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It would be great if we healers could just work on everyone for FREE... all the time. Our clients would love it... but our creditors would take a different view. Since we healers have bills to pay like everyone else, we have to charge for our services... if we want to pursue healing seriously... whether it is part or full time.

So, at some point, our financial beliefs will be put to the test. Here are issues that healers must face along with how I
resolved them.


Root Chakra Issues... "Being wishy-washy about fees" which manifests when you the healer does not value yourself enough to charge what you are worth, to stick to your price, to avoid price cutting, etc. The underlying problem is feeling worthy and deserving enough to receive it.

My Root Chakra Resolution: I probably should charge more for my services... but it has been my experience that when you are generous with life, life is generous with you. The generosity of my more affluent clients has made it possible to stick with my very reasonable price structure. Plus what really turned around my thinking here was seeing international clients who are ready to spend their last dime to get the help they need while at the same time seeing domestic clients who could well afford the services complain about the price. The bottom line is that if what you do delivers genuine value then people will find a way to afford it. When people say that cannot afford it, more often then not, what they are really saying that it is not their priority now... which does not mean that things will continue that way. Ironically, when you value yourself by what you charge, you find that others value you as well.
Sacral Chakra Issues... "Worrying about flow of the business" which manifests as experiencing anxiety during client downtimes, worrying about sufficient income flowing in the door, feeling adrift whenever there is "free time" instead of enjoying it. The underlying problem is doubting your ability to create.

My Sacral Chakra Resolution: The flow of business has increased for me when I began focusing on creating my "Prosperity from the Inside Out". This meant focusing on the presence of work rather than it's absence. This meant doing the energetics of manifesting work by sending healing rays of love and appreciation to all past, present, and future clients. This meant doing "inner goal setting" by envisioning having a full schedule of paying clients and then trusting, allowing, and believing that inner desire will manifest into my outer reality. Doing all these things really has increased the volume of business in a tangible, monetary way. The "healer's money trick" is to start expecting that it will happen and allowing the good that is out there to flow into my universe.
Solar Plexus Chakra Issues... "Problem Client Syndrome" which manifests as getting clients who want something for nothing, clients who constantly refund, clients who feel it is their right to abuse you because they are paying you money. The underlying problem is valuing yourself.

My Solar Plexus Chakra Resolution: This issue really went away for me when I asked spirit to handle it. It seemed fair to me that if I am doing their work which I must make my living from... they could help out by keeping anyone less than a wonderful client AWAY from my door. This has worked out as events unfolding so that problem clients tend to fall away effortlessly. For example, I was on the phone with a potential client... when a visiting family member tripped and fell right near my office. Naturally, I had to get off the phone and them help out. After that was resolved, I realized that the person I had been speaking with had unduly invaded my energetic space. They decided (via an later answering machine message) that I was not a suitable channel for their healing... saving me the trouble and agita of declining to work with them.
Heart Chakra Issues... "Free Gift Paradox" which manifests as clients telling you that you are "bad" for charging them for "free" information you get from spirit and dealing with feelings that you do not deserve to prosper from doing what you love. The underlying problem is loving yourself.

My Heart Chakra Resolution: This issue went away for me when a potential client asked me to call them back (at my expense) and teach them everything I knew about performing a certain healing modality (free of charge) because they were working on their empowerment. I was away from the office that day and this person then proceeded to barrage me with a series of progressively nasty Emails and Voice Mails because I had not responded. The next day I was in the office and picked up the phone and this person started to unload on me. So I asked them, "What is the very first thing that happens when you walk into a doctor's office?" This person was taken aback but gave the correct answer "They ask for your insurance card". I asked "Why?" Annoyed, the person said, "Because they want to be paid." I said "So do I... Even though my gift is free from the universe, it is not free for me to provide it or it maintain it by taking training in healing modalities." I asked "How do you think a doctor would react if you said 'Tell me everything you learned in 8 years of Medical School?'" The person's answer was to hang up the phone on me.
Throat Chakra Issues... "Concealing what you do" which manifests as not saying publicly what you believe privately, feeling what you do holistically must be hidden from family and friends, and not speaking the truth of your existence. The underlying problem is speaking up for yourself.

My Throat Chakra Resolution: In various past lives, I have been burned at the stake, shot, stabbed, strangled, poisoned, disembowelled, hung, drowned, and so on. I have been tortured by the Inquisition and the Nazis... if all that cannot stop someone from speaking their truth nothing will. I know from that people pay a terrible mental and emotional price for living one way privately and acting another way publicly. Not only do they fail to manifest what they desire, they live with the daily strain of internal warfare and concealment. In the end, by your words and your actions shall you be known and judged.
Third Eye Chakra Issues... "Doubting your gift" which manifests as constantly worrying about losing inner awareness, worrying about people seeing tangible results from intangible processes, and dealing with people who say you are "full of it". The underlying problem is fear of abandonment.

My Third Eye Chakra Resolution: In every healer's working life there is a "defining moment" that answers this question once and for all. For me it was when a client had a mutual friend call me to complain about a session we had. The client was too upset to speak to me directly and so had the friend do it. Our friend demanded to know how I had incorporated the voice of the client's late brother (dead for 5 years before I had known either of them) on the session tape. Both of them recognized the voice as having been the dead brother's who I had been channeling in the session. I said I would listen to my copy of the tape and get back to them. Sure enough there was a male voice on the tape and it echoed what I was channeling. Unlike a real echo, sometimes the "ghostly" answer would come before I spoke, sometimes after, sometimes the words were identical while other times the words were different but conveyed the same idea. Looking into it, it was an instance of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) a well documented phenomena where "dead" people can be heard on playbacks that were not audible when recorded.
Crown Chakra Issues... "Losing control over your life" which manifests as involuntarily being put into down time "while spirit heals you" and following the guidance of spirit when you doubt it (difference in viewpoints). The underlying problem is mistrust of the universe.

