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FAQ: How does Past Life Channeling differ from Past Life Regression?

Here is everything you would ever want to know about the difference between Past Life Channeling and Past Life Regression!
You will see that Past Life Channeling is the superior solution for past life healing.

About Past Life Channeling Benefits
About Past Life Channeling vs Regression
About Past Life Release Process
About Past Life Regression Process
About Past Life Regression "Truth"

About Past Life Channeling Benefits

So is past life channeling better than regression? YES! Of course, I am going to think so as a channeler!

* Cost & Time Effective: Past life channeling (what I do) saves the client time and money - the same results can be seen in one channeling session versus the three to five (or more) sessions that would be required for regression to produce healing results. Regressions are unstructured and it takes time for the past life healing information to be revealed. Channelings are highly focused and get right to the heart of the past life issue much sooner than regressions would.

* No Advance Preparation: Past life channeling (what I do) is easier for the client because there is no advance preparation on their part. Most regression requires that you practice with a relaxation/hypnosis tape first. Most people do not go into a hypnotic state the first time and many require hours of practice to be hypnotized.

* More Control: During channeling, the client is in their normal, waking state (beta brain waves) instead of in a trance like state (alpha, theta, or delta brain waves). This allows them to be more in control and ask questions about what they are hearing while the channel is still open. During regression, the client cannot ask questions because they are too caught up in dealing with the intensity of the past. Past life channeling lends itself to give-and-take questioning.

* Easier Release: Past life channeling (what I do) is better for individuals with deeply traumatic incidents from their past because "indirect" receipt of the past life information is definitely less painful than reliving it during regression. The past life release process is the same as regression but it is much gentler in channeling. In regression, people can been known to thrash around, weep uncontrollably, and even hurt themselves. This is never the case with past life channeling.

* Better Recovery: Past life channeling (what I do) is better for the client because what they most need to do is REST right after a session so that their body can start processing the past life healing. After one of our sessions, the client simply puts down the phone and rests. Those who go to regressionists must travel to their office and then drive home at a time when rest would serve them better.

About Past Life Channeling vs Past Life Regression Therapy

So what is the difference between a Channeler and a Regression Therapist?

* Past Archives: Every moment of every life is/has been/will be recorded in vast storehouses of records in the inner worlds of God. Imagine for a moment these archives of Past Life and Soul records are like the gigantic video store in the sky. A Past Life Channeler functions much like an employee of the video store whereas the Past Life Regression Therapist functions much like a trainer of new employees.

* The Past Life Channeler goes to the section of the video store containing your greatest hit movies, plays them, and tells you what is going on. The channeler can pause to explain the action in greater detail. They can rewind the tape to see a key scene that better explains later plot developments. They can fast forward through the boring parts to the critical moments where your still unresolved issues were originated. They can talk with the more experienced employees at the video store (like ascended masters, angels, guides, etc) to get greater insights on your life situation now. Past Life Channeling is a must for those who cannot be regressed via hypnosis due to strong egos or physical, mental, and emotional problems.

* The Past Life Regression Therapist trains you on how to get to the video store and shows you where the tapes are. This video training can take from 1 to 6 months depending on how resistant your ego is to the process. Although once you are trained, you can play the tapes for yourself. But your ego controls how much and what you see, much like 3D glasses. Your ego will keep you from seeing anything it does not want you to see. More than that, your ego interprets what you are seeing and often keeps you from the very truths that would heal you.

* Everyone has the ability to access their own past lives... and they do not need to go a Channeler or a Regression practitioner to connect to them. You can train yourself to access your own past life memories through a past life regression that you conduct on your own at home (click here for a free regression exercise).

About Past Life Release Process

Past life healing produces profound, perceivable, and permanent results for healing problems that originated in past lives.

* Past is Still Present: Your past lives effect you daily in ways great and small: from the wealth of health you now enjoy (or if and how much you now suffer), to how much money you have (or the debt you owe or what you lack), and to the relationships bringing you joy (or pain). Coming to peace with your past lives works the same way as healing a past traumatic event from your present life.

* Identify: You identify the problem by tracing the pain back to its point of origin. Instead of finding where in present your life the problem comes from, you find where in the trail of your past lives it was originally created.

* Connect: You connect with the past experience by reliving it. You have done the hard part the first time by having the experience in past lives. Reliving it is necessary so you can release the pain connected with the experience.

* Release: You release the pain of the past experience by truly understanding of it. When people learn past life information about themselves - by whatever means, regression, channeling, self help exercises - their connection with the truth of THAT KNOWINGNESS is what causes the past to release and heal.

