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Exercise: Past Life Clustering- Plumbing the Unknown Depths

Summary: Uncovering Unconscious Influences from Past Lives

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Background: One of the easiest ways of accessing past life memories is a technique called clustering. I learned this in a writing class as a method for overcoming writer's block. The first time I did this technique a past life lurking just below the surface of my conscious awareness forced itself out into the light.

Goal: What happens in clustering is that your left brain (the logical, analytical part) is temporarily out of control. This allows your right brain (the intuitive, creative part) to take center stage. When it comes to uncovering your past lives, your right brain is less protective of you than the left brain is. If you are truly ready, it will allow you to receive information on the past life you most need to know about.


All you need is a blank piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and a quiet place and time to do this exercise.

How to Do This Exercise:

1> Pick a word that is emotionally charged for you. The key is to pick a word that relates to an issue that you believe originated in a past life.

If you cannot think of a word on your own, here are some you can choose from that are bound to unearth some past life issues:

Afraid, Angry, Betrayed, Burned, Condemned, Death, Depressed, Desperate, Disemboweled, Drowned, Education, Guilty, Hardship, Hatred, Helpless, Hopeless, Hung, Land, Life, Love, Marriage, Murdered, Outraged, Poisoned, Relationships, Sad, Sex, Shot, Strangled, Stabbed, Trust, Truth, Work

2> Place the word you have chosen in the center of the blank paper and draw a circle around it. Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Ask the universe to send you the images of past lives that are the root cause(s) of the issue you have selected above.

3> As quickly as you can, open your eyes and draw a line from the circle and write the first word which comes to you next to it. If there is a second word related to the first word, write the second word down and draw a line connecting the words. Then connect a third word to the second word in the same way.

4> When you come to the edge of the page or run out of related words, stop with that word. Go back to the circle and begin with another word. Select the next word and connect it quickly. If you are having trouble with clustering, click here .

5> Repeat the process until the page is filled or until you have run out of word associations. For this to work you must do this as fast as you can. Do NOT think about it, just let the words flow freely.

Example: The word I choose was afraid. In 30 seconds, the following came:

rising -- slow -- terror ----- AFRAID -- darkness -- cold -- death
suspense -- hopelessness -- AFRAID -- despair -- pride -- alone
confinement -- trapped ---- AFRAID -- wet -- drops -- drip -- water
political -- activism -------- AFRAID -- truth -- outspoken -- price

Once the above clustering was completed, I took a moment to review the cluster in its' entirety. Almost immediately, a past life in what is now Asia Minor literally came bubbling up to my conscious awareness. Once I had relived the final day of that life and released the fears of that traumatic death, I got my first real relief from the severe, chronic lung congestion that had plagued me all my life. Here it is:

Fear and Loathing in the Darkness Part One: A Past Life in Asia Minor

Drops of water hit the pool breaking the dark silence. Each one ripples through me like an earthquake. For each drop means that I am drawing one more moment closer to my own death.

Drip... Drip... Drip... My hands and feet struggle to break free from the chains that anchor me to the poles of the Cistern. But it is no use: the iron chains binding my body are too strong. I have no choice but to wait, feel the water rising around me, and know that death is near.

My thoughts keep wandering back to our esteemed governor. A student of Plato, he believes in the Greek maxim that "to live is to suffer." It was not enough for him to condemn us all to death: he wanted us to suffer. How better to suffer than to be alone with nothing to do but, as he put it, "reflect on our sinfulness."

"If speaking the truth is a sin," I had said to him, "than we all have sinned just as our Lord Jesus did when he threw the moneychangers from the temple." Yet that argument fell on deaf ears. Just as our pleas for mercy did. They still echo in my mind but I am too proud to continue my outraged cries for justice here.

Drip... Drip... Drip... All seven of us were locked up alone: each in our own chamber of the Cistern. The governor made certain that there would be no friendly voice to reach across the void and offer comfort as we awaited our fate. I keep thinking of my six friends and imagining their agonized wait as the water rises.

In the darkness, time loses it shape and feeling. Was it hours or days that it took the water to first reach our knees? Our waist? Our shoulders? Then the dreaded moment arrived: the water ringed our necks. How long would it be before we could no longer hold up our nose and drink in the life giving air?

Drip... Drip... Drip... The falling water now echoes terror throughout my body. Death now lurks behind every drop: waiting and watching for the moment I will become his. Yet I refuse to thrash about and betray my desperation to save my life. I think of the governor and a calm descends over me.

I know that I will never give him the satisfaction of knowing how he made me suffer. For my pride has gotten me here. And I am certain it will not abandon me even at the moment of my death...

Fear and Loathing in the Darkness Part Two: The City of Brotherly Love

Before I experienced that life, I could never walk alone in a certain part of the underground concourse in Philadelphia. It was the large open area filled with a sea of iron beams connecting the Pennsylvania and New Jersey subway systems. It was only later that I discovered it looks exactly like the Cistern I drowned in.

For a many years, it was never a problem. Then came the nasty winter which blanketed the City of Brotherly Love in a six inch thick sheet of ice. I almost broke my wrist five different times from falling on the ice going back and forth between work and the train station. I just could not bring myself to walk underground.

Finally, a co-worker took pity on me and went out of his way to escort me through this "dangerous territory" for the rest of the winter. When he asked me why I was acting so irrationally, I told him simply that "only above ground was it safe." The truth was it was perfectly safe underground at rush hour and I knew it!

Now, thanks to one minute of clustering, I can walk the whole concourse with ease. If your past life issues are ready to surface, clustering can be the quickest, easiest way to make that happen. One minute can literally change your life and free you from fears which have dogged you for centuries.

May your clustering free you from the chains of the past as it did for me!

Credits: adapted from the "Writer's Clustering Exercise" from Joyce Snyder



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