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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Restless Legs Syndrome
    (Physical - Restless Legs)
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Short Description: Restless Legs Syndrome
Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a condition characterized by both unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable urge to move them (while at rest) in an effort to relieve these restless feelings.

Causes: Restless Legs Syndrome is a side effect of chronic diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, Parkinson's disease, and peripheral neuropathy.

RLS can be caused by overuse of artificial stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco as well as by low iron levels, anemia, or reactions to certain prescription medications.

In some pregnant women, RLS will be caused by the position of the fetus (and will disappear after birth).
When all of these physical causes are ruled out by physicians, the RLS is likely to be caused by past life karma as follows:

* Walking Torture Karma: Those who have RLS may have suffered from one of the favorite torture practices of the Romans. This was to make the prisoner walk around in a circle day and night. They could not stop to use the facilities and had to walk through their own waste. They could not sleep because shifts of guards were on hand to poke them with sticks or hot pokers to keep them walking. This torture could last for days on end. Those who survived a cycle of it usually were subjected to several more cycles of it. When the walking torture ended, the legs remained overstimulated for hours. This overstimulation is what RLS feels like to the sufferer.

* Imprisonment Karma: Those who have RLS will feel like bugs are crawling under the skin. In past lives, bugs and rats crawling all over the inmates was also commonplace. So rather than subject the individual to imprisonment (which they have most likely evolved beyond anyway), the prison becomes their own body. Sufferers can no more get away from their RLS than those who they imprisoned could escape their past life dungeons. However, RLS simulates prison karma so that it can be released for good! If RLS sufferers are on the wrong side of the law now this will only aggravate their RLS (which may be the least of their problems).

Symptoms: The RLS sufferer will experience the following set of symptoms:

* Strong urge to move their legs which they often cannot resist because it is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. These sensations are described by sufferers as feeling "creeping", "creepy-crawly", "gnawing", "itching", "pulling", "tugging" or "like insects crawling around inside the legs."

* Worse at Rest: RLS Symptoms start or become worse when the sufferer is resting. The longer the individual is resting, the greater the chance the RLS symptoms will arise and the more severe they are likely to become.

* Worse at Night: RLS Symptoms are likely to be worse in the evening especially when the sufferer is lying down and resting. It is the period of inactivity that triggers the RLS symptoms not the time of day.

* Worse When Relaxing: RLS Symptoms are triggered by lying down and trying to relax. Most RLS sufferers have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. As a result, RLS causes night time exhaustion and day time fatigue.

* Better While Moving: RLS Symptoms get better when the sufferer moves their legs. The relief can be complete or only partial but generally starts very soon after starting an activity. Relief persists as long as the motor activity continues.

After Effects: Some RLS sufferers will not seek medical attention, believing their symptoms are too mild, are just in their head, or that their condition is something else (other than RLS). They may attribute RLS symptoms to nervousness, muscle cramping, stress, insomnia, arthritis, and/or aging. Some RLS sufferers also have Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) which consists of involuntary leg twitching or jerking movements while asleep.

Advice: The RLS will continue until the individual looks back into their past lives, connects with what happened to their body back then, and heals those issues. Problems arising from torture - especially those which have been repeated through many incarnations - can be difficult to heal but they can be healed with time and knowledge. RLS exists to motivate the individual to heal it. Until the individual heals the long standing unhealed past life karma, RLS will continue by night to weaken the body that they are trying to hard to heal by day.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Restless Legs Syndrome.

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Credits: from channeled information and inspired & edited by Carrie.



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