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Exercise: The Technology of Truth- The Work on Yourself

Summary: Surfacing and Resolving Your Unconscious Beliefs

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Goal of This Exercise
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Background: This technique for surfacing unconscious beliefs assumes that there are only three types relationships that you can have. These are relationships with yourself, with others, and with God/Goddess/AllThatIs. The only relationship you have true and absolute control over is your relationship with yourself.

At bottom, the only relationship you really have is with yourself. Your relationships with others and God are simply mirrors for your relationship with yourself. This technique helps you uncover the problems in your relationship with yourself that show up as "problems" with others and/or God/Goddess/AllThatIs.

Goal: This exercise is a tool for personal transformation. For when you are trying to get others or God to change, you will always find yourself in a state of tension, worry, and anxiety. This tension becomes the most powerful force for transforming the situation. It will cause you to ask yourself the question: " How do I know what the right thing to do is?" When you do, this is the catalyst for change.


To answer that question in a way that can transform your life, here is what must happen first:

1> You must always be honest with yourself. Honesty is absolutely essential to this process. Most lies happen because people cannot be honest with themselves. The lies they tell themselves get repeated to others as if they were true. So if you cannot be honest with yourself, stop reading this now.

Only clarity of intention and purpose built on a foundation of personal integrity can effect the positive change you are seeking to make in your life. No one will see this process - there is no right or wrong - it is all up to you.

2> Ask and you shall receive. You are a Divine spiritual being, a spark of God come to earth to have a human experience. Inside yourself, you have all the answers and know everything you need to.

3> Listen and be open to what you will learn. If your life on Earth is exactly perfect, then there is nothing more for you to do. Enjoy and do not waste another moment fixing what is not broken. If your life on Earth is less than great, then be open to the help that is about to be given to you.

How to Do This Exercise:

The Technology of Truth- Quick Method

Look at the issue that is troubling you and ask yourself the following questions.

1> What is my belief that created this situation?

2> Is my belief really true?

3> If it is true, how do I know that it is true?

4> How does holding onto that belief serve and protect me?

5> Who or what would I be without that belief?

6> Based upon all of the above, should I keep my belief or let it go?

The insights that you will get from asking these questions and from answering them honestly will be the key to resolving whatever issue is troubling you.

So when you are doing this be sure to:

* Ask and answer these questions quickly: this ensures your unconscious will react with the truth.
* Do not think about them or try to overanalyze, explain, or justify whatever answers come to you.
* Just let the answers flow to you from your unconscious easily, effortlessly, and without judgment.

The Technology of Truth- Written Method

1> Write down a situation that is bothering you: about yourself (your body, mind, or spirit), someone else, or God/Goddess/AllThatIs/The Universe.

2> Write down no more than 4 sentences for each of the "Fill in the Blanks Statements" below as quickly as you can. Be sure to include what you find to be wrong, unfair, etc. about the situation.

a> When you are writing, focus on what you FEEL about the situation, not what you think. Remember there are no right or wrong feelings. Feelings just are: they are yours, you have a right to them, you do not need to justify them to anyone.

b> Do not be mature, spiritual, wise, or responsible about it. Give your ego permission to do what it does best - judge someone or something other than yourself.

c> Remember that clarity and power come when you write out your situation. Writing forces you to define what you are thinking and feeling about your situation.

3> Keep the situation you wrote about firmly in mind while filling in the blanks:

a> Make sure to give at least 4 to 6 answers to each question.
b> Do it quickly to avoid over thinking your responses.
c> Remember this is not about thinking so much as feeling!

I do not like OR I am angry at OR I am upset by ___ (name) because (name) did _____ to me or did not ________ to me.
(List all the things driving your emotions)
Example: I do not like John because he expects me to clean up after his mistakes.

I want ____ (name) to _____ (do/be, etc).
(List all the things you want)
Example: I want John to love me completely.
Example: I want John to be more generous and to do more to help me out.

(Name) should (do/be) ______ OR should not (do/be) _______ .
(List all the things the person should or should not do, be, think or feel)
Example: John should help me with housework to show he loves me.

(Name) is/are (too/so) ___.
(List all the things that the person is)
Example: John is just too self centered and selfish.

I need (name) ________.
(List all the things that the person could do for you)
Example: John could really make make me happy if he would tell me he loves me.

I refuse to or do not ever again want to __.
(List all the things you refuse to do)
Example: I refuse to stay with John if he does not quit drinking.

4> Ask yourself the questions about everything that you have charged others with:

a> Have I done or been any of the things I dislike in others?
b> If so, how does holding onto that behavior serve and protect me?
c> If so, who or what would I be without that behavior?
d> Based upon all of the above, should I keep my belief or let it go?
e> If not, knowing that I cannot change others, what can I do to change?
f> If not, how can my behavior effect the change I want positively?
g> If not, how can I be part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

Example: is in the "How to Do This Exercise" above. Give this a try, all you have to lose are your problems!

Credits: adapted from Byron Katie (Center for the Work) and Elizabeth Severino



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