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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Karmic Genetics
    (Spiritual - Creation of Heredity and Environment)
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Short Description: Karmic Genetics
Are we effected more by Heredity (Nature) or Environment (Nurture)?
The answer is that our past life karma through reincarnation drives our total inheritance from heredity (genetic) to environment (mainly in

Causes: It is the age old question... what effects our journey through life more heredity (nature, genetics, etc) or environment (nurture, life experience, etc)?

Karma teaches that the cumulative effect of all our experiences in past lives is what forms the pattern of our present life. Heredity (Nature) through genetics carries our physical, mental, and emotional predispositions from past lives forward into the present. Environment (Nurture) through childhood nurturing activates the unhealed issues from past lives and imprints them into our present experience.

Symptoms: This "Karmic Dictionary" details the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual disorders created by an individual's past life karma. The "Symptoms" of present disorders exist to motivate the individual to cure them and, in the process of doing so, heal the past life karma that created them in the first place.

After Effects: The "After Effects" of present disorders also exist to motivate the individual to cure them. If these disorders are left untreated, unpleasant after effects can be much more motivational for healing than symptoms are.

Advice: This "Karmic Dictionary" gives advice on how to heal disorders which were created by an individual's personal past life karma. Most of these originate at birth or during childhood and the after effects of almost all of them usually last a lifetime. Here are some things to keep in mind about all of these disorders:

* Personal Karma: For many of these disorders, the statistics of medicine will decree that the child had a 50/50 chance of inheriting the disorders from their parents. From the standpoint of reincarnation, those who "inherit" the disorder from their parents had a 100% chance of getting the disorder because it was their personal karma. Everything in the universe happens by agreement. Before the child was born, they agreed to be born into/get transferred into their family. They specifically agreed to take on the disorder to resolve their personal karma.

* Personal Healing: Genetics and environment interact to deal karma cards to each individual at birth. Yet what happens between the starting line (birth) and the finish line (death) is solely up to the individual. Everyone has three choices.

One, to do nothing and allow their disease to dictate their destiny.

Two, to accept the dictates of doctors and buy into "the best" that modern medicine can do (if there are treatments available).

Three, to create new solutions to their problems either by taking on the challenge of past life healing -or- by finding their own cure to the problem. The frontiers of healing are expanding everyday because people refuse to be a slave to their karma.

Case History: Here is how Heredity and Environment interact to allow individuals to adapt to their environment and to explore their karma:

* Negative Genetic Adaptation to Illness: Almost 80% of Native American population of Massachusetts were wiped out by the diseases brought by the "white men" because they had no resistance to them. This was a greater holocaust than the Black Death (which killed between 30% and 50% of medieval Europe).

* Positive Genetic Adaptation to Illness: Even though the Black Death was considered a fatal illness, modern science discovered positive genetic mutations among the residents of Eyam, England which made them resistant to the plague. This same adaptation protects "high risk" individuals from getting AIDS-HIV.

* Negative Genetic Adaptation to Environment: The Pima Indians, in the Southwest US, are among the heaviest groups in the world. After generations of living in the desert and surviving famine/drought, those Pima, who could store fat efficiently, survived. Now, in times of plenty, these fat-storing genes work against the Pima making it nearly impossible for them to maintain a healthy body weight.

* Positive Genetic Adaptation to Environment: The residents of Stoccareddo, Italy, have virtually no heart disease or diabetes, and they often live into their 90s, despite a steady diet of high fat fatty meats, cheeses, and cream sauces. After generations of isolation in the Italian Alps and surviving artery choking diets, those residents of Stoccareddo, who could process fat efficiently, survived and passed on their good genes to their offspring.

Before using any of this advice, click here for a "Word of Caution"

Credits: from channeled information.

Clarifying Comments from the Community:

Q: Why are you so sure that Past Life-Karma Healing is better?
A: Karma Healing is all natural, drug-free, and permanent and so creates cures not customers. Those who take prescription medications for the rest of their lives are customers who never are cured. They remain hooked on their pricey meds for the rest of their lives or until all their drugs have worn out and they are forced to find another cure. So you decide whether a cure or auto-shipped drugs are better.

Q: What if I have a PHYSICAL problem that cannot be healed?
A: Unless a body part is missing or not fixable by surgery, whatever you have, even physical problems, can be healed or substantially improved. Quite often, those who say their condition is a "physical" problem are using this as an excuse to take no action to heal their condition. Many problems which are classified as physical are actually mental or emotional in nature and CAN be healed without drugs (which only provide a short time window for healing before they wear out).



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