My Crown Chakra Resolution: My personal healing journey has been a lengthy and a difficult one. For me, what keeps things on a even keel during this journey is to focus on the guiding star of the following universal laws: "You are Soul and you exist because God loves you. You have chosen your body, your mind, and your emotions when you reincarnated into this lifetime. The purpose of your life is Love, your teacher is Karma, and you are here to know more Joy and to increase in Soul Awareness. You are a powerful creator: you are working on your karma with your every thought, word, and deed. Your repeated choices create consequences which shape your life. What you desire to be or do or have drives you to transcend your karma and to manifest your desires into reality. What you focus on with your dominant thoughts and your passionate feelings is what is constantly flowing into your reality. What you think, feel, and choose interacts with your karma. As you learn to choose from love, your karma transmutes into dharma and you become a CoWorker with God." Joy is the healer's destiny.

Remember that for whatever modality you are practicing, there is someone out there who is making a full time living doing exactly what you are doing... so you can do your dream work and make a great living from it... if only you will believe you can. For as you believe, so shall you manifest your beliefs into your life.


* PRO BONO: From the Latin meaning "for the public good", "pro bono" means professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service for the common good. When someone requests a "free reading", it is for their private good... and not is "pro bono" as it does not serve anyone but themselves.

I do not and will not do such "pro bono" work... here is why:

* Fairness: It simply is not fair to those who pay for my goods and services to give them out for free to others. Money is an energy exchange and in return for my efforts I receive compensation which I then exchange with others who have provided me with goods and services. This is the basis of all commerce around the world.

* Equity: If you are reading this from a computer you own or can use for an extended period of time, then you are already richer than 90% of people on Earth who cannot read, who do not have access to a computer, and who cannot get the free money healing tools (click here) on this site. There are people who line up and wait for hours to get to view this site for a few minutes at a time and have no printers or writing tools to take notes: they are the ones who are truly poor.

* Quality: If you really care about the work that you do, if you feel that it is important enough to require continuous study, and if you want to do it full time, then you need to charge a fair rate for your goods and services. This is the only way you can deliver quality. This is the only way you can continue on in business for years and years. Even if you get a free healing gift (like me) it is never free to provide.

* Cost: Nothing is EVER free. If you are reading this, then you found this because of search engines which brought you or someone else here. All these free tools are not free to provide... they cost money to create/update and to host (emails and ezines) each day.

* Value: The sad fact is that people do not value what they do not pay for in some manner. For example, in the early days, I would do "pro bono" work just asking for a detailed testimonial (500+ words) of what the person making the request thought of the site. The vast majority turned me down. These self same people expected me to wade through pages of email and to spend hours on their problems. Yet, they could not spare me any time or thought in return. Payment of any kind separates the serious from the curious.

* Impact: Free stuff is NOT appreciated or respected. Most believe if an item is free than it cannot be valuable. You have access to the most powerful healing tools for free on this site, but did you look them up? Did you read them? Did you practice them? Be honest.

* Freeloaders: If you have questions, do not call but look through the site first instead... all questions about appointments are answered. I offer a satisfaction guarantee: if you are not happy with products or services, I will refund your money. So you have NO risk here. "Please call me" I have learned means "I want a free reading"... I would rather spend my time helping grateful, paying customers.

* Discounts: If you really care about the work that you do and if you are offering a fair rate relative to your competition, then you should not offer discounts or promotions. I have found that this attracts people who you cannot satisfy anyway and who feel justified in refunding you because "it is not that much money anyway and they need it more than you do so it is ok for them not to pay!"

* Poverty: The bottom line is that doing "pro bono" work just encourages others in their poverty and their excuses. For example, many will tell me "I do not have a credit card so I cannot pay" but, if they wanted to they could get a pre-paid VISA card, a US Postal Money Order, or use PayPal. These people are happy to let their poverty be your problem... and only you can decide if you will let it. I feel it is better to show others how to manifest more money and I offer the following free tools to help them do so (click here).

* Circle of Life: Money is energy which flows to and from you all the time. I work for money and I pay others who do the same. I do my part. Only can choose to do yours. What you believe about money either helps you to attract it or causes you to repel it. Gain more empowering money beliefs (with the tools above) and you will have more than enough money to manifest whatever you desire.

* BAD KARMA: Ours is a business based in good karma. I will not do anything that is illegal, immoral, or unethical. I will discard all such correspondence.

* IN PERSON: All of our work is done over the phone or remotely. I will not meet with clients in person for any reason. I work from my home and I am not insured to receive business visitors. Those who seek an intimate relationship should know that I am already committed to another... and I am utterly faithful.

* REFERRALS: I am very grateful to clients who refer others to our work... yet I do not offer financial incentives for doing so. Referrals only work when they are given from the heart due to the high quality of our work. Similarly, I do not refer clients to other healers as I cannot guarantee the quality of their work.

* SECOND OPINIONS: I do not comment on the work of other healers. I also do not give second opinions about what they have done. I find it offensive when someone wants me to "fix" for free healing work they have paid another to do.

* OFFSITE COMMUNICATIONS: Those who wish to communicate with this site should direct all correspondence to and should review our offsite communications policy by clicking here.

* RESEARCH: Those who request historical research (details about past events or people) from us should review our "research" policy by clicking here.

* REFUNDS: Those who receive refunds (whether for products or services) should review our "no exceptions" refund policy by clicking here.

* ABUSE: Those who choose to send us threatening, or hateful correspondence should review our "no exceptions" abuse policy by clicking here.



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