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Rules #16d: Your Karma Will Run Over Your Dogma: Karmic Fatalism

You Don't Understand: It's My Karma!

Karmic Fatalism - Defined: how the "it is karma" attitude robs someone of the desire and power to change their destiny.
Karmic Fatalism - Adversaries: how the human fear of death, despair, and darkness creates the belief in karmic fatalism.
Karmic Doom: why and how adversity in past lives contributes to karmic fatalism.
Karmic Fate: why and how the belief in fate contributes to karmic fatalism.
Karmic Gravity: the impersonal operation of karma contributes to karmic fatalism.

Karmic Fatalism - Defined

"There is a destiny that makes us brothers: none goes his way alone, All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own." (Edwin Markham)
Nothing improves if you take the "it's my karma" attitude and chant away the day to forget your misery.

* Karmic Force: People in the East are so fatalistic about life because they believe that the forces of karma are so strong that they cannot be overcome. So they simply throw up their hands and give over their lives to their karmic fate. Yet, we do live in a loving and compassionate universe. If you show the universe that you are prepared to act in a responsible and loving manner toward all those around you, then you can improve your karmic situation... dramatically.

* Fatalistic Feeling: The first step in improving your karma is to recognize how it manifests itself. Here is a description of how "bad" karma "feels" from someone who used to be a "helpless victim of it".

"It feels like I am pushing against something, an unknown force that is lurking deep inside. It feels overwhelming like a heavy weight inside that always stops me from improving my life. It holds me back. It resists my best effort to change. I really want to change but it's like I am forbidding myself somehow. It took me a long time to see it but I have been sabotaging my best efforts to change all along. I just could not help myself..."

Once this individual confronted the karmic reasons for this "feeling", this bad karmic "feeling" left them... forever.
* Karma's Goal: What must always be remembered about karma is it exists to teach you lessons, not to punish you endlessly. Bad karma is meant to push you to examine your life and to make changes that will bring you to greater levels of love, joy, and awareness. They are meant make you take action (which is what "karma" means translated from Sanskrit to English) to improve your destiny.

* Beyond Karma: The only way your situation can improve is if you take the attitude that "today is the first day of the rest of my life which I am determined to make better". Show that you want to change by actively working to improve your life by trying to live in a "karma free" life. All you have to lose are your problems.

Karmic Fatalism - Adversaries

"Beware the Three Adversaries: Death, Despair, and Darkness." (Karmic Proverb)

Karmic Fatalists: those who do not change and use the mantra "It's my karma" to excuse everything.

* Classic Karma: A man, who ran a religious school which taught the precepts of karma, routinely sexually abused his students. When any of them pointed out that his molesting them was bad karma that would come back to him, all he would say was "It's your karma!" After years of molesting children, the man was arrested by the police. All he had to say was "It's my karma!" His attitude - that all was predetermined karma - is a perfect demonstration of karmic fatalism.

* Karma's Mission: Ironically, knowledge of karma was meant to prevent "Karmic Fatalism": the belief that all is pre-determined and all that you say and do means nothing, effects nothing, and changes nothing.

Karma was meant to free humans from the fears that would otherwise rob them of the motivation to heal/improve their lives. These fears are:

* Death: The fear of death is "Nothingness":
that what you are now will cease to be and will be lost forever.
* Despair: The fear of life is "Hopelessness":
that nothing you believe or say or do can make your life better.
* Darkness: The fear of living is "Ignorance":
that others who know more will hurt and take advantage of you.
* Karma's Message: What karma teaches frees those who believe in it from being trapped by those fatalistic fears… because:
* Immortality: That as Soul you are immortal:
what you have been/are now/will be is eternal and indestructible.
* Inspiration: That as Soul you are the creator of your life:
what you believe or say or do can creates your life.

* Illumination: That as Soul you are divine:
you are learning to be an infinite CoWorker with God.
* Remember: "Karmic Fatalism" is directly contrary to what karma means to teach. Karma means to set up the circumstances in your life that will challenge you to transcend them and not to accept them (which is what fatalism gets you to do). Karma challenges you to manifest health, wealth, and happiness while fatalism causes you to accept the lack of all these. Simply put, mastering karma makes you powerful while being fatalistic keeps you powerless.

Karmic Doom

"Ragnarökkr, the Doom of the Gods, means man is doomed as well." (Old Norse Proverb)

If, like the Norse, you believe whatever you do, you are doomed... you are suffering from "Karmic Doom".

* Doomed Feeling: It goes like this: "I have only felt sadness for far too long. I need to feel happiness. Why?" This is a genuine problem in and carryover from past lives. Fortunately, this problem can be overcome with effort and patience!

* Pursuit of Happiness: In past lives, happiness was elusive. That is why Thomas Jefferson wrote that "life" (as in not being killed capriciously by governments), "liberty" (as in not being jailed randomly by governments), and the "pursuit of happiness" (as in freedom from government persecution) were so important.

