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KARMIC DICTIONARY: Past Life Causes of Present Life Disorders

Anti-Social Personality Disorder
    (Mental-Emotional - Anti-Social Conduct)
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Short Description: Anti-Social Personality Disorder
Anti-Social Personality Disorder (APD) is a mental-emotional disorder resulting in an adult's actions which reveal a a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others ( Conduct Disorder is the equivalent child's disorder).

Causes: Anti-Social Personality Disorder is a disease of the unevolved soul. Most sufferers are in the early stages of their cycle of karma and reincarnation. They are learning the lessons of life the hard way: by going through life consistently making unloving choices and quickly reaping the resulting "bad" karma.

* Overwhelming Selfishness: All the behaviors associated with Anti-Social Personality Disorder can be reduced down to one cause: overwhelming selfishness. What living is society is supposed to teach us is how to balance our needs, wants, and desires against those of others. When individuals cannot achieve this balance, they are bound to violate laws which exist to enforce the boundaries between them.

* Selfishness = Laziness: From a karmic perspective, the central problem of human existence is laziness. The driving force behind laziness is selfishness. For stealing, lying, and cheating are the easier-lazier choice for the ADP sufferer than working for a living, doing an honest job, and earning money. For living only in the moment and doing only what they want the easier-lazier choice for the ADP sufferer than planning ahead, caring for the safety of others, and managing their emotions, especially their temper-anger-rage when crossed.

* Selfishness = No Remorse: For the ADP sufferer, everything is always all about them. Since they are always the only person that ever matters, they do exactly what they want, whenever they want, regardless of what the consequences are to themselves or others. This is why they are never sorry for what has happened because they were always at cause all for the events in their life. They are only sorry that things did not go their way and/or if they got caught.

* Selfishness = Compulsive Lying: The ADP sufferer is constantly reinventing the past. For they can never be wrong, they can never be at fault, and they should never suffer for the consequences of their actions. This means that they MUST lie because lying is the only way that they can be right, they can be blameless, and, most importantly, they can be innocent of whatever others know them to be guilty of saying or doing. All it takes is their constant reinvention of past history.

Symptoms: Anti-Social Personality Disorder is characterized by the following behaviors:

- Failure to conform to lawful behaviors as indicated by the sufferer repeatedly performing illegal acts.
- Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lies, use of aliases, or use of "confidence man" tactics.
- Aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights, assaults, verbal abuse, yelling, etc.
- Manipulativeness, as indicated by "doing whatever it takes to get whatever the person wants" from life.
- Impulsivity, as indicated by failure to plan ahead, to hold down a job, or to honor financial obligations.
- Irresponsibility, as indicated by reckless disregard for safety or well being of others (even loved ones).
- No remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from others.
- Extreme entitlement, as indicated by insisting on getting each and every one of their rights and privileges.
- Violating boundaries of others whether these are property, physical, sexual, emotional, and legal rights.

After Effects: Like most behavioral disorders which result in illegal behaviors, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, if left untreated, will only get worse over time. Most sufferers end up being jailed long term.

Advice: When the life lesson associated with Anti-Social Personality Disorder has been fully learned and "absorbed" into the person's body-mind-emotions, the "disempowering" behavior will fall away. Usually this takes several lives before the individual becomes more responsible for the effects of the causes they have set in motion. Past life healing can help if they is close to the end of their cycle of APD.

Case History: is included in the descriptions of Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

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Credits: from channeled information.



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