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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Depersonalization Disorder
    (Mental-Emotional - Focus Imbalance)
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Short Description: Depersonalization Disorder
In Depersonalization Disorder, an advanced Soul incarnates into physical body where the mental component of the inner energy bodies is "detached" from the all the other bodies. This enables the advanced Soul to break down disempowering thought patterns "inherited" from many past lifetimes.

Causes: Those who contract Depersonalization Disorder are very old Souls with unusually strong mental energies. These energies are so strong as to be resistant to the normal evolutionary processes of karma and reincarnation. In other words, these Souls will reincarnate time and again only to run into the same blocks to their spiritual progress thrown up by their overmastering minds.

Contracting this disorder becomes a "last ditch" effort by the old Soul to overcome "their mental blocks". So they agree to being largely detached from their mental body in the lifetime of depersonalization to effect real spiritual change and growth.

The major spiritual problem of most who are "afflicted with" Depersonalization Disorder is extreme lack of patience with the process and flow of life. This "impatience" arises from many past incarnations where they were extremely successful at "manipulating" the universe with the power of their minds.

Such successes inevitably led them to believe and act as if life were merely a battle of wills: their will versus God's Will. And although it is true that "one can conceive and believe, one can achieve", the power of mind can only take an individual so far. For the mind is a servant, but not a master; and a tool, but not the hand the wielding it. Therefore, the old Soul must learn to function "outside of the box" of their mind before this disorder can fall away from them. This is easier said than done because a strong mind is a "terrible thing" to resist.

Symptoms: The official definition of Depersonalization Disorder is an "alteration in how an affected individual perceives or experiences their unique sense of self. The usual sense of one's own reality is temporarily lost or changed resulting in a feeling of detachment from, or being an outside observer of, one's mental processes." This feeling of detachment comes from the actual disconnection of the Mental Body from the integrated human energy field of the "depersonalized" individual.

After Effects: Depersonalization Disorder is usually a life sentence. The older the Soul, the stronger their mind, the more they cling onto their "identity" of the "mind as Self", the longer it will take to overcome the "mental body imbalance" that this disorder was designed to correct. Often it will take several lifetimes to get the mind to accept it's proper role in the individual's spiritual development. Once the mind is realigned with the rest of the body in a future incarnation, the individual will emerge stronger for the experience. For their heart and their intuition will have finally "caught up" to where their mind has already evolved.

Advice: As it says in the Kabbalah: "I have a body and I am more than my body. I have emotions and I am more than my emotions. I have a mind and I am more than my mind. I am a center of pure consciousness and energy." Until those with Depersonalization Disorder learn to move past their minds, they will never be free of this disease. This is extremely difficult for the depersonalized individual to do because their personal sense of identity is so deeply ingrained with their mind that their own internal resistance to this process is tremendous and overwhelming.

This is not to say that depersonalization disorder cannot be transcended. Old Souls are usually exceptionally good at manifesting solutions to their problems. Since they cannot rely on their mental processes to produce the desired results, they must "feel" their way through their healing process by relying more on heart centered feelings, inner knowingness, and spiritual guidance. The depersonalized individual must trust that they can find what they need without relying on their strong mind.

Case History: An individual with Depersonalization Disorder was advised against receiving Shamanistic Healing. Being detached from the Mental Body, shamanistic work leaves the depersonalized individual open to being attacked by entities of lower "dark" energy. These "entities" would easily be able to attach to the energetic opening between the Mental Body and the rest of the energy field. Very likely these "dark entities" would have quite seriously compounded the problems that this depersonalized individual was already experiencing.

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Credits: from channeled information and from "Hall's" life story.



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