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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Hypnagogic Release
    (Spiritual - Karmic Expansion)
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Short Description: Hypnagogic Release
When past life healing happens while an individual is falling asleep (the hypnagogic state), the resolution of the karmic issues are known as a Hypnagogic Release.

Causes: Hypnagogic Release is a special gift in recognition of present balancing of past life actions through greater love and awareness:

* Past Life Wound: In the case (below), the individual relived the end of their life in the American Civil War while they were falling asleep. This person had been a soldier whose leg was shot full of small metal balls. The leg was so damaged that it had to be amputated. Unfortunately, the soldier had lost too much blood and had died during the operation despite a heroic effort to cling to life.

* Present Life Connection: When more details from this event were retrieved through channeling, the individual simultaneously recalled the same information (detail for detail). Yet, the physical pain associated with this past life - which was "remembered" in their present life by chronic pain from a sports injury received during childhood - was totally released while this person was falling asleep.

* Present Life Mirror: When we have past lives we mean to heal in the present one, we will become wounded in the same place. In the case (below), the individual suffered a sports injury as a child is the same place where his leg had been amputated in a past life. This synchronicity of these events caught the individual's attention and it helped them to remember their experience in the hypnagogic state and bring it forward into their conscious awareness.

* Past Life Balanced: Healing can be instant. The moment an individual balances their past life karma, they are freed from the physical, mental, or emotional problem driven by it… and they can be free of it the next time they fall asleep. Karma is not about punishing or suffering or hardship. Karma is about an individual reaping what they have sown in past lives and learning from it… so that the cycle of cause and effect can be settled over the course of their cycles of reincarnation.

* Lessons Learned: Learning can be instant. On Earth, all is takes to learn is to have an "ah ha!" kind of realization about our issues… and the issues are resolved. Learning is what matters: whether it is fast or slow, pleasant or painful, easy or difficult is strictly up to the individual. It is learning to be like love that heals us.

* Release of Pain: Often all it takes to release past life trauma is just to re-experience it. When an individual experiences a past life release in the hypnagogic state, it is very similar to a regression process. In both cases, the individual can receive past life information in a conscious state. The difference in a Hypnagogic Release is that there is no interference from a third party (like a regression therapist) and so this process is as genuine and pure as it can be.

Symptoms: When you are falling asleep and moving from the waking to the dreaming state, you are temporarily in the hypnagogic state. It is quite common for past life karma to be worked off in the dream state. It is less common (although not unheard of) for past life karma to be worked off during the brief, transitional hypnagogic state. Whichever method is chosen by your Higher Self to release your past life karma, it is done to promote your spiritual growth and unfoldment.

After Effects: The problem - whether physical, mental, or emotional - will be permanently released. By permanent, the release is effective - literally - from the moment it happens to the end of an individual's cycle of reincarnation.

Advice: Past life exploration can always provide an explanation to why they received this release. Often, when the release happens while the individual is falling asleep (alpha brain wave state), the related past life will be revisited while in the deep dream state (delta brain wave state). More often than not, the individual receiving the Hypnagogic Release will be able to carry that information back into their waking life (beta brain wave state) by having a clear memory of this process.

Case History: From a client: "While I was falling asleep, I felt as if my leg was being cut off. It seemed so real because I knew that I was still awake. The cut was just below the knee where I suffered a sports injury as a child. When I woke up the next day, the chronic pain I felt since that injury was gone and has not come back. What happened to me?" The answer is: "This was a Hypnagogic Release of a past life where your leg was amputated after being wounded in war. This past life was released when your [present actions] resolved the related issues!"

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Credits: from channeled information.



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