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What I Wish I Knew When I Started

What does it take for a healer to build and sustain a prosperous practice in their chosen modality?

There is a lot to it... more than the healer themselves realizes when they start. There is a learning curve healers go through (apart from their mastery of the healing modality they have chosen).

The goal of these
healer keys is to shorten that learning curve and (hopefully) to help fellow healers to survive, thrive, and prosper. These are how I manage my practice... only follow what resonates with you.

What Will Keep YOU from Succeeding as a Healer

* Advertize: So often healers fail because they fail to advertize. If you are only relying on clients to do advertizing for you (by recommending you to family and friends), then you are failing to advertize. If you are only relying on the distribution of your business cards, flyer, brochure, or a few pages of a website, you are advertizing infrequently. If you are only relying on listings in the phone book or very low ranking in a search engine, you are advertizing ineffectively. You can be the best healer in the universe, but if no one knows about you… you will not succeed.

* Best: Do your best for each and every client each and every time. Doing superb work for your clients is one of the best advertisements for your work. Always put their best interests first, last, and always. Your client expects you to be at the top of your game each time, but if you cannot do that… you will not succeed.

* Confidence: Expertise makes you confident in your work and helps you address whatever a client is enduring. Expertise is what your clients expect from you and your application of that expertise to resolve their problems is what they are paying you for. Expertise and confidence is what brings clients to you and what keeps them coming back, but if you cannot demonstrate these… you will not succeed.

* Duty: Say what you can do for your client and then do what you have said. Be realistic: each modality has its benefits and its limitations. Be honest: correctly communicate its strengths and accurately list its weaknesses. Do your duty and deliver on what you have promised: if you cannot do this… you will not succeed.

* Empowerment: Leave your client better than you found them. Whatever healing modality you are practicing, you should use it to heal, uplift, and empower your client. You should help them to see how their health, wealth, and happiness can and will improve with your help. If you cannot do any of this… you will not succeed.

What Will Get Work Flowing to YOU as a Healer

* Flow: The best business advice I ever received was this: do things quickly with quality because it helps your business to flow. When a client first contacts you, get back to them right away. When a client wants to schedule an appointment, have the session as possible. When a client calls, be there on time ready to go. When with a client, give them your full attention. When a client session is done, complete any follow up as quickly as quality permits. Want more business? Then focus on completing the work that comes to you and… more work will start flowing to you.

* Gratitude: There are a multitude of things to thank your client for. Thank them for contacting you. Thank them for requesting more information about your products/services. Thank them for buying them and supporting your work. Be sincere with your attitude of gratitude and… more work will start flowing to you.

* Helpfulness: All good healers are in the business of unemploying themselves. Their mission is to help their clients to transcend their issues… so that they no longer need the healers' help. Know that as you help old clients to be whole and independent, new ones will come… and more work will start flowing to you.

* Information: Keep all client information confidential and secure. Keep financial data under lock and key. Keep all personal information (especially health issues or sensitive items) to yourself and do not share it with anyone. Above all, do not use client information against them and… more work will start flowing to you.

* Justice: Be fair with your clients. Be careful of other people's money and only advise what makes the most efficient and effective use of it. Be honest: if they have over-paid or requested a refund, return their money promptly. Be upfront about your fees: post them and stick to that and… more work will start flowing to you.

* Kindness: Be kind to your clients because, if they are coming to you for help, then they are in a relatively defenseless state. The only way you will ever have steady, long term clients as well as a steady flow of short term clients is to be kind to them... to treat them as you would a good friend. Act with compassion for their issues, struggles, and problems and… more work will start flowing to you.

What Will Help YOU Succeed as a Healer

* Love: "People do not care about what you know until they know about how much you care." One of the things clients should expect and receive is loving kindness from you, their healer. It is very hard for most people to come to a healer and open their mind/heart as well as admit their personal problems, mistakes, and vulnerabilities. Above all, you, the healer, should treat all (especially your clients) with loving kindness and sincere respect and… you will succeed.

* Money: Healing should not all be about the money: if you are only in it for that purpose, then get out now. A healer should truly care about their clients. If a client requires a few extra minutes of the healer's attention (than they have paid for) to finish the healing session in a good place, the healer should give that (free of charge). When you focus on giving your esteemed clients wonderful service then you will receive wonderful pay and… you will succeed.

