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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Rasmussen's Encephalitis
    (Physical - Brain Dysfunction)
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Short Description: Rasmussen's Encephalitis
Rasmussen's-Encephalitis (RE) is a condition where half of the brain is healthy and functions normally and the other half eventually dies (from a rare form of epilepsy).

Causes: Yes, it is possible: people can live without half a brain. This is possible because everything in the universe is energy and we are really intelligent holograms made up of energy. The property of energetic holograms is that all parts of the hologram are contained inside each part. This means that if the energy hologram becomes impaired, it has the capacity to restore itself to some kind of wholeness.

Restoring the hologram requires work to get the whole parts working on restoring the broken ones (for more, see Michael Talbot's, "The Holographic Universe"). Even when physical structures are gone, holographic healing goes on.

Symptoms: Rasmussen's Encephalitis is a rare progressive neurological disorder which generally occurs in children under the age of 10.

RE manifests itself during childhood primarily as frequent, severe seizures (uncontrollable movements like eye twitching, teeth grinding, and drooling).

RE also manifests as loss of motor skills (lack movement when not having a seizure), encephalitis (infection of brain), aphasia (loss of speech), hemiparesis (paralysis on one side), and dementia (impaired thought or irrational thinking).

After Effects: Non surgical treatments include anti-epileptic drugs (to control seizures), plasmapheresis (the removal and reinfusion of blood plasma), and ketogenic diet (high fat, low carbohydrates).

The main treatment for RE is the surgical removal of half of the brain that is dying (hemispherectomy) to decrease the seizures. Surgery may reduce seizures and stop paralysis but speech and movement are generally permanently impaired.

Advice: How the person emerges from the surgery is directly dependent on their personal karmic situation. How the person recovers from the surgery is directly dependent on their own actions. Here is what can help:

* Focus on Abilities: With half the physical structure of the brain missing, RE sufferers are operating under the most severe form of disability. So what they learn quickly is to focus on their ABILITIES - what they can do - and to ignore their disabilities - what they cannot do. This positive focus is what helps the intelligent part of the human hologram to repair itself, given what it has left to work with.

* Push the Boundaries: Just because anatomy books say that certain functions were housed in the side of the brain that is gone, remember that your brain is an intelligent hologram. Since all of its parts are inherent inside each one of its parts, what was removed surgically is still present holographically. RE sufferers should always push against the boundaries of what they believe they can do... and constantly demand more from their broken brain.

* Exercise Body and Mind: If RE sufferers want to improve their speech, then they should focus on doing breathing, speaking, and singing exercises to improve it. If RE sufferers want to improve the function of their body, then use it as much as possible. The best thing the RE sufferer can do is to find their passion in life and to use their body to make their passion happen (like Brandi Binder below).

* Train the Brain: If you lost your legs, your arms would grow stronger as they wheeled you around in your chair. Part of focusing on your abilities is training what is left of your brain to do more. RE sufferers should ask their doctor about brain entrainment technologies which shift brain waves into meditative states. This will help their remaining brain grow stronger and will enable them to do more.

Case History: Take the case of Brandi Binder who has RE. Brandi says. "I just go on living my life like anybody else, you know, 'cause we all have disabilities in some way. I try the best I can do, despite my limitations." She became an artist even though doctors removed the part of her brain associated with creativity. "It just astonishes me what the human brain is capable of," her mother concluded. Brandi's case illustrates the power of Holographic Healing (which is how past life healing works, for more on this click here).

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Credits: from channeled information.



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