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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Emotional - Sleep Disorder - Mismanaged Emotions)
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Short Description: Narcolepsy
In Narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder, a Soul seeking greater advancement, "burdens" themselves with "excessive and overwhelming daytime sleepiness, even after adequate nighttime sleep" to assist them in honoring their emotions.

Causes: Those who contract Narcolepsy are more advanced Souls who, over many lives, have had a track record of "inappropriately" handling their emotions.

Emotions are "energy in motion" which are sent by our Higher Selves, guides, etc to "compel" us to take action (which is how karma is administered in the universe). In the normal course of evolution, by "trial and error", a Soul refines their ability to handle their emotions and thereby becomes progressively better at dealing them.

Yet some Souls become stuck in "inappropriate" patterns of coping with "emotionally upsetting events" and so have "agreed" to the extreme solution of Narcolepsy to "break themselves out" of these patterns. These are the patterns (the "ego defenses" as described by John Bradshaw in his book "Homecoming"):

- Denial which manifests as thinking like...
    ("the upsetting event is not really happening to me")
- Repression which manifests as thinking like...
    ("the upsetting event really never happened in the first place")
- Dissociation which manifests as thinking like...
    ("was there an upsetting event? I cannot seem to remember one")
- Projection which manifests as thinking like...
    ("the upsetting event is happening to anyone else but me")
- Minimizing which manifests as thinking like...
    ("the upsetting event happened but it is no big deal!")
- Conversion which manifests as thinking like...
    ("the upsetting event will be OK after more sex, food, drugs")
One of the other inappropriate coping mechanisms of Narcoleptics is extreme anger when confronted with their own karmic responsibility. Like many other sufferers, they look for things outside of themselves to explain their situation as in "I was born without a piece of my brain... so that it is why Narcolepsy is happening to me... science says there is nothing I can do about it... poor little me..."

Yet there are many who accept the responsibility for their situation and in so doing become free of "their problem". For those who do not and cannot accept this, know that there are others in the same situation with the same biology and the same karma who have beaten this most difficult disorder... good for them!

Symptoms: As those suffering from Narcolepsy will tell you, it is a terrible burden because they often will become "drowsy or fall asleep at inappropriate times and places." Basically, the Narcoleptic has lost control of the management of their consciousness because they do not "decide" to fall asleep, it just "happens" to them.

And it can happen anywhere, anytime, even when their attention is continually focused as when driving an automobile. Since they are not in full control of their awake consciousness, they are often unable to lead normal lives without ongoing outside assistance (with driving, being in public places, etc).

After Effects: Narcolepsy is usually a life sentence only for older Souls. The older the Soul, the more deeply entrenched their inappropriate emotional coping patterns are, the more they resist changing them, the longer it will take to overcome the "emotional body imbalance" that this disorder was designed to correct. Often it will take several lifetimes for the Soul to develop the emotional coping patterns needed to advance their spiritual development. Once the emotions are properly managed in a future incarnation, the individual will emerge stronger for the experience. For they will finally be able to move fully forward in their growth as Soul.

Advice: Although Narcolepsy can be "treated with medicine", these treatments will reduce symptoms without doing anything to address their causes. The only way to discover the causes of "narcoleptic episodes" is for the person having them to carefully monitor their thoughts and feelings just prior to an attack. By recording these in a journal, one of the "inappropriate" emotional coping patterns will emerge.

The truth is that a "narcoleptic episode" is the penalty imposed by the Higher Self whenever the individual uses their habitual emotional coping pattern to respond to any given situation. Having the individual fall asleep just after the pattern is "fallen back on" cannot fail but to get the narcoleptic's attention.

Case History: "I never had a problem sleeping until I went to college. My father had been a straight A student there. There was a lot of pressure on me to follow in his footsteps. I was determined to do well even though I was not excited about pursuing my father's profession. It was about halfway through the first semester when I started falling asleep in class. I was not a party girl and always got enough sleep. So the nurse just told me it was some flu but it got worse and worse."

"The more upset I got, the worse the sleep problem got. Then it started happening not just in class but everywhere. I almost got into a car accident when I went for help. The counselor got me to see that my talents and my true happiness lay elsewhere and I should follow them where they led despite what father wanted for me. Only when I decided to pursue my own path, did my sleep problem go away."

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Credits: from channeled information and from "Vivian's" life story.



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