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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Morgellons Fibers
    (Physical - Harsh Hairs)
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After Effects
Case History

Short Description: Morgellons Fibers
Morgellons Fibers (MF) is a condition where the sufferer has bundles of colored fibers running through and growing in layers out of their skin.

Causes: Looking at the karma behind this disease, Morgellons prove to be man made after all. The karmic causes of MF usually center around abuse of sexuality and power in past lives. Here are some of them:

Morgellons in History

* Sexual Karma: In past lives, sufferers are likely to have been "hardened" prostitutes -or- habitual users of the services of prostitutes who routinely contracted sexually transmitted diseases (STD), mostly Syphilis. MF mimics many symptoms of Syphilis: canker-like open sores (Stage 1 Syphilis), raised or mucuous like skin patches (Stage 2 Syphilis), and infiltrative, destructive lesions of skin (Stage 3 Syphilis). Those with MF should be very mindful of how they conduct themselves sexually. If MF sufferers are sexually compulsive or addicted now they will notice their MF getting worse whenever they are reckless.

* Imprisonment Karma: Those who have Morgellons Fibers will feel like "bugs are crawling underneath the skin." This disease mimics scabies and lice. In past lives, bugs and rats crawling all over the inmates was also commonplace. So rather than subject the individual to imprisonment (which they have most likely evolved beyond anyway), the prison becomes their own body. Sufferers can no more get away from their Morgellons Fibers than those who they imprisoned could escape their past life dungeons. However, MF simulates prison karma so that it can be released for good! If MF sufferers are on the wrong side of the law now this will only aggravate their MF (which may be the least of their problems).

* Slum Lord Karma: Those who have ever lived in slums will tell you that bugs and rats crawling all over them is also a common experience. MF is like living in slum around the clock with no chance of a break. Those slum lords in past lives who showed no concern for their tenants back then come into agreement with MF now. If MF sufferers have resumed their career as a slum lord now they will notice their MF getting worse as they acquire more properties.

Symptoms: "Morgellons" or "harsh hairs" was the 17th-century name for this disease re-discovered by biologist, Mary Leitao, founder of

Morgellons is known by its unique growth of fibers. Ron Pogue, a forensic scientist at the Tulsa Police Crime Lab in Oklahoma, could not match a Morgellons fiber sample against known fibers in the FBI's database. The lab's director, Mark Boese, concluded that Morgellons fibers are consistent with something the body can produce, adding that they are not "man made" commercial products.

Morgellons Fibers may come in different colors (most often white but also seen as blue, black, and rarely red). The fiber content is the key: elongated fibers often twisted into bundles growing inside the skin. Sufferers describe these as "fiber balls, fuzz balls, or lint balls." MF sufferers are also prone to Chronic Fatigue (CFS), Fibromyalgia, joint pain, as well as large problems with concentration and memory.

After Effects: The skin becomes "very swollen and itchy" where the fibers are thickest. When the skin breaks open around these harsh fibers, the lesions are often impossible to heal. Living with Morgellons Fibers is likely to be a life sentence especially if the individual choose to continue with their past life patterns.

Advice: The best thing for the individual to do is not to repeat the past mistakes that caused them to come into agreement with MF in this life. The better thing to do is to imagine the growth of MF gradually decreasing where it is present. The worst thing to do is to notice the growth of the MF because what you focus on magnifies.

When the life lesson associated with Morgellons Fibers has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the person's body-mind, the symptoms can diminish. Going back to the past via past life healing can free those "afflicted" from making the same mistakes in future and from reincarnating again with Morgellons Fibers.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of common MF syndromes.

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Credits: from channeled information. Historical pictures from "Fortunius Licetus De Monstris" by F. Liceti (1665).



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