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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Foreign Accent Syndrome
    (Spiritual - Damaged Past Life Filters)
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Short Description: Foreign Accent Syndrome
Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) is a rare speech disorder where the individual is unable to stop speaking in a "foreign accent" (a speech pattern distinctly different than what they grew up learning in this lifetime).

Causes: FAS induced by past life karma is remarkably resistant to present life cures because the root of the problem lies in past lives! Quite literally, the past life karma is crying out to be healed... in a way that the FAS sufferer cannot ignore because it is present in every word they speak.

The "foreign accent" that the FAS sufferer adopts is from the past lifetime that most needs to be healed. An example of FAS would be an individual who was born and raised in America who suddenly began speaking with a French accent.

The kinds of past life situations that can trigger FAS are:

* Traumatic Past Life Deaths: Most often FAS is triggered by the need to heal a traumatic past life death. If that past life is causing a present life health problem, the FAS emerges to get the individual's attention in a dramatic way. The FAS is trying to motivate the individual to change their health habits.

* Repeated Mistakes: FAS is triggered by the need to heal a traumatic past life. If the individual in this life is making the same mistake(s) they have made repeatedly in a series of past lives, the FAS will motive the person to change (as in being more loving, more forgiving, less judgmental, less superior, and so on).

* Cry for Empowerment: In rare cases, FAS is triggered by the need to remind the individual of a more glorious past when they experienced more empowerment, greater happiness, or increased joy.

Symptoms: Foreign Accent Syndrome has two principal causes:
1) major disruption of brain functioning (caused by a stroke or other brain injury).
2) unhealed past life karma that is desperately seeking resolution in the present lifetime (the more common cause of FAS).

* FAS Induced by Brain Trauma: will heal itself. As the brain begins the process of rewiring itself, it will use the most deeply rooted "core level" accent from past lives. For example, a client who had a heavy New York accent took on a Russian accent after a massive stroke. In this life, the client had never been to Russia or spent time around Russians. Yet he had many past incarnations in Russia: so, for his brain, a Russian accent was easy and it was used until his brain was sufficiently healed for the New York accent to reemerge.

* FAS Induced by Past Life Karma: will NOT heal itself until either the past life is directly healed or the issue from the past life is addressed. For example, a client who had a typical New Jersey accent suddenly started speaking in a pronounced Southern drawl. This was especially difficult for the client because a coworker mistakenly thought the client was mocking them (which was not true at all). Try as the client might, they just could not control their unwanted speech pattern... until they confronted the past life responsible for it. Once the client learned the lesson from the past, the Southern drawl vanished overnight never to return.

After Effects: When FAS is treated with traditional cognitive treatments -AND- the person continues to exhibit the same thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors which caused them to come into agreement with FAS in the first place, it will resurface. Only when the individual shifts into greater levels of love and compassion for others will they shift into greater love for themselves... and will the involuntary foreign accent be karmically released from their speaking pattern.

Advice: Going back to the past via past life healing can free those "afflicted" from repeating the lessons associated with FAS in future and, more importantly, from reincarnating with this disorder. When the FAS sufferer understands why they came into agreement with this disorder and what they are meant to learn by having it, they can become free of the compulsion underlying it. When the life lesson associated with FAS is "absorbed" into the person's body-mind-emotions, the "disempowering" trait or behavior will fall away over time.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of common FAS syndromes.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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