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Ezine Article #1: "Getting All You Want From Life & More!"


Hi [FirstName],

What do you really want out of life?
* Having all the money you desire?
* Getting exactly what you have asked for?
* Living a life free to do as you choose?
* Claiming your birthright of abundance?
* Manifesting your desires and dreams?
Here is a Secret of Creating Good Luck... that will help you to move beyond any "Lack Thinking" keeping you from being, doing, and having anything that you desire from life.
Lack is an invention of humans: it is the response of "limited awareness" to "perceived limitations" of the physical world.
For example, a popular perception of lack surrounds the distance that people can run before the limits of their bodies kick in. Traditional wisdom says that this is 26.2 miles: the distance between the ancient Greek cities of Athens and Marathon.

This distance was run by a soldier in 490 BC to bring the news of a Greek victory over the Persians led by King Darius. Once his message was delivered, the soldier dropped dead. Modern marathon runners only cover 25 miles and warn others how difficult this is, how it pushes the envelope of human endurance, how it is the limit of human abilities, etc.

Yet the natives of Tierra Del Fuego in South America routinely run daily distances of 70 miles with ease. Even more amazing are the Japanese "Marathon Monks" of Mount Hiei. Over a seven year training period, they run enough miles to circle the globe. In a grueling 100 day stretch, they cover 52.2 miles EVERY DAY: more than twice the length of an Olympic marathon.
As these experiences of the marathon runners shows, there is no limit to what can be done, there are only limitations of LACK as to what people BELIEVE and THINK they can do.
When it comes to manifesting luck, people have put so many limits on it that it is amazing that anything gets created at all. To get more luck in your life, you must explode the myths of LACK limiting LUCK by seeing those myths for the lies they are.

Lack Myth #1: The myth of "Cruel Fate" is that "some people are cursed while others are blessed" and that "when you have cruel fate against you, there is nothing that you can do".
Nothing could be further from the truth! Everyone is subject to the law of karma: "what you have done to others in this or past lives will be done to you in future lives". It applies to equally without exception.
Lack Myth #2: The myth of "Fickle Fortune" is that "some people are luckier than others" and that "fortune will always turn on its favorites one day".
Nothing could be further from the truth! No one is inherently more lucky than anyone else. The rules are the same for everyone. They operate impersonally and favor no person. There are NO universal favorites.
Lack Myth #3: The myth of "Capricious Fame" is that there is no "rhyme or reason" to who gets - what looks from the outside and in the context of the current lifetime - the "most incredible strokes of luck".
Nothing could be further from the truth! For if all the karmic reasons behind "undeserved strokes of luck" were known, such luck and fame would seem totally deserving and fair because they were hard earned and justified.
These myths serve a common purpose: they are all seeking to hide the central truth of our existence: "you can be all that you resolve to be... and more".

This law states that "there is no end to the joy you can experience or to the success you can achieve. For all the power to get what you want comes from within you. Every moment brings with it new possibilities.

Whatever you can dream, you can do in the universe of all possibilities".

What others are saying...

"Dear Ellen, I downloaded you eBook 'Secrets to Creating Good Luck'. It's absolutely amazing!! It's written in so simple way as anybody can understand (it) without (having a) problem. That's GREAT WORK Ellen, GREAT SERVICE to Humanity!! May the Blessings be with you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" Sunethra, NZ

"Hey Ellen, Your (Luck) book is probably the absolute, most comprehensive in approaches, very best I've ever read in my entire life on this subject. Everyone should read it! I feel completely comfortable in recommending your book to everyone I know." Ben Z, US

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Ellen of

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