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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Physical - Ability Crossswired Senses)
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Short Description: Synesthesia
Synesthesia is a condition where the individual has "crosswired or blended senses" where input from one sensory channel (sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch) is perceived by the brain as if it was being processed by another sensory channel. This alternative sensory input is as "real" as regular sensory input.

Causes: Those with Synesthesia (Synesthetes) have a "different texture of reality" because their brains are wired differently. The process of Synesthesia can be tracked by brain scans. Scans reveal that extra areas of the brain are activated by sensory stimulation in Synesthetes that would not be activated in "normal" people.

Different people will have different responses to the same triggers. This means that one person would perceive the Number 7 as being hard, sharp, and orange while others would perceive this number using different colors and sensations. For Synesthetes rarely agree on how they concurrently perceive the same triggers.

The various forms of Synesthesia where input into one sense "triggers" (?) output from another sense "concurrently" are:

* Grapheme ? Color Synesthesia: Where letters or numbers are perceived as having a particular color associated with them. The color can be shaded or tinged to give the letter or number a raised or flat appearance.

* Music ? Color Synesthesia: Where sounds (tones or nature noises) or music (timbre or key) are perceived as colors. The color changes in response to the changes in the sound as to it lightness (amount of black in the color), its saturation (intensity of the color), and its hue (how it shimmers or moves). Music can also be perceived as images or shapes which exhibit the qualities of movement (streaming across the field of vision as if the music were dancing).

* Number ? Shape Synesthesia: Where numbers are perceived as having a particular shape. The shape can be felt as hard or soft, cold or hot, vibrating or still. It can also be seen as having colors and other textures.

* Lexical ? Gustatory Synesthesia: Where individual words and phrases of spoken language trigger the different taste sensations in the mouth. Where tastes feel like shapes, colors, sounds, and so on.

* Ordinal Linguistic Personification Synesthesia: Where ordered sequences, such as numbers, days, months and letters are associated with personalities. Where ideas can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched, etc.

Symptoms: Synesthesia is both automatic and involuntary (meaning if you are one, you cannot help it but if you are not one, you cannot develop it). Although modern science can present evidence that Synesthesia can run in families, they have not yet established its pattern and most believe this is "something that happens to you."

Yet for those who take the karmic view of life, things do not just happen... they are earned. Synesthesia is the natural result of expansion in consciousness.

This is best illustrated by an example. If you read a book when you were younger, you are bound to have a different reaction to it if you read it again when you are older. This is because, although the book has remained the same, you have not. When you are older, you will have gained more life experience and knowledge and this will cause you to view the book differently. The progressively expanding view of life will naturally and seamlessly become integrated into the senses.

After Effects: When you have advanced more in Soul experience, you will look at life differently. When you expand in consciousness enough, your senses will expand along with you accordingly. That is the pattern which explains Synesthesia: the advanced consciousness needing advance sensory awareness to support it.

Advice: Synesthesia is a karmic ability not a medical condition. The goal here is to raise awareness about the spiritual nature of this rare karmic ability.

Case History: There is a test you can take to find out if you are a Synesthete at

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Credits: from channeled information.



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