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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Mental - No Facial Recognition)
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Short Description: Prosopagnosia
Prosopagnosia is a condition where the sufferer cannot remember faces, not even those of their nearest and dearest, due to malfunctioning of the facial recognition centers in an individual's brain (better known as face blindness).

Causes: Prosopagnosia (better known as face blindness), is a neurological condition that renders an individual person incapable of recognizing faces. Prosopagnosia arises when the brain center dedicated to face recognition (the "fusiform face" area) becomes damaged or is otherwise unable to perform its function. Although the individual can see the faces (many have perfect vision), they are unable to attach a name to them (because facial recognition malfunctions).

Scientists believe this condition is transmitted through family genetics. It can also result from strokes or brain injuries. Prosopagnosia can even exist when the area of the brain that recognizes faces is normal. There are several "Face Perception Tests" to diagnose Prosopagnosia. Although most people have the experience of failing to recognize someone they have met at some point, Prosopagnosics usually make that mistake all the time and with nearly everyone they know. It is the extreme degree of facial non-recognition that determines Prosopagnosia.

Symptoms: Imagine how hard life is when everyone wears the face of a stranger. Even worse, imagine losing your closest loved ones amid a sea of faces. The main symptom of Prosopagnosia is that the instant someone leaves their sight, the image of that person's face fades from their memory. Here is how this works:

When the eye first sees an image, it only gathers sensory data (color, brightness, shape, motion, etc). The brain takes the data and turns it into information. The brain compares the information it creates, compares it to what it has experienced before, and draws a conclusion about it resulting in recognition.

When the brain is analyzing information about a face, it looks inside its 'archive' of known faces, and tries to find a match. If a match is made, the brain will bring up other information about the individual (age, gender, personal facts, etc).

It will be able to filter out irrelevant, non-matching data (like glasses, cosmetics, aging, etc). If the brain center that governs facial recognition does not function, the individual literally cannot recognize the face.

Prosopagnosia sufferers do NOT have a bad memory. They are capable of remembering things (other than faces) like names, phone numbers, and non-face images. Neither do they suffer from vision problems. They can see faces well.

Many can even process information about a face like gender, ethnicity, and emotions revealed through facial expressions. They just never know whose face they are looking at, not even their own. Worse, they will instantly forget the face once they look away. "It's frightening and confusing," sufferers say. They also report it causes constant problems in relationships.

After Effects: Karmically, this is one reason why sufferers come into agreement with this disease: to develop alternative means of coping in the world. The other reason is to "knock them down a peg" and break the patterns of arrogance and superiority they have displayed during numerous past lives.

Navigating your way through a sea of faces without any landmarks is a humbling experience... guaranteed to instill a sense of faith and gratitude in anyone. It also gives the sufferer the chance to recognize other things about a person and to enter into a greater awareness of life by forcing them to pay closer attention to it.

Advice: Many sufferers compensate by recognizing people in other ways by voice, by movement, or by mannerisms. Jewelry or accessories that are frequently worn as well as distinctive hair styles or clothing are other means of recognizing others. Learning to ask leading questions to subtly get others to tell you who they are is another useful skill. Listening as one person identifies another is another solution.

Having supportive people who frequently identify themselves is also helpful. Plus many face blind people always travel with a companion who performs the facial recognition for them. The bottom line is where there is a will to overcome a problem, there is a way to find a solution. Just ask a Prosopagnosia sufferer they will be happy to tell you all about it.

Case History: is included in all of the above descriptions of Prosopagnosia.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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