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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
    (Spiritual - Manifestation of Bad Karma)
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Short Description: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is now "one of the most controversial diagnoses in psychology today" (Wikipedia). It is most often applied to those individuals who are severely under-functioning in both family and society.

Causes: Is BPD really a disorder or just plain old bad karma? Only you can decide after looking through the criteria for determining who has Borderline Personality Disorder and what really underlies its constellation of symptoms.

Symptoms: Those who have Borderline Personality Disorder suffer from:

* Deeply painful relationships where the sufferer always ends up getting hurt (by attracting negative partners).
* Repetitive, self destructive behaviors designed to attract positive attention (help, sympathy, or support) from others.
* Chronic fears of abandonment resulting in panic/anxiety when forced to be alone (especially if they must live alone).
* Distorted thoughts (inaccurate, negative perceptions of people, events, and situations) causing poor decisions and actions.
* Unusual sensitivity to non-verbal signals from others (facial expressions, body language, gestures, tone of voice, etc).
* Impulsive behavior driven by intense negative emotions which later embarrass the sufferer and jeopardize their significant relationships.
* Poor socialization causing the sufferer to act inappropriately in public (at school, on the job, in social settings, etc).
* Constant cycling through negative emotional states (depression, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, and so on).

After Effects: Alternative explanations for Borderline Personality Disorder are:

* "Deeply painful relationships where the sufferer always ends up getting hurt" are the balancing of past life karma where the present sufferer caused pain to those same partners in past lives. In this life, they are on the receiving end of the treatment they gave to their karmic relationship partners in past lives.

* "Repetitive, self destructive behaviors" which do not make sense now did make sense in past lives. For example, those who are compulsive hoarders now suffered/died from wasting scarce resources in past lives while today they may be drowning in and dying from their own garbage because they cannot let anything go.

* "Chronic fears of abandonment resulting in panic/anxiety" experienced now are the cellular memory from past lives when being alone resulted in serious injury, illness, pain and even death. For example, those who contracted the plague or other infectious diseases died when loved ones abandoned them in order to avoid becoming infected themselves. The deep and fearful trauma of their dying days in past lives makes them unusually clingy and need in their present one.

* "Distorted thoughts" are outdated defenses that kept the person alive in the past but are hurting them now. For example, those who are constantly mistrustful push away all those who try to become close to them. While that might have saved one from harm in the past, it keeps the individual isolated now from helpful people.

* "Unusual sensitivity to non-verbal signals" is a carryover from past lives before the invention of language. For example, those who become unduly fearful when others look and sound angry are over-reacting to these non-verbal signals because this was a resourceful behavior when language could not clarify them.

* "Impulsive behaviors, poor socialization, negative emotions" are most often past lives that are crying out for healing. Impulsive, split-second decisions were often the difference between life and death in past lives. Poor socialization was a good idea when strangers were not friends but most often enemies who had not yet revealed themselves. Negative emotions and the mindset of "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" often was a healthy skepticism that kept the individual in the past safe from hurt and protected from others who meant them harm.

Advice: Only you can decide if your present personality is on the borderline or if your past lives are the border!

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Borderline Personality.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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