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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Bipolar Disorder
    (Emotional - Mismanaged Emotions)
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Short Description: Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder, also known as Manic Depression, is where the sufferer experiences periods of extreme, always unpredictable, emotional-mood states.

Causes: Those who contract Bipolar Disorder are more advanced Souls who, over many lives, have had a track record of "inappropriately" handling their emotions. Emotions are "energy in motion" which are sent by our Higher Selves, guides, etc to "compel" us to take action (which is how karma is administered).

In the normal course of evolution, by "trial and error", a Soul refines their ability to handle their emotions and thereby becomes progressively better at dealing them. Yet, over the course of their past lives, some Souls become so highly focused on their "mental" abilities that they intentionally suppress their emotions.

Those in the following "mentally oriented" professions in past lives usually come into agreement with Bipolar Disorder in this lifetime:

* Military Commanders: who had to suppress their emotions...
to inspire hope and confidence in their troops.
* Professional Spies: who had to suppress their emotions...
behind enemy lines to get secret information.
* Royalty-Nobility: who had to suppress their emotions...
because they were taught to do so from birth.
* Formal Bureaucrats: who had to suppress their emotions...
about whatever others did or said in front of them.
* Top Professors: who had to suppress their emotions...
around their students to set a good example for them.
* Dedicated Scientists: who had to suppress their emotions...
to focus all their energies on scientific studies.
* True Believers: who had to suppress their emotions...
because it was required by their religious beliefs.
* Downtrodden Servants: who had to suppress their emotions...
and "be seen and not heard" by others.

Symptoms: Bipolar Disorder is categorized as Type I (full blown uncontrollable extreme "highs" and "lows") or Type II, (where the "highs" and "lows" do not go to the extremes and are somewhat controllable).

* "Highs" (Manic Stage): In the "Manic" state of Bipolar, the sufferer can be euphoric, elated, irritated, and/or suspicious. Physical and mental activities are speeded up: abundant energy, rapid speaking, frantic actions, and insomnia are the result. The sufferer while manic has a low attention span, is easily distracted, and impatient with others. The sufferer while manic experiences grandiose, unrealistic, or overly optimistic ideas that they will talk about and try to act on. While manic, the suffer may act to impair their finances and relationships.

* "Lows" (Depressive Stage): In the "Depressive" state of Bipolar, the sufferer can feel sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, isolation, and/or hopelessness. Physical and mental activities are slowed down: chronic fatigue, slow speaking, inaction, and low appetite are the result. The sufferer while depressive experiences loss of interest in usually activities, problems concentrating, loneliness, self loathing, apathy, low libido, shyness, social anxiety, and chronic pain. While depressive, the suffer may experience lack of motivation, and suicidal thoughts.

After Effects: Left untreated, sufferers of Bipolar Disorder can experience a "Mixed State" where the symptoms of both "Manic" and "Depressive" states can happen at the same time. "Mixed States" can be very dangerous to the sufferer as their moods can easily and quickly be triggered or shifted back and forth between manic and depressive. While in a "Mixed State", the sufferer is at greater risk for substance abuse, self harm (as in self mutilation), or suicide.

Advice: A "bipolar episode" is the penalty imposed by the Higher Self to prevent the individual from using their habitual mental pattern to cope with life instead of using and managing their emotions better. Although Bipolar Disorder can be "treated with medicine", these treatments will reduce symptoms without doing anything to address their causes (often drugs wear out over time).

The only way to discover the causes of "mood swings" is for the person having them to pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, people, events, situations, etc. they experienced just prior to an attack. By recording these in a journal, the triggers for the "inappropriate" emotional coping patterns will emerge. For more on how to create and follow a "Trigger Desensitization Plan", see the page on "Panic Attacks" because the desensitization process is the same.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Bipolar Disorders.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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