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Christianity - Catholicism - Mystics Prayers

The Beauty of This Path:

For me, mystics are the living embodiments of the true essence of prayer. For mystics were-are unafraid to speak with God directly, instead of speaking to God through the human servants of churches. While mystics are to be found on all paths, those who most frequently documented their prayers walked the Roman Catholic path. Prayer itself encourages us all to become mystics by opening our ears, our minds, and our hearts to the light and sound of God, the highest form of love in the universe.

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Prayer of Love #1
Prayer of Love #2

Prayer for Harmony
Prayer to Overcome Depression
Prayer for a Holy Death

Prayer of Love (Julian of Norwich)

You would know our Lord's meaning in this thing?
Know it well. LOVE was his meaning.
Who showed you? LOVE.
What did he show you? LOVE.
Why did he show it? For LOVE.

Hold on to this and you will know and understand LOVE more and more.
But you will not know or learn anything else - ever!

So it was that I learned that LOVE was our Lord's meaning.
And I saw for certain, both here and elsewhere, that before ever he made us, God loved us, and that his LOVE has never slackened, nor ever shall.

In this LOVE all his works have been done, and in this LOVE he has made everything serve us; and in this LOVE our life is everlasting. Our beginning was when we were made, but LOVE in which he made us never had beginning. In it we have our beginning. All this we shall see in God for evermore.

May the Lord grant this request. Amen.

Prayer of Love (Hildegard of Bingen)

Love overflows into all things, From out of the depths, to above the highest stars; And so Love overflows into all best beloved, most living things, Because She has given to the highest King, The Kiss of Peace.

Prayer for Harmony (Teresa of Avila)

Let nothing disturb thee, Let nothing affright thee, All things are passing. Patience obtains all things. He who has God has everything. God alone suffices.

Prayer to Overcome Depression (Aelred of Rievauix)

Just as day declines to evening, so often after some little pleasure, my heart declines into depression. Everything seems dull, every action feels like a burden. If anyone speaks, I scarcely listen. If anyone knocks, I scarcely hear. My heart is as hard as flint. Then I go out into the field to meditate, to read the holy Scriptures, and I write down my deepest thoughts in a letter to you.

And suddenly your grace, dear Jesus, shatters the darkness with daylight, lifts the burden, relieves the tension. Soon tears follow sighs, and heavenly joy floods over me with the tears. Happy is he who opens his heart to you, good Jesus, for you enter and rest there. You bring the heavenly light to the troubled breast, calming every emotion with rays of peace... filling the soul with the joy of your sweetness.

Prayer for a Holy Death (Patrick of Ireland)

O Blessed Michael, on thy name I call,
And on thine, O John the Baptist,
On the Saints of the world, one and all,
For help in the coming day of battle.

When my mouth is closing and my eye is failing,
And my sense from me is slipping away,
When my term is spent and my cause a-calling,
God with my soul on that dreadful day. Amen.



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