* Nice and No: In general, you should be very nice to your clients because they are helping to support your work and to live the dream of being full time healer. Yet there are times that any healer has to "just say no" to their clients. For example, you should not have to take any form of abuse, you should not comply with illegal, immoral, or unethical requests, and you should never willingly participate in the harm of another living being (human or not) and… you will succeed.

* One and Only: Treat each healing session as if it is the first and last you will ever have with each client. Whether you are working with someone for the first time or you are continuing work with an existing client, each time you should do your absolute best to help them heal and move forward… as if that is the only help you can give them (even if you are certain that is not true). Doing this keeps you always focused on your client's highest good and… you will succeed.

* Permission: Remember that good healers only succeed by respecting karmic agreements. When your client comes to you, you have implied permission to work on their concerns… but not on the issues of anyone else around them. It is best to work with only one person in each family circle because this keeps you from having to choose between related clients and it makes you a more effective cheerleader, champion, and coach for your particular client and… you will succeed.

What Will Help YOU Last as a Healer

* Quality: Quality really is Job 1. Sustaining quality means making continuous improvements to what you do. Maintaining quality means having well defined processes that make it easy for your clients to do business with you. Demonstrating quality means having good policies, processes, and procedures that help you to produce a great result, each time, every time, all the time. You must reliably and consistently do a quality job for your clients and… you will last in business.

* Respect: Respect is a two way street: you must respect yourself as well as your client. Rather than compromise your own personal truth, it is better for you to agree to disagree with your client. Let your client know where you are coming from (giving reasons for your viewpoint) and be sure to respect where they are coming from. Remember that your client has 1,000s of years of past life experience inside them (just as you do) - so be sure to respect this - and… you will last in business.

* Standards: Standards means that you must be clear on what you will and will not do to help your clients heal. For example, there are some healing modalities that involve inflicting pain (which some clients swear by) which I cannot recommend because I believe that healing should not be painful. I will not practice any painful healing methods because there are better ways to heal (that are powerful, positive, and pleasant): recommend them and… you will last in business.

* Time: Your time and healing expertise are what your clients are paying for… so be sure to give them the last full measure of both. If your healing sessions stop on a dime when your "egg timer" goes off or if you act like you are running to catch a bus, this communicates that you do not care for your clients' well being. You should use your time with your client effectively and efficiently but help them feel relaxed and properly served while you do and… you will last in business.

* Understand: Each client is unique: since they are not like you, you must make a special effort to understand where they are coming from without judgment or criticism. You need to help your clients to gain a new understanding of their own situation. Often, this means helping them to discover what you have already discerned about their situation. Do this with compassion, empathy, patience, gentleness, kindness, sympathy, and… you will last in business.

What Will Help YOU Prosper as a Healer

* Values: If you have certain viewpoints on specific issues, you are duty bound to share that with your clients. For example, my values are that children should not be medicated for behavioral issues and that adults should not be on medications for the rest of their life. Training in discipline and self control is what helps children to exhibit appropriate behaviors. While adults should only use medications to help unleash their body-mind's natural healing mechanisms... and then (once healed) get off them. Stick to your values and… you will prosper in business.

* Wisdom: You should trust that clients are drawn to seek your help because you are the best possible channel for their healing. If you want to expand your healing practice, then work hard on healing yourself. Remember that you can only heal others to the extent that you are healed yourself. The better you get, the more you can help others who come to you for healing. Constantly improve yourself, your knowledge, and your abilities and… you will prosper in business.

* X-Factor: What is your "unique selling proposition" (your X-Factor)? Why is it that a client should choose you over another healer? How can you help your client to solve their problems (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually)? What are your unique skills, your expertise, or your knowledge and how can they benefit your client? When you can answer all these questions to the client's satisfaction and instill confidence in them and… you will prosper in business.

* Yourself: Keep yourself (especially your personal details) out of the healing session. If you speak about yourself, only mention what from your experience that serves as an illustrative example for the client's benefit (and keep it brief). I also believe you should never ask a client "what was the value of this session to you?" Your client is not there to validate you (you are there to validate them). Keep a single minded, helpful focus on your client and… you will prosper in business.

* Zeal: Above all, love what you do! If you believe that your healing mission is the most important work in the world, then you are in the right profession. "Do what you love and the money will follow" is true. When you do what you love, you can be passionate about it. When love and skill work together, you can/will create a masterpiece of in life and give the best service and… you will prosper in business.

Credits: from channeled information.



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