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Exercise: Taming Your Past Life Alert Monitor

Summary: Quiet Your Internal Past Life Alert Monitor Forever and For Good

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Background: Life on Earth in the past was often cruel, harsh, and unpredictable. To survive, people had to constantly be on the alert for threats that were quite real... if disease, accident, injury, or illness did not kill you off then disputes, wars, or pollution was likely to end your life. Many rough journeys through life over numerous cycles of reincarnation leave most people with a fear of living, a craving for safety, and a "Past Life Alert Monitor" that is on overdrive.

So when you have lived a significant number of past lives, you are bound to have developed many of these internal sub-conscious "alerts" designed to keep you safe and protected. Problems arise when these internal alarm bells are ringing, when there really is no clear and present danger (except inside your mind).

Goal: If your "Past Life Alert Monitor" is always ringing at the slightest problem, this exercise can help you to find peace by breaking its grip on your mind. You want to get it back to proper alignment (where it serves you without crippling you).


1> Most people need to do this exercise daily for at least 30 days (60 days is preferable) before they can fully tame their "Past Life Alert Monitor".

2> Remember to to have some patience with the process. It took time to install the "Past Life Alert Monitor" in your subconscious mind and so it will take time for your conscious mind to tame it. Each time you do this exercise you will go ever more deeply into healing your unresolved past life issues. Yet if you are patient and have a sincere desire to do meaningful past life healing, you will be successful.

3> Ask for your Higher Self, your Guides, your Guardian angels, and whatever other servants of the universe you like to help you do this exercise. Ask them to keep you safe and protected at all times, especially while you are restoring proper balance to your "Past Life Alert Monitor" which is a challenging task.

How to Do This Exercise:

To check your "Past Life Alert Monitor":

1> Say to yourself throughout the day, "All is well in my universe. I am at peace." You must say this regardless of whatever happens to you on this day.

2> Notice everything that is going well for you on that particular day.
- For each thing that is going well, say
"Thank you universe for [what it was]".
- For each thing that is good, say "Thank you for supporting me today!"
- From your heart, feel how much you are supported by the universe today.

3> If something is not going well for you on that particular day, do the following.
- Be clear about this... is it really a problem or is it an opportunity?
- For each thing that is not good, say
"I ask [whatever it was] to be healed."
- From your heart, release [whatever it is] to the universe to solve just for today.

4> If you have trouble doing this... then your "Past Life Alert Monitor" is on overdrive. This can keep you from feeling that things are not right even when they are - in fact - just fine. This means that you must work on taming it - for good.

To tame your "Past Life Alert Monitor":

1> Say to yourself at the beginning of the day, "I expect all will be well today. If something is going wrong, I want my 'Past Life Alert Monitor' to bring it gently to my conscious awareness." Then go about your day expecting that all will be well and that you will not hear from your monitor unless there is a problem.

2> Notice everything that is going well for you on that particular day.
- Thank your "Past Life Alert Monitor" for remaining in the background and for silently protecting you all day long while allowing you to live your life.

3> Notice if something is not going well for you on that particular day.
- Thank your "Past Life Alert Monitor" for bringing it to your attention gently. Decide what you want to do about the alert. When you act on that decision, thank your "Past Life Alert Monitor" for helping you to live a peaceful life.

4> The goal is to transform your "Past Life Alert Monitor" from being an annoying pest to being a valuable sentinel which alerts you in time to genuine problems.

Example: The point of doing this exercise is to manage your past life awareness. Since every person is unique and has had a different past life journey, their "Past Life Alert Monitor" will act differently in varying intensity. Yet all can be tamed!

Credits: from channeled information.



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