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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Argyria (Blue/Silver Colloid)
    (Physical - Silver Poisoning)
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After Effects
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Short Description: Argyria
Argyria, better known as Silver Poisoning, is a physical disorder where the skin turns shades of blue usually as a result of voluntarily ingesting silver colloid.

Causes: Some alternative healing modalities teach that vibrant health and physical rejuvenation can be achieved through the ingestion of colloidal silver. Silver Colloid is a solution of microscopic silver particles (Elemental Silver) suspended in water.

When the silver enters the bloodstream, the body immediately acts to dispose of this toxic silver by depositing in the skin. Under the skin, the silver appears as brown particles. When these particles are seen through the skin, they appear to be gray or blue/gray. Once the Silver Colloid is ingested, the skin will change colors in as little as hours or as much as weeks if karmic balancing is needed.

* Outcast Karma: The most common questions that Argyria sufferers are asked is: "Are people scared of you when they see you?", "Do like people make fun of you?", and "Do you ever feel comfortable in public, knowing that others are talking about you?" This is one of the harder ways to balance outcast karma.

* Celtic Blue Karma: Those in the British Isles (especially those in Scotland) painted their faces with blue woad. This served two purposes: to instill fear in the hearts of their enemies and to distinguish themselves from the enemy. Unfortunately, some individual's skins were often permanently stained blue while others developed skin cancer from the woad. Argyria becomes the karmic balancing for forcing others to put blue woad on for war against their will.

* Mayan Blue Karma: Those in the Mayan Empire, who were high ranking and/or ran the machinery of human sacrifice wore blue paint (sometimes laced with lead). This was a status symbol that most were eager to wear. Unfortunately, skin cancer and permanent staining of the skin were the result along with lead poisoning. So Argyria is the karmic balancing for abusing one's body with toxic blue paint.

* Egyptian Silver Karma: Those at the top levels of Egyptian society - those in the family of Pharoah and at the top levels of government-religion - painted their faces and eyelids with silver paint. This stained and corroded the skin. In some cases, this cosmetic regimen even blinded people. So Argyria becomes a very compact paying off of karma (only to have the skin discolored without going blind).

* Chinese Blue Karma: Those at the top levels of Chinese society - those in the family of the Emperor and at the top levels of government-religion - painted their faces with lines of blue paint.. The paint (often made up of powder from the gemstone Lapis-Lazuli) often stained and corroded the skin. Once the area was painted, it had to continue to be painted to look well. So Argyria becomes the karmic balancing for this enforced painting for showing social status.

* Japanese Silver Karma: Those at the top levels of Japanese society - those in the family of the Emperor and at the top levels of government-religion - painted their faces with lines of silver paint.. Geishas usually painted their faces completely with different cosmetics of varying colors. Use if these cosmetics gave the individuals varies illnesses. So Argyria becomes the karmic balancing for this enforced use of toxic chemicals for showing social status.

Symptoms: The blue-gray appearance of the skin is telltale symptom of Argyria. Once the skin is poisoned with silver, the skin discoloration is permanent. Cosmetic makeup is not effective in hiding the discoloration. Dermabrasion will not remove the discoloration. So the silver poisoning of Argyria is a life sentence.

After Effects: The silver poisoning of Argyria is a life sentence. Since it is permanent, the Argyria sufferer must learn to live with its consequences.

Advice: Stop Argyria before it starts: never, ever ingest Silver Colloid.

Case History: is included in the above descriptions of Argyria.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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