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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Disembarkment Syndrome (mal de debarquement)
    (Physical - Balance Disorder)
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Short Description: Disembarkment Syndrome
Disembarkment Syndrome, which is better known by its original French name of "mal de debarquement" (MdDs), is a constant feeling of rocking or being off-balance after a period of prolonged exposure to motion.

Causes: MdDs is the result of present life karmic balancing of past life actions. The primary causes of this syndrome, from the standpoint of karma are:

* Captain Karma: In past lives, some MdDs sufferers were sea captains who relentlessly and ruthlessly pushed their ship and their crew for their own selfish objectives. The one thing that most ships in past lives had in common was the economic pressure to sail quickly to turn a profit... regardless of the safety hazards posed by rough weather and predatory pirates. The constant motion gave MdDs to Captain and crew alike. For those Captains who wanted to sail until they dropped MdDs was not a problem... until a future life confined to land.

* Crow's Nest Karma: In past lives, some MdDs sufferers lived in the crow's nest at the top of the main mast. This position allowed the sailor to see more of what was going on around the ship... but it was also the one place on the ship where its motion was the greatest. Most who manned the crow nests found it hard to walk on deck and next to impossible to walk on land (they were the one who always looked like they were stumbling around). MdDs comes up to force the individual to heal the emotions generated in the crow's nest (like fear, anger, etc).

* Torture Karma: In past lives, some MdDs sufferers caused others to suffer by motion while on shipboard. Motion torture included some or all of the following techniques. One, by tying a person by their ankle to the ship and dragging them through the water. Two, by tying a person to the figurehead at the bow during high winds where they are nearly drowned by surging water. Three, by tying a person under the crow's nest where they always have to keep themselves from crashing into the masts, the rigging, or back up into the crow's nest itself.

Symptoms: Disembarkment Syndrome (MdDs) happens after an individual is exposed to motion for an extended period (like the rocking of a boat on a cruise).

Their MdDs sufferer's brain adapts itself to the motion, but it does not re-adapt to the lack of motion once it has stopped. MdDs happens most commonly after an ocean cruise or other type of water travel. MdDs can also happen after airplane or train travel. Less commonly, MdDs can occur after the frequent use of high speed elevators, sleeping on a waterbed, or drug toxicity. MdDs can also happen spontaneously (with no apparent stimulus - other than past life karma).

Symptoms begin after prolonged motion ceases. The MdDs sufferer gets stuck in the state where they have adapted to the motion. While not moving they will still have the "persistent sensation of motion" like rocking, swaying, or bobbing. MdDs is a more severe imbalance than vertigo or dizziness. It can make walking difficult (as in Ataxia, a staggering gait). MdDs is only diagnosed after other inner ear and other balance disorders have been ruled out by physicians.

After Effects: The MdDs sufferer will only feel comfortable while in constant motion (like riding in a car). While standing still, they will feel, at best, unbalanced, and, at worst, like they are being tossed around.

While in motion, since they are permanently adapted to it, they will feel "normal" and the MdDs symptoms will fall away. This will result in constant fatigue as well as headaches, earaches, nausea, and difficulty in concentrating. MdDs symptoms can vary in intensity throughout the day as well as from day to day.

Advice: The MdDs will continue until the partners look back into their past lives, connect with what happened back then, and heal those issues.

Problems arising from torture - especially those which have been repeated through many incarnations - can be difficult to heal but they can be healed with time and knowledge. MdDs exists to motivate the individual to heal it. Until the individual heals the long standing unhealed past life karma, MdDs will continue to give them a wild ride that may well have no end in sight.

Case History: is included in the descriptions of MdDs karmic syndromes.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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