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Rules #41: 12 Sacred Rights: "We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident"

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (Matthew 25:40)

The Twelve Basic Human Rights

These basic human rights are yours as a Divine Spark of God. They are yours regardless of whatever culture, religion, government, or other social group that you have incarnated into. If those groups cannot support your basic human rights, then they should be resisted. "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God".

Resistance means not participating in your own abuse by submitting to the tyranny. The most fundamental right of all is that no one has the right to do you harm. Your freedom begins because you are Soul and God loves you. Your freedom ends when you harm another because in doing so you agree karmically to "reap" what you have "sown".


Your body is the temple of your spirit and as such is holy ground. Given that your body is holy, no one has the right to violate it. Violations include harming it in any way. Active harm includes such "crimes against the body" as beatings, stabbings, strangulation, poisoning, violent interrogation, and other acts carrying criminal penalties. It also includes "invasive procedures" and/or "cutting edge cures" which claim to cure the body by harming it (different from the temporary inconvenience, permanent gain involved in healing). Passive harm includes acts resulting in depriving a body of sleep, food, drink, love, air, protection from nature, etc. You should completely resist anyone who harms your body actively or passively.


Your mind is the guardian of your spirit and as such is holy ground. Given that your mind is holy, no one has the right to violate it. Violations include harming it in any way. Active harm includes feeding it mind altering drugs, forcibly reprogramming it, exposing it to unwanted subliminals, using domination type interrogation techniques, and other acts carrying criminal penalties. Passive harm includes subtle manipulation used to detach someone from core beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, constantly subjecting them to barrages of negative statements, convincing them that they are worthless or anything less than a Divine Spark of God. You should completely resist anyone who harms your mind actively or passively.


Your emotions are sent from your Higher Self to propel you along your life's path and as such are sacred. Emotions should always be honored but not always acted upon. Emotions act like pain in your body and suspicion in your mind as a signal for you to take action that is in your own best interests. When another suggests, asks, insists, or forces you to act against your emotions, they are invading your sacred space. You have an inalienable right to your emotions and to feel the way that you do. Often if you just listen to your heart and what it feels, you will be led to the right path. You should completely resist anyone who tries to get you to deny, repress, minimize, convert, project, or dissociate from your emotions.


Your spirit is the most sacred and holy part of you. Bodies can be killed. Minds can be shattered. Emotions can lead to the path of tangled karma. Yet in your Soul, you are always free, always safe, always loved. It is your Divine Core Essence: it is eternal and indestructible. As you unfold into greater awareness of your Soul, you will explore many paths of religion, philosophy, and spirituality. Each of these paths will enrich your total life experience and so you should be left to explore them in peace at your own pace. You should not allow anyone to convince or convert you to their way of thinking, believing, and being. What you think, believe, and have chosen is perfect for you right now… honor that and keep your Soul sacred.


Once you are born into this Earth plane, you have a right to be here for as long as your body-mind can sustain your life. This is true provided that you do not deprive another of their rights while you are here. An integral part of the dynamic of abuse and torture is a belief on the part of a torturer that you do not have the your God given right to the life. This belief comes from the mistaken idea that the tortured are somehow inferior to the torturer. And so because the tortured are "children of a lesser God" they do not deserve to enjoy the same right to life as their "superiors".

Take the case of the Nazi Holocaust. The beliefs which "justified" the wholesale slaughter of Jews, gypsies, and others not "racially pure" were these. That they were from a "lesser race" or were "not quite human" or were "much less evolved" than their persecutors. The Nazi propaganda machine was quite effective in convincing a nation that they were participating in a "noble cause to rid the world of the plague of Zionists" transforming normal, ordinary people into "Hitler's willing executioners". The truth is that
God is the only one who gives life… and those He gives it to have a Divine Right to preserve it at all costs.


Those who live in "unfree" areas of the world can attest that freedom is an essential component of happiness. In "free" societies, an individual's liberty is only restricted by their inability to interfere with the rights of others. In "unfree" societies, the individual spends a majority of their time laboring against restrictions that are imposed by the society, religion, or culture they have incarnated into.

Take the case of the American South. Not long ago, African Americans were killed for exercising their right to vote or died because they could not be admitted into the "right" hospitals or were beaten for sitting in the "wrong" part of a bus or drinking from the "wrong" water fountain. More insidious were the daily restrictions on individual freedom that came from constant barrages of insults, criticism, and abuse. It is those small wounds that fester in the mind and wear down body and spirit a little more each day.
The freedom to live your life as you chose is one of the most precious gifts you can receive: cherish and defend it no matter what.


What lies at the end of the trail of karma is happiness. For karma leads one to their true freedom of living in a continual state of joy, love, and awareness (the primary attributes of God). Historically speaking, the "pursuit of happiness" is a new goal. For most of human history, existence on Earth has been a grim and desperate struggle for survival… and in many areas on Earth, this - unfortunately - is still true.