Notice it is the "pursuit" that was important as actual happiness was hard to come by. Jefferson himself lost a beloved wife early on and never quite recovered the happiness he enjoyed with her.
* Bleak Existence: For most of human history, life was bleak for the average person. Consider what they had to endure.
When the weather was good, life was continuous work from sunrise to sunset. Raising crops and livestock was/is a labor intensive process and required back breaking, endless toil. When the weather was bad, life was the struggle to stay warm enough to survive.

People were lucky to eat 3 times a week and to bathe once a year whether it was needed it or not. Random violence by humans, attacks by animals, and natural disasters, were facts of life as were life ending illnesses. Women were damaged or died in childbirth. Men who were injured ended up permanently impaired. Life sucked!
* Inevitable Suffering: Given the overwhelming hardships in past lives, many chose to protect their hearts by accepting the inevitable suffering of life on Earth. Choosing to believe that life doomed one to adversity was a defense mechanism many adopted (like the Norse) to cope with the reality of their harsh existence. This, in turn, became the perfect breeding ground for karmic fatalism.

* Sadness Carryover: When one has reincarnated into one tough environment after another, the sadness over suffering can become a permanent part of one's character. Yet, in the present, one can always choose to cultivate joy. Now one can pursue happiness and actually find it! All it takes is more love.

Karmic Fate

"Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift." (Dante Alighieri, "Inferno")

What is fate really but the karma we choose not to take any action to resolve or to improve upon.

* Health Issues: Most receive the majority of their health problems at birth. What they are not born with usually comes during young adulthood. Each individual is prone to the ailments they inherit from their parents' genetics. What health issues they attach to is directly dependent on their actions and inactions. If they do nothing, their health fate becomes what karma handed them at birth and in youth.

* Wealth Issues: Most replicate the financial situation of their immediate and/or extended family. This is why the rich get richer and the poor stay poorer. If the person accepts the money programming they have learned from birth without trying to improve upon it, their financial fate remains unchanged for the rest of their life.

* Happiness Issues: Most repeat the emotional choices of their immediate and/or extended family. Children live what they have learned from their parents unless they choose to change it. If they do what their parents have done or choose to do the exact opposite, their fate becomes these inherited emotional patterns.

* Doing Nothing: Most believe - incorrectly - that doing nothing keeps them safe. The reality is that doing nothing is actually choosing our default karma which can be quite unsafe. Those who are the most trapped by karma are those who believe that they are powerless to escape their fate (the "its my karma" attitude).

* Doing Something: Most believe - correctly - that doing something is better than doing nothing, especially if they can see that they have improved their situation by their actions. Taking action is the only way that someone can improve their fate and so transcend what karma has planned for the rest of their life.

* Harvesting the Gift: The gift lurking inside karma is a permanent improvement in our life's circumstances: whether they be health, wealth, or happiness. All it takes is wanting to improve life's circumstances and working toward that goal.

Karmic Gravity

"Some men think the Earth is round. Others think it flat. It is a matter of capable of question. But if it is flat, will the King's command make it round? If it is round, will the King's command flatten it? No, it will not."
(Robert Bolt, "A Man for All Seasons")

* Karmic Gravity: Karma is a law like any other in the universe. Like Gravity, it operates whether we believe in it or not... and whether we want it to or not. It is the "not wanting it" to work that contributes to and perpetuates karmic fatalism.

* "Scientific Law" is defined as: "a phenomenon of nature [karma] that has been proven to invariably occur [what goes around comes around] whenever certain conditions exist or are met [imbalances in love and compassion]."

* No Exceptions: "We are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime." (Elizabeth Kübler-Ross) The law of karma operates impersonally and applies to everyone everywhere at all times no exceptions. Whether you believe in karma or not, it applies to you. Karma, like gravity, operates equally when the religious beliefs of the individual are agree with it or are diametrically opposed to it.

* No Excuses: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse!" (John Selden)Ironically, those who are most in denial of the reality of karma are the most firmly in its grip. Those who commit crimes to gain money, power, or sex, will reap what they have sewn later on in their present life… or more likely in a future one. They must and will repay the effects of the causes they have set in motion. Quite simply, when you do the crime, karma ensures justice: that you will do the time.

* No Evasion: "Though the mills of the God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small: though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness He grinds them all." (Friedrich von Logan) The way karma works is through an examination of the feelings and thoughts which surrounded the actions we take in life. We are the ones who make that examination and decide, at a Soul level, what and how we need to balance our actions over the cycle of our reincarnations.

* No Errors: "We meet no Stranger, but Ourself." (Emily Dickinson) There are no errors when it comes to karma… because we are the ones who examine ourselves. We are the ones who have agreed to the life experiences necessary to balance our actions from the past to learn how to become a CoWorker with God in the future. Knowing who we really are inside and learning more love, joy, and awareness is what karma and reincarnation mean to teach us all.

Credits: from channeled information.



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