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Rules #16c: Your Karma Will Run Over Your Dogma: Karma's Goals

You're Dancin' With the Reaper

So what are the goals of karma? What is it that karma wants to teach you? What should you learn from life?

Karmic Goals... Discernment: constantly learning how to live by constantly learning how to love.
Karmic Goals... Discipline: art of doing what you have to, especially when you do not want to.
Karmic Goals... Discretion: art of living life by only doing what is true, necessary, and kind.
Karmic Goals... Detachment: art of letting the will of God ("Thy Will") become your own ("my will").
Karmic Goals... Coal to Diamond: the end result of the achievement of all these karmic goals.

Karmic Goals... Discernment

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live."

Discernment is achieved by constantly learning how to live by constantly learning how to love.

* Journey's End: All roads lead back to God... but all roads are not the same nor do individuals travel along the roads in the same way. Whether we realize it or not, all of us are seekers after truth and each will come to truth in the way that is best for them. Discernment is the art of having learned what love is and what it is not.

* Love's Labor: As we go through our many incarnations, we explore love in all its aspects so that we can develop discernment and understand what it means to love like God. Loving like God means loving another for all that they are - the good and the bad - and standing back to allow them to have their own experience.

* Life's Lessons: If we want to say to others "do this, don't do that because..." it will make us feel better but it does not help the person as much as we think. For when we are gone and we can no longer steer loved ones through the pitfalls of life, we have left them ill equipped to handle life on their own without us.

* Soul's Learning: It is much harder to stand back and to watch loved ones stumble and fall, knowing that they must learn the lessons of life as we have done... by true experience. Each soul must learn to stand on their own and to develop their discernment the only way they can - through success and failure, tragedy and triumph, mistakes, and miracles. Think of how much love God has for all His children to stand back and watch everyone make their own way through life.

* True Empowerment: One of the greatest acts of love we can do for another is to show them how to be complete within themselves. As the old adage goes: "Catch a fish for a person and you feed them for a day but teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime." When we empower others to fully enjoy their birthright as Divine Beings, we pass on the flame of love others gave to us when they brought us into our own power. One of the most powerful ways we can pass our love to others is to help them to develop their own abilities of discernment.

Karmic Goals... Discipline

"Discipline is founded upon liberty. Discipline must necessarily be active." (Maria Montessori)

Discipline is the art of doing what you have to, especially when you do not want to.

* Ultimate Test: If the Earth can with a warning label it would be this: "Do not enter here unless you are prepared to triumph over adversity". Ironically, this is why most people come to the Earth: so that they can see how they will measure up to its ultimate tests of discipline. Yes: people come here to learn discipline.

* Drill & Drill: Yet discipline is a virtue that must be drilled into people because humans in their natural state are slothful or lazy. If you doubt this, just look around to see how many labor saving devices there are. Cars save us from driving/moving, washers and dryers save us from laundering, microwaves save us from cooking, and so on. They "save us" time so that we can do other things, including being lazy.

* Laziness: When you think about it, the central problem of human existence in the physical world is laziness and the only way to overcome it is discipline.

Consider these Disciplines: If not for the pleasures of sex, people would not make the effort to procreate - it would be too much trouble. If not for the need to eat and to shelter our bodies, we would not be motivated to work - it would be too much trouble. In the process of meeting our basic needs, we must learn some discipline even if it is as little as applying for welfare. You get the idea!
* Success=Discipline: As we go through many past lives, we soon see that success in any area of life is directly linked to our discipline in pursuing it.
Consider NO Discipline: Try running a winning army without the discipline of academic and field training. Try running a prosperous business without employee policies to enforce the disciplines of daily attendance and the minimum achievement of work objectives. Try developing spiritual discernment without discipline and see how soon the "Dark Night of Soul" will stop you. Do any of those things as you will soon see how necessary the development of discipline is.
So if you are feeling lazy, try out some discipline: it is good for the soul.

Karmic Goals... Discretion

"Discretion is the better part of valor." (Shakespeare)

Discretion is the art of living life by only doing what is true, necessary, and kind each and every day.
Discretion is making the choice one thought, one word, and one deed to do and be love.

* True: Discretion requires honesty and integrity. Honesty is the bedrock of life while deceit is its' quicksand: all lies are eventually uncovered and the truth will come out. Integrity creates ease and flow in living while duplicity creates difficulty and disorder: all this creates is bad karma. Honesty and integrity both flow from discrimination in the positive sense: the ability and awareness to choose between what is and what is not like love. When you are solidly grounded in truth, your "bad karma" will be transmuted into dharma, the joyful way of loving service.

