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"Secrets of Soulmate Love":
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You can use these letters to interact with joint venture (JV) and affiliate partners. Feel free to edit them or to create new ones that are better suited to your marketing methods. Only you know your list and what you like is bound to work best!


Sales Letter JV-Affilitate Partners Can Send to Their List


The easiest and fastest way to market ebooks is to send an email to your *opt-in* email list.

An *opt-in* email list is a list of email addresses from people who have voluntarily subscribed to your ezine (email newsletter). This means these people have given you *permission* to send them email because they have *requested* further information from your site.

You *must not* email any of our information to *unsolicited* to ANYONE. *Unsolicited email* is SPAM and it causes us both trouble (as minor as "hate mail" and as major as "legal action") so be careful about who you email! Below are sample emails that have worked well in promoting these ebooks. However, feel free to change them to better fit the needs of your list.

WARNING: If I receive complaints about you spamming, your affiliate account will be terminated immediately! Please exercise good judgment and good karma!


Subject: [[First Name]], Secrets of Blissful Lovers

Hi [First Name],

Would you like to be among those who daily live lives full of blissful love and happiness? Do you want Soulmate love?

Whether you are looking for a new love or are seeking to rekindle the spark of love in your existing relationship or wish to find new ways to make love more passionate and exciting... the ancient, time tested secrets of Soulmate love can help you to experience more joy and happiness!

Recently I learned about an amazing new resource that gathers these life enhancing secrets in one place:
* Secrets of Soulmate Love *
Discover the Secrets That Have
Worked for 1,000s of Years to
Attract and Keep Your Soulmate!
Click here =>

What is great about this program is it shows you EXACTLY how to attract and keep your perfect Soulmate.

Here are some of these "Secrets of Soulmate Love":

* Keep the Honeymoon alive and feel like newlyweds, years after being in a relationship! Love can get more exciting and passionate if you know how!

* "Live Happily Ever After" by learning how to master communication, prevent arguments, "fight fair", and resolve the real issues between you.

* Bring more kindness into your relationship with time tested love technologies to enhance romance and bring your lovemaking to the highest levels of joy.

* Use specific techniques to create harmony in your relationships... climb to the "12 Steps to Nirvana" to experience more Heaven on Earth.

* Take your sex life to ever higher levels of orgasm with ancient "Tantric Sex Tricks" that are guaranteed to turn you both on from head to toe.

* Manifest Soulmate love by taking just a few minutes a day to keep a love that honors you both (even if you have been unlucky in love before).

I am really excited about this because I know that the life changing information in this ebook can help you to have the love you have always desired!

You can know Soulmate love!

Check it out:
* Secrets of Soulmate Love *
Discover the Secrets That Have
Worked for 1,000s of Years to
Attract and Keep Your Soulmate!
[Your name]

P.S. "Secrets of Soulmate Love" has information in it that is simply NOT available anywhere else!

Click here =>


Letter to Recruit Other JV-Affilitate Partners


Dear [Affiliate],

Thank you for your website, [name it here], and your [name it here] ezine: they are valuable resources.

I found the information on [whatever the partner has written - do your homework, be sincere, and be specific as to what you liked] to be very useful.
That is why I am offering you a profitable opportunity! 70% commission on all the sales (from your list) of Ellen Mogensen's book series, "Secrets of Soulmate Love" which has been marketed successfully for over 2 years.
This book sells well due its popular subject, quality content, and its bundle of $270 worth of free gifts.

I think your readers would enjoy and profit from this books because your ezine subscribers are [seeking useful information on Soulmate love, romance, or sex -OR- whatever else you think is best].

It will be especially attractive to your subscribers because [it is a comprehensive and complete solution: everything your readers need to attract and keep a wonderful Soulmate Love is here!] Everything in these books are 100% tasteful, safe, and respectful of love and lovemaking... that is my personal guarantee. is the sales page. To help you promote the book, I would be glad to offer you a teaser article for inclusion in your ezine (if you so desire). If you are interested in becoming my partner, you will receive a F~R~E~E copy of this ebook so that you can be assured of its quality!

For the next week, I am offering it to you exclusively [or whatever offer you think best]. I will not offer it to any other partner until I have heard from you.

If you are interested in offering it to your list, Email me at [your email address] or call me at [your phone number].

Thank you,

[Your signature]

BTW: The subject of romance is a proven market winner both on and off ClickBank...

Michael Webbs's "Secrets of Blissful Relationships" and "500 Lovemaking Tips" are top sellers offline in Barnes & Noble and on ClickBank (but mine are much more indepth and informative than these books are).


Author's Short Bio: only if you want to include it!


Ellen Mogensen

Author of 9 Books on Luck, Soulmates, Karma, and More!
Creator of The Largest Resource on Past Life Healing
Change your life for F~R~E~E at

532 Old Marlton Pike
Fun Life, #248
Marlton, NJ 08053


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