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"Secrets of Soulmate Love":
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Ezine Article #1: "Getting Love to Last a Lifetime!"


Hi [FirstName],

What do you want out of a loving relationship?
* Having a best friend as a lover?
* Feeling ever deepening levels of love?
* Being in a joyful, harmonious partnership?
* Enjoying a ever more satisfying sex life?
* Building a blissful, lasting relationship?
Here is a Secret of Soulmate Love... to help you to recognize how mates express love for one another... the "Four Languages of Love" we all can speak.

Words of Love: This is the language that women want to hear and that men often have trouble speaking. Feeling love for your mate and doing loving things for them is wonderful but it is not the same as expressing it with loving words... especially "I love you!"
If you cannot say loving words to your mate, you have work to do on loving yourself more. Saying "I love you" is a lifeline to your mate. Say "I love you" with no "ifs, ands, or buts." Say it often. Say it like you mean it.
Gifts of Devotion: This is the language men most often speak. Gift giving is part of how you show that you truly care for your Soulmate. The best gifts are those that show thought, show that you care, and that you are sincere in expressing your love.
A well thought out gift shows that you really know your Soulmate and that you care to give them your best... the gift of a thoughtful mind and a loving heart.
Acts of Service: This is the language that men most often speak and that women most often do not hear. Actions speak louder than words. It is far harder to do loving acts of service for your mate than it is to say you love them, give them gifts, or lavish quality couple's time and attention on them.
It is what you do that shows that you mean the loving words you say.
Sharing Quality Time: This is the language women most often speak. The quality of the time you spend with your Soulmate is more important than the quantity of time you have available to be together.
Quality time means that you both are carving out time... just to nurture the relationship. The best use of quality time is to "make your relationship fun" and to remember all over again why you are in love.
This all boils down to making love a priority... If you want to do that then you need to add love to your daily routine. You must be determined to do this, every day, day after day, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer until death do you depart into another plane of existence.
When you make your love for your mate a priority, it should not be a chore but something you enjoy doing. Soulmate love is true bliss and life on Earth a real Heaven!
What others are saying...

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Looking forward to helping you,

Ellen of

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