* Necessary: Discretion requires diplomacy and wisdom, especially when it comes to deciding when it is necessary for you to speak and act. This means you should think carefully before you speak. Listen closely to what others say with their words and to what they mean by their actions. This means you should be certain (as much as you can be) before you act. Act only when you can create a positive outcome for the highest good of all concerned. This means you should act only where you have power or authority and "mind your own business" where you do not. This means you should forgive yourself when your results have not measured up to your intentions or expectations... and do the same for others.

* Kind: Discretion requires love and kindness. Love is caring that is quiet, patient, and joyful. This means you should allow others to express themselves without inhibiting them. If what they have said or done is not like love, show them ways to be and do what is like love. Kindness is caring that is helpful, supportive, and practical. This means you should allow others to make mistakes without criticism or condemnation. If they have erred, help them to make amends with whatever time or resources you can spare. If what they have said or done is not kind, show them by your example what it is like to act with tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness.

* Choice: Discretion requires mindfulness that every thought, word, and deed is a choice. Practicing discretion becomes choosing love one thought, one word, and one deed at a time. Although this is easier said than done, with time, practice, and focus, discretion can be developed… and great karma right along with it.

Karmic Goals... Detachment

"By annihilating the desires, you annihilate the passions of the mind. Everyone without passions has within them no principle of action nor motive to act." (C. Adrien)

Detachment is the art of letting the will of God ("Thy Will") become your own ("my will").

* Detachment: This is the desireless state Eastern religions believe is Nirvana: the key to leaving this world behind us. Until we connect with our perfection, we get drawn back into this world by the attachments which imperfections create. So, because you are here, you automatically have attachments that brought you here.

* Next Stop: To leave Earth, learn detachment. Detachment is the art of letting the will of God ("Thy Will") become your own ("my will"). For if the ultimate goal is to become a CoWorker with God, that implies complete acceptance of and surrender to His Will. Accepting God's Will is only possible when one detaches from their own finite expectations to participate in the infinite manifestation of the Divine Plan.

* Personal Mastery: When a Soul has mastered the "four D's" - discernment, discipline, discretion, and detachment - it then that one realizes they are spirit having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience.

* No Illusions: Reincarnation works to strip them of false illusions so that they can see the perfection of their own creation by God ("Self Realization") and how they have served/serve/will serve the Divine Plan ("God Realization").

* We Are They: The evolved Soul knows that there is no "we" and "they", no "friend" and "foe". There are only Divine sparks of God all connected together yet separate, serving God and knowing His love. And "We" are "they".

* True Awareness: Eventually you will have lived enough lives to know that you have been here before. Then you will come to the place of really knowing that each way of life contains within it a unique and special gift of experience. In this way, you gradually develop the 360° viewpoint on life that is necessary for you to become a fully realized CoWorker with God in the unfolding majesty of His Creation.

Karmic Goals... Coal-to-Diamond

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that clear, sparkling diamonds are made from coal put under pressure." (Peter Marshall)

There IS a purpose behind life's hardships-adversities.

* Real Life Tests: Before we came into this life, we agreed to our experiences (the people we will meet, the events we will experience, and the situations we will encounter). The main reasons we agree to our experiences is to make us a stronger and more resourceful individual. Unfortunately, suffering tragedy-hardship is highly transformative (much more so than experiencing pleasure). As the philosopher Nietzsche said, "What does not kill us makes us stronger."

* Tough Situations: The Earth is a tough schoolhouse. There are endless lessons: "man versus God" (when parents lose children, when children lose parents, when one spouse loses another, etc), "man versus man" (when one divorces, kills, rapes, robs, or commits crime against another, etc), "man versus nature" (when there is earthquake, tsunami, fire, flood, animal attacks, plant poisoning, pandemic, etc), "man versus machines" (when there are accidents with automobiles, tools, heavy equipment, etc), and "man versus self" (mental/emotional illnesses, etc).

* Adapt/Adjust: When we are put under pressure with these tough situations, we have no choice but to adapt and adjust to the situation. When we lose loved ones, we must learn to live without them. When we are harmed by others, we must learn to heal the wounds. When we suffer from natural disaster or are injured by tools and machines, we must piece up the pieces of our broken lives. When we are broken in body and mind, we must seek healing, health, and wholeness.

* Transformation: The whole of all our life experiences is to develop our spiritual muscles and to grow in love, joy, and awareness. When we emerge from our "real life tests", we will be stronger because we have been transformed by these tough experiences. The stronger we get, the closer we become to being our Higher and Better Self and then to being a fully realized CoWorker with God.

Credits: from channeled information.



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