- Power of Past Life Truth: Their truth cannot help but resonate with them. Truth is what sets them free: how they got to that past life truth is irrelevant for healing purposes. It is untrue that only regression can release past life traumas -and- that channeling or free exercises do nothing to help the person heal... this is a myth promoted by regressionists to justify their expensive services.
* Heal: Forgiveness is the ONLY way healing ever occurs. You must forgive yourself and all others involved.
- Identifying the pain but doing nothing to heal it keeps it alive.
Connecting with the pain without releasing it just intensifies it.
Releasing the pain without forgiving the past does not heal it.
Healing it - purging it from your being once and for all
   only comes with acceptance and forgiveness.

About the Past Life Regression Process

From the Emailbag: "Is past life regression really better?" As you would expect, I, as a past life channeler, I would say the answer is "NO!"

* Party Line: Past life regressionists have a party line: people can only get healed if they go for lots of regression sessions and pay lots of money. Regressionists claim that for a past life release to happen and for healing to result, they can only experience the emotional release... if a practitioner is present.

* Many Paths: Is it true that only regression can heal past lives? No, it is absolutely not true. People can get effective past life healing by using at-home healing exercises without a practitioner present. Stacks of emails attest to the effectiveness of healing through past life channeling.

* What Heals: As long as the individual connects with their past life truth... they will heal their past lives. So why do regressionists make such claims? They do so because "it's all about the money" and they need to justify their pricey services.

* Just a Process: Regressionists usually tell you - up front - that they are applying a process to you that SHOULD but does not always unearth past life information. They never offer money back guarantees because they did their job in hypnotizing you (that is what you are paying for) even when (and especially when) nothing happens for you. After all, past life regression is just a process.

* Blame the Victim: The truth about regression is if you did not get what you wanted out of it then they "blame the victim." They will tell you that, if/when you could not be regressed, it is YOUR fault (because you were too blocked by past lives, you were too hard to hypnotize, you did not practice enough, etc).

* Poor Quality: Practitioners who are confident about the effectiveness of their work stand behind it by offering a refund (like I do and very rarely does anyone ask for one). Compared to channeling, regression is slow, expensive, and there is "little bang for the buck" (if nothing comes out of a session). When someone goes for healing, they should get out of the process - each and every time - is actionable information. Regression, whether successful or not, the practitioner gets paid.

* True Value: Channelers like me only get paid if the person finds the information useful and actionable. Regressionists do not want you going to channelers because we can get the job done in less time for a fraction of the cost. They do not want to do it yourself. Why? They have an expensive and time consuming process to sell that will be undercut by less expensive channeling or by free regression exercises.

About Past Life Regression "Truth"

If you are a fan of past life regressions, then you will find this to be an extremely interesting question! From the Emailbag: "How can I know that past life regressions are 'true'? How can I validate their accuracy?"

Past life regressionists claim that theirs is the superior process because the client can "feel" the truth of the past life information as it flows through the client. If that were true, then this is the one question that their clients should never be asking. Of course, theirs is NOT the superior process. Here is what their clients should know:

* Too Much Guiding: If a past life regressionist has done too much of the talking in the session, it is likely that they have guided the client to say what they think the client wants to hear. Past life regressions should flow directly from the client. The regressionist should only ask the client brief open-ended questions and let the client relate what they are experiencing. If the regressionist speaks more than 20% of the time, the client should question the objectivity snd the validity this process.

* Too Much Pressure: If a past life regressionist has pressured the client in any way during the session, it is likely that their mind will just create a story to get the regressionist off their back. Many times in a regression session, past life information will be blocked by a client's subconscious mind and nothing valid or accurate will get through. Remember that the mind always filters information from regressions.

* Too Little Resonance: If what comes up during a past life regression session does not resonate (feel true) to the client, then this information is unlikely to be valid or accurate. When individuals connect with the truth of their past lives - whether it comes from regression, channeling, meditation, exercise, dreams, etc - they KNOW it is true because the FEEL that truth deep inside their hearts so much so that their minds do not doubt this truth. More importantly, this truth heals them.

* Too Little Mystery: If what comes up during a past life regression session does not touch on something in the present that can only be explained by the past, then this information is unlikely to be valid or accurate. A good example of mystery was in a channeling session for my client who had a stated fear of heights but had never admitted to their fear of dogs... to anyone! Those fears both came out during our past life channeling session! Plus this person's fear of dogs was healed permanently.



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