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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Birth Defects
    (Spiritual - Direct Karmic Atonement)
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Short Description: Birth Defects
Multiple or severe birth defects are usually the result of an individual being on the spiritual "debt consolidation karmic payment plan." If someone dies having "gotten away" with karmic injustice in a previous life (most often their last one in linear time), birth defects even the score this time around.

Birth Defects in History

Causes: Since birth conditions can never be ignored and usually last for the entire lifetime, they become the perfect vehicles for the working off of serious, complex karmic conditions arising from past lives. It is as if all the individual's problems have been rolled into one big, gigantic ball that the individual will be dragging around for "the rest of their life". Here are some life sentences caused by past life karma:

* Down's Syndrome: Those in their last life who committed suicide by inflicting a gunshot wound to the head will incarnate in this life with Down's Syndrome. This form of suicide shatters the energy structures of the brain like glass which severely impairs mental functioning for the entirety of the next lifetime.

* Fetal-Drug Addiction Syndrome: Those in their last life who died of alcohol poisoning will incarnate into a life with a mother who drinks while she is pregnant. Those in their last life who died from drug overdoses will incarnate into a life with a mother who is addicted to drugs while she is pregnant.

* Heart Defects: The most common birth defects are those that are heart related. Those in their last life who did not love themselves or others "enough" (a kind way of saying "very little") will contract heart defects at birth. This will "force them" to love their ailing body more and to accept the love and care of others.

* Spine Defects: The second most common birth defects are those that are spine related. Those in their last life who used their abundant energy to hurt or control others will contract spinal defects at birth. This will "force them" to manage their energy better and to use what they have in the best way possible.

* Mandated Surgery: The third most common birth defects are those that require instant surgery. When an individual is born committed to a cycle of surgeries, it means that they inflicted these same wounds on others in past lives. They need to understand what it takes to recover from the same damage they inflicted on others.

* Missing-Malformed Limbs: As Ian Stevenson detailed in his book, "Birthmarks and Birth Defects: Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect", missing and malformed limbs are caused by traumatic deaths in past lives. Missing limbs are often carryovers from past life amputations where the entire limb was removed. Malformed limbs are often carryovers from wounds inflicted during past lives. For specific examples of how past life wounds manifest as present life birth defects, see the article on Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect.

Symptoms: are included in the above descriptions of past life karmic conditions causing present birth defects.

After Effects: Birth defects are present life sentences handed down by past life karma. Yet how an individual responds to these life sentences are totally up to them. They can choose to do nothing to overcome their birth defect and be restricted by the limitations that it imposes. They can also choose to do all in their power to heal, learn from, and workaround the birth defect created by karma.

Advice: For everyone who says that they cannot do something because they have been dealt a tough hand by life with their birth defects... there is someone else out there who is doing it. For example, when I was born, I was classified by doctors as a respiratory cripple. While still officially crippled, I wrote and programmed the vast majority of Through hard work and dedicated healing, I am no longer a respiratory cripple. If I can transcend this birth defect, it is proof that they can be overcome... if only you will choose to ACT!

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Birth Defects.

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Credits: from channeled information. Historical pictures from "Fortunius Licetus De Monstris" by F. Liceti (1665).



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