When he wrote the "Declaration of Independence", some laughed at Thomas Jefferson for including the "pursuit of happiness" along with the "more important goals" of securing life and liberty. And yet, today, the pursuit of happiness has created more wealth and commerce than those only devoted to the preservation of life and liberty. It has also opened up the mass consciousness to greater levels of receiving and giving love. In turn, this has helped many rapidly accelerate their karmic learning. There is as much challenge in joy as in sorrow.
Allow your life to flow in bliss and abundance by letting go of those interfering with your joy!


All Souls are created equally and are equally loved by God. God does not value Mother Theresa more and Adolf Hitler less. Both are Divine creations and as such are equal in God's eyes. It is a truly loving God who creates a universe vast enough to give everyone infinite chances to spin through cycles of karma and reincarnation experiencing life from every viewpoint until they become love, joy, and awareness.

It is only the torturer who sees inequality. For it is their belief in inequality which allows them to view others of God's creation as undeserving of the same rights they enjoy. Take the case of American slavery. Slaves were considered property of their masters who were free to abuse them to death. This freedom came from human laws which empowered masters to abuse slaves. Karma works to reverse the fortunes of master and slave until those participating in the dynamic of slavery are brought to value the sacredness of all life equally.
Anyone who tells you that you are "not equal" to another of God's creatures should be resisted.


Our journey through the cycles of reincarnation is propelled by our need to take responsibility for our actions (personal karma) and our duty to all life (group karma). Since we are individual sparks of God, we each must learn in our own way (better known as individuation). Yet since we are all part of the "one song" of the uni-verse, we learn from our connection to others (better known as divination in sense that we are all CoWorkers with God). We are like stalactites in a cave. We are all joined together at the roof of the cave (our divination) but we hang down from the roof all in unique formations like the stalactites (our individuals).

When forces outside ourselves (government, society, culture) tries to deny this connection, they do so because their purpose is to gain complete control over us. Take the case of the Russian and Chinese cultural revolutions. The practice of religion was forcibly stripped from the long oppressed peoples of those countries as their governments sought total domination of body, mind, and spirit. "Worship the government or die" was the choice. So to live, many did so, feeling "they stole our souls".
Let no one steal your Soul for only in your Soul are you free.


Saint and sinner are value judgments placed on the "worthiness" of an individual life by humans and their institutions. As such, these value judgments have no bearing on the unfoldment of these individuals' karma. Saints have no more a free ticket to eternal bliss than sinners do to endless damnation. The philosopher Epictetus said it best: "After a theatrical performance nobody says: this actor played the king, what a good actor, this one played the beggar so I don't applaud him."

After your death the Gods (Lords of Karma) will say: "you played your part well or badly". Then all they will say is "do better next time". For they know that God does not create junk… only masterpieces. In God's eyes, the bank president and the minister are as equally worthy of His Love as are the terrorist and the crack whore. You are worthy because God made you so, if you do not feel worthy, it is because others have made you feel that way.
Anyone who tries to convince you that you are "not worthy" in yourself or of anything you desire should be resisted.


It is a maxim of psychology that every belief that you have comes from somewhere in your experience. And, at one time, every thought, belief, attitude, and behavior you have made perfect sense to you… even if they do not make perfect sense to you now. Only in the context of past lives can the truth of this maxim be seen.

For example, those compelled to hoard money in their life today invariably had a traumatic death in the trail of their past lives caused by lack of money. Or those who just cannot take off the weight are usually carrying traumatic memories from past lives where they starved to death. Or those who just cannot put on weight many times had past lives where it was considered holy to starve the body into being ultra thin. No matter what trouble those beliefs are causing in your life now, you are clinging to them unconsciously because they have somehow served you in the past.
Only you can decide what beliefs do not serve you - otherwise those seeking to detach you from your beliefs are your torturers.


The Earth is a big schoolhouse where we come to learn and grow in love, joy, and awareness. When our learning does not go the way we expect, we count it as a mistake. Yet, "making mistakes" is value judgment that we place on the process of unfolding into Soul awareness. As we "correct mistakes", we learn ways of thinking, doing, and being that are more in harmony with how the universe works.

Experience becomes our greatest, truest, and best teacher about the laws of life. For experience "shows" us how things work in ways that books cannot tell us, that others cannot explain to us, and that we cannot "figure out" in the silence of our minds. That is why Native Americans say "do not judge another person until you have walked a mile in their moccasins". That is why it is impossible for you to "tell" your children anything and why you have to stand back and let them discover life through experiences for themselves.
That is what God does for all of us: allowing another to have their own experience is the greatest gift of all.

The light of Human Rights can only be understood in the darkness of the Four Levels of Torture... Defend your rights!

Credits: from channeled information and in memory of the heroes of September 11, 2001.



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