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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

    (Physical - Excessive Sweating)
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Short Description: Hyperhidrosis
Hyperhidrosis is a disease where sufferers sweat excessively for "no apparent reason." In other words, the person afflicted by sweat is not doing anything that would normally cause sweating... but they sweat excessively anyway.

Causes: When the sweating does not make sense in the context of the person's daily life now, the answer lies in past lives. Here are some past life causes of present life Hyperhidrosis (also spelled as Hyperhydrosis):

* Unmanaged Stress: In past lives, when people normally wore heavy clothes year round, sweating was rarely noticed. So for individuals in high stress positions where they could not afford to show signs of stress by either word or look, sweat became the outlet. In past lives, the sweating was never apparent to anyone but the person themself. Now when these same people become stressed they continue not to show it by words or looks but it simply pours out of them as excessive sweat. With thinner clothes, everyone now sees the person sweating.

* Unmanaged Fear: In past lives, when people normally lived in filthy conditions, their sense of smell was usually burned out before they could walk. When people were fearful, sweating was a natural response to the situation. In past lives, there was much to be fearful about: if wars, disease, and natural disaster did not get you, then man's inhumanity to man would. People were injured and killed for no reason and death lurked around every corner. When people lived in constant fear, they usually lived with constant sweat caused by non-stop fear.

* Chronic Lack of Self Acceptance: How we have routinely viewed ourselves in past lives is a huge factor in the amount of self acceptance and self love we have today. If, in past lives, we never loved or accepted ourselves, excessive sweat now challenges us to break that pattern. The challenge comes when our body chooses to sweat excessively and we react to it by our thoughts. Do we forgive ourselves, knowing that our body is literally crying out for our love? Or do we continue the pattern of refusing to love ourselves, beating ourselves up yet again for perceived shortcomings? As long as self love is lacking, sweat will be abundant.

Symptoms: Sweat is the body's way of regulating its temperature in response to the environment. When people are exerting themselves or are an overly hot environment, they expect to sweat. When the sweat is not in response to physical conditions and is beyond what is necessary to cool the body, it is Hyperhidrosis.

The involuntary nervous system maintains the five million or so sweat glands throughout the body. Two-thirds of sweat glands are located in the hands which is why sweaty palms are the worst area for Hyperhidrosis sufferers. Excessive sweating can also happen in the face, armpit, hands, and feet.

After Effects: When Hyperhidrosis is treated with traditional physical treatments -AND- the person continues to exhibit the same thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors which caused them to come into agreement with Hyperhidrosis in the first place, it will resurface. Only when the individual shifts into greater levels of love and compassion for others will they shift into greater love for themselves... and the unwanted sweat will be karmically released. When the life lesson associated with Hyperhidrosis is "absorbed" into the person's body-mind, the "disempowering" trait or behavior falls away over a period of time usually measured in years.

Advice: It is the person's response to their problem of sweating that holds the key.

If the sweat is caused by unmanaged stress-fear, the individual needs to start actively managing their stress. The
Stress Cure gives strategies for doing that.

If the sweat is caused by lack of self love, then the
Vanity Cure will help those suffering from masochistic vanity to build up their levels of self love and self esteem.

When the life lesson associated with Hyperhidrosis has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the person's body-mind, the "disempowering" trait or behavior will fall away. Going back to the past via past life healing can free those "afflicted" from repeating these lessons in future and from reincarnating with this disorder.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Hyperhidrosis syndromes.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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