cargo hold.

Unlike others of his "weight class", he did not fight for his own space. He kept being pushed to the back of the hold until finally he was shoved against the hull. One time he was pushed the wrong way and a nail entered the back of his skull. He could not get loose. The jostling of others against him aggravated the problem.

To the man on the slave ship, it took an eternity for him to die of this wound. As he lay impaled in utter helpless agony, he kept thinking that this would never have happened to him if he had been smaller. His very size seemed to work against him: for his back was twisted and compressed to conform to the curved hull.

The pain and horror of this death was reflected in this client's present day body as a small frame, migraine headaches, and a curved spine. This "embedded pain" ran so deep that it took many Reiki sessions to bring it into gentle balance.

Case Learnings: The past is always present. Sometimes it has to shout very loudly to get the person's attention. In this case, migraine headaches and crippling back pain were what it took to get this client to even begin to look at their issues. In fact, the client did not want to know the details of the past life... just enough to end the pain. Reiki, the gentle, loving healing modality, is what made this possible.



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