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Short Description: Removal of Selected Unwanted Thoughts/Belief Systems

Case Summary: This client desperately wanted to be involved in a romantic relationship. After several failed relationships, the client was open to removing the unconscious blocks standing in it's way by means of Geometric Repatterning. This case illustrates how this process works to remove a single, undesired complex of thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes from an individual's awareness.

Background: This client quite desperately wanted to be involved in a romantic relationship. Yet every time they found someone who interested them in "that special way", "somehow something" would happen to cause a break up.

The client believed "they were doing everything right" and they could not understand why they were "getting the wrong result." They knew the universe worked on the principle that "your beliefs create your reality" and were open to the concept that a hidden belief system was working to block their desires.

Always, without exception, when there is a huge difference between your stated desires and what you are consistently manifesting, it means you are unconsciously blocking the achievement of your stated desires. Sometimes this "block" must be left in place as a karmic bond: in other words, you agreed to assume this karma for your growth and development and so it must be played out.

Otherwise, with the permission of management, a specific block of thought forms may be removed via Geometric Repatterning. Note that to remove a whole complex of several blocks, permission for Remote Releasement is required.

Present Life Issue: Underlying and controlling the client's behavior in romantic relationships was the unconscious belief that they were "not (fill in the blank) enough." This manifested in various forms: as in "I am not good enough", "I am not interesting enough", "I am not happy enough"... and so on.

Yet the client was very caring (and believed themselves to be very caring) and so made up for their "not being enough" by "caring too much". Others interpreted their "caring" as "neediness, smothering, and desperation". So the seeds of the relationship's destruction were sowed: the more that others pushed back against this caring, the more the client poured it on.

Eventually and inevitably, the other person in the relationship would end it. The client was left deeply wounded because they "cared too much". This deep wound would feed the intensity of their desperation. The cycle would begin again with the client becoming even more desperate than before.

Case Findings: Once the cycle of behavior causing the pain was identified, the next step was to locate and disintegrate this specific block of thought forms.

To locate the blockage, I asked the client to be silent and remember all the times that others in romantic relationships had remarked on their "neediness, smothering, and desperation". Like surgical dye pumped into an artery to uncover a blockage, this intense focus of thought would reveal where in the client's inner energy bodies the thought form block was located. Once it was found, then it became a matter of doing simple energy work to dissolve it and release it from their field.

Geometric Repatterning often happens during either a Past Life or Higher Self Channeling session to handle a block is "ripe" for removal. The client gathers their thoughts about the item to be removed and says "ready" when their mind is full of the related memories. This usually illuminates the block enough for removal. Most often the effects of Geometric Repatterning are felt 7 to 10 days after completion.

  • Often (but not always) the client will feel the work being done: it manifests as a feeling of tingling or as a sensation of heaviness in the effected area.
  • Sometimes (but not always) the client will feel the effects immediately in their body: it may manifest as improved breathing, coughing, sweating, etc.
  • Rarely, the client (and/or I) will see images of related past lives or an incident from the present lifetime which created the block.

Case Learnings: During a Repatterning, the client must focus their attention ONLY on the thought form, belief system, or behavior that they wish to eliminate. It is vital that the client does NOT remember any behavior that they want to keep.

This is because their attention "lights up" the area to be worked on. Whatever is "lighted up" will be removed and cannot be put back. The idea here is to make sure that the client does "not throw the baby out with the bath water."

After the Geometric Repatterning, it is vital to begin acting on the new thought, belief, or behavior you are puting in place of the old ways that were removed. Nature abhors a vacuum: so if you do not fill up the empty space with new positive, desired thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, the old ones will return.



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