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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Walk-Ins- Soul Switching
    (Spiritual - Childhood Walk-Ins)
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Short Description: Walk-Ins- Soul Switching
In Soul Switching, an advanced Soul walks into a body that was formed by another Soul during the body's childhood years as a karmic matrix for the advanced Soul's greater development. See also Soul Exchange for more on Walk-Ins.

Causes: When an individual gets to a certain level of spiritual advancement, it is a "waste of their time" to experience being a baby, a toddler, or a young child. Yet there are many Souls in the universe for whom this "lower" level of experience is valuable. So, in cases of Soul Switching, "someone else" occupies the body for those formative childhood years and then the more advanced Soul walks in later.

Soul Switching is a special form of a walk-in and it accomplishes two purposes.

One, it is a "bargain" karmically for the advanced Soul because they usually owe a huge life debt to the person coming in originally as the baby. This helps them pay the debt off rapidly - for we advance by helping others. Coming into a baby for only a short span is one of the greatest spiritual gifts that one person can give another because being a baby - totally focused on the self - is a very "pure" experience.

Two, it allows the body to form as a "karmic matrix" based on the lower consciousness of the "baby" to provide challenges for the advanced Soul that would not be present if the advanced being had been in the body from the beginning. In other words, the baby drags "fears" and "problems" from their past lives into the infant body. These become the "fears" and "problems" that the advanced Soul "inherits" when they finally occupy the body full time later in childhood. These then become the problems the advanced Soul must resolve.

Symptoms: Soul Switching is very obvious from the inside because the advanced Soul feels the constant pull of spirit constantly stretching them out of their "comfort zone". It feels like one's head is in the clouds while their feet are firmly mired in the muck of everyday life. The advanced Soul knows they have faced and conquered greater challenges in past lives and is not sure why they are having such difficulty in facing the relatively lesser problems of their present life. Often, if the "Soul Switched" person's parents are observant, they may have noticed the "switch" in their child's personality and might have even remarked on it in the past to others.

After Effects: Soul Switching is usually a life sentence. If the same problems keep coming up in your life repeatedly, then you can be sure you have not transcended them. The best way to deal with the "after effects" of Soul Switching is to expand the capabilities of body, mind, and spirit with energy clearings such as Geometric Repatterning or Remote Releasement or DNA clearings like Body Talk, EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Acupressure, etc.

Advice: Know that there was a reason why the Soul Switching was agreed to in the first place. If you feel "switched", you can discern the reason for it by looking at where you feel you have been particularly unsuccessful in handling problems in your life. If you are still unsure as to what your issues and challenges are, then look at the people in your life that you are most envious or jealous of… the reason might be that they are very adept at solving the problems that are giving you the most trouble. Other people are usually excellent mirrors for one's own relationship with oneself… for what we cannot abide in others is what we cannot stand in ourselves.

Case History: Soul Switching is very common now. Many advanced souls, who had horrific experiences and traumatic deaths either during or in the years following the Holocaust, returned to Earth immediately via Soul Switching to resolve this karma. This was made possible by the "baby boom" which provided the "surplus" of bodies needed to support this type of unique karmic event.

Prior to this time in human history, Soul Switching was rather rare.

The good news is Soul Switching has provided many with unmatched opportunities for rapid karmic advancement.

The bad news is the "time anomalies" of the Soul Switching process have given skeptics fresh reasons to cast doubt on reincarnation.
This is just another manifestation of the genius of God's creation in the universe of all possibilities. Those who have been switched know the truth of these words.

Before using any of this advice, click here for a "Word of Caution"

Credits: from channeled information and from "Joan's" life story.



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