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Rules #28e: Who is The I That is Me? - Truth About Famous Past Lives #3

"To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasant to them that bear it." (Queen Elizabeth I of England)

Want to Be Famous? Or Were You?

When it comes to past lives, most people want to know the same thing. "Was I ever famous?" they will ask... and then some will answer with a name well known in history ("historical personalities").

"So Who Really Is The ' I ' That is ' Me '?"

When we come into greater awareness of our past lives, we understand that we are more than our current personality. We connect with the truth about our greater totality. We ask ourselves "who really is the I that is me?" From time to time, the answer to this question leads us to a famous past life (what I like to call "historical personalities").

"Why are people in general so obsessed with celebrity?"

* Monkey Pay-Per-View: How people are hard-wired to admire celebrities.
* Karmic Splint: Healing by mimicking the experience of a celebrity.
* Real Reaction: of those learning about their historical personalities.
* Uncase Past: What happens to those who publicly reveal past lives.

Monkey Pay-Per-View

"..if they (fans) love you that much without knowing you, they can also hate you." (Marilyn Monroe)

Are we hard wired to admire celebrities? According to the "Monkey Pay-Per-View" study, we are!

* Monkey Study: Duke University neurobiologist Mike Platt conducted a study of the pictures that monkeys would "pay" to watch (known as "Monkey Pay-Per-View"). The monkeys got fruit juice as a reward for looking at images. The monkeys would accept less juice when it was an image they wanted to see. Tthe monkeys would have to get more juice to view images that they were uninterested in seeing. This "pay per view" pattern gives insight into how animals are hard wired.

* Hard Wiring: The researchers found that monkeys would give up a significant amount of juice ("paying") to see the hindquarters of female monkeys. This was expected because the sex drive is an instinctive part of all animal behavior. They also found that monkeys would also pay to see the faces of superior-dominant individuals (the "alpha males") in the group. This was also expected as their survival was dependent on their relationship to the group's leader. Similarly, monkeys had to be "paid" to look at the faces of those considered to be subordinates-submissives and so were not important to their survival inside the group.

* Celebrity Attention: What "Monkey Pay-Per-View" teaches about the human condition is that we all make judgments about how to spend our attention. The more important we perceive the individual to be in our life, the more we will pay attention to them. For example, the student may consider the school principal more worthy of their attention than a classmate (because of his/her authority). Since celebrities are considered to be among the most important individuals in a society, we are all "hard wired" to pay more attention to them… than to "regular" people.

* Celebrity Worship: This is why people end up worshipping celebrities. Today's instant-mass communication brings a handful of famous people to the attention of multitudes of "ordinary" people. Since the famous are considered to be important and since the ordinary can see and hear them on a regular basis, the result is that unreal relationships are formed between them. This is why an "ordinary" person can become convinced that the "famous" person (who has never even met them) has a real connection to them… when that connection can only exist inside their mind.

Karmic Splint

"Education has for its object the formation of character." (Herbert Spencer)

Do you feel a great closeness to an historical figure? If so, they may be serving as your karmic splint.

* Splint: A splint is a temporary means of keeping broken bones in place allowing them to heal. Karmic splints work in the same way.

* Karmic Splint: People become attracted to a particular historical figure, often believing that they were that person in past lives. They study that historical figure and consciously imitate their traits, their mannerisms, their habits, their beliefs, and so on. This literally gives them a "surge of empowerment" that they were lacking before. Striving to become their "historical idol" allows them to grow karmically.

* Career Similarities: People usually choose historical figures with the same career/work. Musicians choose musicians, scientists choose scientists, healers choose healers, and on so. Work is the golden thread drawing them together.

They model their present work on their past life inspiration with the idea of bringing it to the next level. Climbing on the shoulders of those in past lives by learning from them helps the person now to create their lives in a better, more empowering way.
* Personal Style: People usually choose historical figures with a style they greatly admire whether it is in outward appearance, style points, or activities.
It can be outward things like clothes, hairstyle, posture, walking, and so on. It can be style things like the way they wrote, spoke, sang, danced, and so on. It can be activities like visiting sites where those they admire once lived, worked, or fought, re-enacting battles, or making crafts, and so on. It comforts people to imitate this style.
* Life Events: People usually choose historical figures with a similar pattern of life events. These are things like struggling against poverty, overcoming drug addiction, transcending the suicidal urge, healing from sexual and physical abuse, and so on.
The person then gains strength from knowing that they, like the historical figure they admire, can meet and master life's challenges. It inspires them to take charge of their life in the present.
* Inspiration: Karma is all about people learning the lessons life has to teach. If they can find deep inspiration from a past historical figure to the point that they model their present life on them and so grow as soul... it is all good.

