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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Physical - Excessive Hair)
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Short Description: Hypertrichosis
Hypertrichosis is a genetic disorder which causes hair to grow and cover the entire body. It is more popularly known as Werewolf Syndrome (WS) from the legends of men cursed into becoming wolves by growing excessive hair.

Causes: Hypertrichosis is the result of karmic balancing of past life actions:

Hypertrichosis in History

* Monastic Karma: In past lives, the WS sufferer abused their body hair by whipping it off (monks using whips) their body or by scraping it off (nuns using shells). Now their own massive body hair now is the karmic balancing of their having - massively and consistently - abused their body in the past.

* Torture Karma: In past lives, the WS sufferer was a part of a religious or civil government who practiced systematic hair pulling as a form of torture. The Chinese, the Romans, the Huns, and other ancient societies used painful metal instruments to extract the hair with the goal of inflicting agonizing pain.

* Scalping Karma: In past lives, the WS sufferer abused the hair of others by practice scalping. Although Native Americans were infamous for cutting off the scalps-hair of others, there were many cultures which practiced this. It was a cruel and painful practice that left others - who survived it - scarred for life.

* Exhibition Karma: In past lives, the WS sufferer exploited others by displaying them as "freaks of nature". Most often, they were unusually cruel to the "freaks" in their care by beating them and by forcing them to endure "inhuman" conditions. Now their own massive body hair makes them a "freak" of nature.

* Lycanthropy Karma: In past lives, the WS sufferer incarnated into a culture where belief in Werewolves was encouraged. These individuals put so much energy and attention on studying and trying to find werewolves that WS becomes the manifestation of that desire to encounter one (be careful what you wish for!).

* Trichotillomania Karma: In past lives, the WS sufferer went through several cycle of relentless hair pulling (Trichotillomania) which did not correct their past karma and only deepened the cycle of hair karma. So they advance to the next level of karmic correction by coming into agreement with having Hypertrichosis.

Symptoms: Contrary to popular opinion, Werewolf Syndrome is not the result of wolf bites when the moon is full. It is the result of past life karma made manifest in present day genetics through reactivation of long dormant genes.

In pre-historic times, humans were covered from head to toe in body hair because hair was the only protection from the elements. As humans evolved, the need for body hair decreased and hairlines receded. Yet the genetics for what is now excessive body hair is still present in the human genome. When those dormant genetics reassert themselves creating head to toe body hair, this is Hypertrichosis.

After Effects: Although WS is caused - physically - by genetics, the bad news it is not cured by either genetic manipulation or hair removal treatments. The good news is that the WS person's experience is never wasted. Every moment of their life is rich in experience and karmic burnoff. The best news is WS is only experienced by an individual once during their trail of incarnations. Since this is a very intense form of karmic correction it can only be experienced once regardless of whether the karma is balanced or not.

Advice: While past life exploration can help the WS sufferer understand why they have this disorder, the physical karma means WS most often will remain a life sentence. The best thing that a WS sufferer can do is surround themselves with loving people who can see past their hair into the heart of the person inside.

Case History: Whatever the cause, the challenge for Werewolf Syndrome sufferers is to become spiritually tough and to love and accept themselves at the deepest levels. In today's looks conscious society, WS sufferers are bound to have a tough time... so if you see one, do not look away... thank them for their courage.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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