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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Sex Somnia
    (Emotional - Sexual Disorder - Unconscious Rape)
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Short Description: Sex Somnia
Sex Somnia... is when one mate "uncontrollably" has sexual intercourse with their partner while they are sound asleep... and, while waking, both partners agree that they do not want this to happen and that it is damaging their relationship.

Causes: Sex Somnia is a karmic solution to a knotty problem in reincarnation. Most couples have had several past lives where they have experienced one another sexually. Since sex education has only recently been a priority, most couples had sex in the past with no instruction. More often than not, this created sexual disasters between mates resulting in unhealed past life karma. Here is how:

* Partner Initiating Sex: In past lives, the partner who initiated sex was always the one who complained about their mate being "out of control". They refused to believe that their mate was handling their sexual desires the best they knew how.

Now they are the one who is "out of control" and unable to master their own desires. The partner who initiates sex while asleep will be completely unaware of it... until they wake up and are informed of what happened while they were sleeping by their partner as well as by any physical evidence. The initiating partner will feel guilt and shame over the incident as well as helplessness at their own lack of control.
* Partner Receiving Sex: In past lives, the partner who received sex was always the one who foisted sex on their mate because they were "out of control". Often it was because they were so conflicted about sex that they "got it over with" quickly.
Now they are suffering from their partner being "out of control". The partner who receives sex while asleep will be unable to avoid it unless they leave their house. The receiving partner will feel anger over the incident as well as residual fearfulness of their sleeping mate.

Symptoms: Sex Somnia is not one partner "helping themselves": it is a chronic problem with these symptoms.

* Initiating Partner Officially Asleep: The partner initiating sex does so while they are sound asleep... and does so when they do not want to have sex. They are officially asleep as measured by machines.

* Initiating Partner Unresponsive: The partner initiating sex cannot be awakened by their mate... who has exhausted all the means of waking them up (screaming, shaking, using water or mega-phones).

* Receiving Partner Raped: The partner receiving sex would describe the Sex Somnia as being rape not love. The initiating partner does not engage in foreplay. The receiving partner can ask for what they want but they will be ignored. The sex will continue on auto pilot until the sexual intercourse is completed.

* Receiving Partner Remembers: The partner receiving sex is the only one who remembers what went on during the episode of Sex Somnia. These nightmarish memories will naturally cause them to withdraw from their partner. This causes ongoing damage to a relationship that otherwise would be loving and contented.

After Effects: Sex Somnia can destroy a relationship. As loving as the couple can be during the day, that can all be undone at night. The longer the relationship issues remain unhealed, the worse the Sex Somnia can become.

When it gets really bad, the couple will forced to retire into separate bedrooms behind closed doors that are locked and bolted. Sex Somnia can result in sleepwalking where the initiating mate will seek out their partner. Many times, couples will end up divorcing before they reach this desperate level.

Advice: The Sex Somnia will continue until the partners look back into their past lives, connect with what happened sexually back then, and heal those issues. Sexual problems - especially those which have been repeated through many lives - can be difficult to heal but they can be healed with time and knowledge.

Sex Somnia between the couple was not agreed to lightly but soberly and reverently to heal a deep seated wound between them. Until the couple heals the long standing issues between them, the Sex-Somnia will continue by night to weaken the relationship that they are trying to hard to keep loving by day.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Sex Somnia.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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