Real Reaction

"The reactions of the human heart are not mechanical & predictable but infinitely subtle & delicate." (Ikeda)

How we react to the knowledge of our past lives is, in itself, an indicator of its truth!

* Always the Same: I get many letters that read like this: "Dear Ellen, I have become convinced that I am the reincarnation of [famous historical figure]. I have read biographies about this [historical personality] and these 'facts' [points of comparison] between myself and this individual are as follows [lengthy list]. Please tell me that I am right about this…"

* Unreal Reaction: Although they are very few, I have read individuals who have had famous past lives (what I call historical personalities). Those who were NOT that person always are thrilled by the connection. They tend to see and relate to all of the historical individual's good points (while minimizing or ignoring their bad points). They tend to have the awestruck, uncritical reaction of an adoring fan to a high profile celebrity… it is an unreal reaction. The unreality gets worse when the person concocts a strained chain of "evidence" only they could believe is true.

* Real Reaction: Far from being thrilled by this knowledge, those who WERE that famous past life personality tend to recognize their famous lives as the source of their issues now. They understand better than most how they came by their karma. They tend to be annoyed by their historical personality's failings because they know - for sure - how high a price they have paid - karmically - for their unloving actions while famous. They come to understand how their fame has magnified-complicated the resolution of their karma in their not-so-famous life now.

* Ugly Mirror: Knowledge of our historical personalities holds up an ugly mirror to our character flaws. A biographer of my recent past life historical personality wrote ten pages which accurately summarized all of his failings… which were still failings of mine. This was a humbling and humiliating process which - far from thrilling me - made me embark on a long soul searching journey of choosing to remedy those character flaws (yes, I was not/am not his uncritical fan).

* Real Evidence: So, what evidence, beyond a "real reaction", should convince you as to whether or not you had an historical past life? Simple! Even in the most well documented past life, there is always some seemingly insignificant detail that the individual can remember which provides compelling personal proof.

For example, in the same biography about my recent past life historical personality, there was a reference to an obscure book that I just had to track down. In that book, an incident important to me (but unimportant to history) was related which perfectly agreed with my earlier recollection of that past life… it was all the evidence I needed about that life to know I had been that historical personality.

Uncase Past

"For those with faith, no proof is necessary. For those without faith, no proof is sufficient." (Proverb)

Uncasing the past is when someone with a past life well documented by history chooses to reveal it now.

* Almost Famous: Many think that there would be greater belief in reincarnation if those with historical personalities (lives well documented by history) uncased and revealed their past identities. On the Internet, you will find many sites listing many individuals who have uncased. Yet is this uncasing really beneficial? You decide.

* Proof: Those who uncase immediately find themselves faced with a steep mountain to climb. Others will want proof. Unless there is undeniable proof (which some will always deny anyway), those who uncase are sure to be ridiculed, humiliated, and have their sanity and their motives questioned. No matter how strong the proof, it is sure NEVER to convince the skeptics. As for the believers, the choir needs no further convincing of the reality of past lives.

* Motives: Many of those who choose to uncase do so because they feel compelled to give true witness to the truth of reincarnation. God bless these selfless people. Yet there are others who feel the need to justify their life today by saying "I was so-and-so in a past life..." because "I am not good enough as who I am today" (which is an issue in and of itself). So others will always question the underlying motives of those who choose to uncase their past lives.

* Privacy: If a person with a former historical personality has chosen to come back in another "ordinary" life to work on their issues, they should be allowed to do so in peace. Why is it their "burden" to give true witness about the truth of reincarnation? Their present privacy should be more important than their past lives.

* Fame Trap: Those with historical personalities - whether good or bad - when revealed, would not be free to live their lives now. Those with bad-infamous past lives would be harassed by their detractors. Those with good-famous past lives would be hounded by their admirers. For good or ill, their past lives would interfere with their life now. If the current personalities of historical individuals were known, these people would be trapped by their past fame (or infamy) and so would not be free to move forward in their lives today... that is the trap of reincarnation fame.

Credits: from channeled information.



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