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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Conjoined Twins
    (Physical - Twins Fused Together)
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Short Description: Conjoined Twins
Conjoined Twins are a desperate reincarnation solution to heal the hate between chronic karmic enemies! The bodies of the twins are fused together physical to force them to deal with one another... every minute of every day.

Causes: Conjoined Twins used to be known as Siamese twins named after the first famous case, Chang and Eng, of Siam (now Thailand). They were joined at the chest by a band of flesh (Chang and Eng are pictured above). The had the "Xiphopagous/Pygopagus/Iliopagus" type of conjoining.

The karmic purpose of individuals reincarnating as Conjoined Twins is to break a long time pattern of being enemies in past lives. By being joined, the twins are forced to share the same life experience because they are sharing the same body.

Conjoined Twins in History: 1-Thoracopagus 2-Cephalopagus 3-Omphalopagus

Conjoined Twins in History: 4- Ischiopagus

Here are the ways the twins can be conjoined by their bodies which effects the outcome of their time together.

* Xiphopagous/Pygopagus/Iliopagus: Joined by cartilage, involving no organs
    (very high rate of surviving).
* Omphalopagus: Joined at the lower chest, involving the digestive organs
    (low rate of surviving).
* Ischiopagus/Ischio-omphalopagus: Joined at the spine, involving lower organs
    (low rate of surviving).
* Cephalopagus/ Craniopagus: Joined at the head-skull, involving the brain
    (very low rate of surviving).
* Dicephalus: Joined below the neck, involving all organs below the neck
    (very low rate of surviving).
* Thoracopagus: Joined in the thorax, involving the heart
    (very low rate of surviving separation).
* Cephalothoracopagus/Diprosopus: Joined in the head, fused in the brain
    (cannot survive separation).

Symptoms: Hate another individual too much and you both become candidates for being Conjoined Twins in the future. Far better to heal situations with karmic enemies by "loving your enemy as yourself" before things get out of control. Better to heal your karma with them now and keep yourself from being joined later.

The worse the hatred between the two people, the more enmeshed their bodies will be. Take the case of Ladan and Laleh Bijani. They were conjoined twin sisters, joined at the head (Cephalothoracopagus/Diprosopus), who died soon after surgical separation. These women were Iranian law graduates: it was Ladan who wanted to be a lawyer, while it was Laleh who wished to be a journalist.

The women had wanted to be separated since they were children because they were different in goals, interests, and temperaments. Their brains shared a major vein and were literally fused together. Most doctors had refused to separate them because the risks were too great. The women publicly declared that they would rather die than stay together. Of course, that is eventually what happened. The hate that they died with... will bring them back together in a future life. It was what caused them to be Conjoined Twins to begin with.

It is a karmic fact of life in the universe that "what you bring hate to, you will reincarnate into" at some point along your journey as soul. This is so because the goal of karma is to bring you to a state of unconditional love. As long as you are "cherishing hateful or unloving opinions" about any person or any group of people, you have set up your future life with that person and group.

After Effects: Today, the original Siamese twins could have been easily separated by surgery. Yet today's Conjoined Twins are becoming progressively more difficult to separate. Karma is fighting back by creating bodies where separation of surviving conjoined twins increasingly means death.

Consider that, at birth, only 25% of conjoined twins survive. Of those who can get a separation, there is 25% surgical survival rate. Of those who do survive the separation, the lifespan is not normal. From the overall good of society, the average $20 million cost of the surgery to separate a pair of conjoined twins can only be considered extravagant medical masturbation. This investment of medical resources would be better made in pre-natal care for the uninsured.

Advice: From a karmic standpoint, Conjoined Twins should only be separated when one of the twins is unlikely to live and so poses a threat to the stronger, viable twin. Otherwise, separating the Conjoined Twins defeats the karmic purpose of their reincarnating together inside the same joined body. This will just complicate their next life where the individuals will encounter each other again... under more desperate circumstances... with bodies even more enmeshed.

This does not apply to a special case of Conjoined Twins known as "Parasitic Twins". When twins are parasitic, one has died and the dead body "sticks out" of the living body. In this case, the parasite should be removed if at all possible!

Parasitic Twins in History

Case History: is included in the above description of Conjoined Twins.

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Credits: from channeled information. Historical pictures from "Fortunius Licetus De Monstris" by F. Liceti (1665).



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