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Short Description: Transformation of the Terms of Your Life on Earth

Case Summary: Your Life Contract was created for a myriad of reasons to serve a vast array of purposes. Normally it cannot be set aside for any reason. If, in the opinion of management and/or other servants of the universe, it no longer serves you at the highest levels, it can be put aside and we can help you do so. This is performed only by the "special permission of management".

Background: If the two fundamental principles of existence are that "Soul exists because God loves it" and "what you do unto others will be done unto you", then as a matter of logic it follows that all here happens by agreement (which it does). For a truly loving God would not allow such things as "victims" or "perpetrators". These only would "arise" when what one has done to others gets done to one's self.

This system of action and reaction, cause and effect, known as karma, ensures that perfect justice is the law of the universe. The administration of karma is "governed" by one's life contract. This contract ensures you do what it is you came here to do. It is unbreakable along as the reasons for it's existence are still valid.

So what does this all mean in English? This is best explained by an example. Since life contracts are so sacred and so intensely personal, (ethically and morally) I can only share my own... for I did participate in it's renegotiation.

Present Life Issue: For most of my lifetimes, I have been in the military usually as either Generals of armies or Captains of ships (never was an Admiral because I liked being on the front lines too much!).

As those closest to me will attest, I love to give orders and to control my world. The more comfortable I become in any given situation, the more dictatorial, domineering, and secretive I become with others. As you may well imagine from this description, others around me in the past never liked working with me.

Case Findings: In this lifetime, I repaid that karma. I worked for a series of dictatorial and domineering bosses (I absolutely hated "living under the thumb of oppression" when it was not my own). But "as you sow, so do you reap":

  • These bosses never shared important information with me even when it was in their best interests to do so (I had done that when "at the top").
  • These bosses were heavy handed, imperious, and manipulative in their dealings with me (as I been often in the past with others of my staff).
  • They were uncaring about the needs or the comfort of me as their staff putting duty and mission above all (me, me, me in the past).
  • They never cut me any slack which would have been helpful given my appalling state of health (I never cut people slack and hated slackers).

Of course, for most of my life I was on the "train tracks" of karma. So I went through all this "work karma" - having forgotten that I had agreed to this and why I had agreed to this - feeling like a "major victim".

I changed jobs a few times but always with the same results leaving me feeling that this was the "way work is". So I bore these jobs without grinning much, the constant question on my lips of "Why 'poor little' me?"

Then I came to the mature decision that "it is no use complaining about the air when it is the only thing to breath". Being put through the "ring of oppression" finally had it's desired effect. I became far less dictatorial and domineering and far more compassionate and sympathetic in my dealings with others.

It became deeply ingrained in me to think through my actions by weighing carefully the consequences to other people who my decisions would effect as well as factoring in empathy for the "next person in the chain".

Case Learnings: For me, this was a dramatic change because for centuries I had a very severe case of the "Napoleonic" attitude.

For those unfamiliar with this syndrome, Napoleon Bonaparte - when asked how he could abandon his flank to starve and freeze to death in Russia - answered, "I never worry about human life, it is the only thing that takes care of itself" (BTW, this is super bad karma!).

Ironically, I fought against Napoleon when he was alive... and yet when I was in command, I was closer in "style" to "Bony" than I would like to admit (even today). Of course, we attract to ourselves those things we hate in others so that we can bring them into gentle and harmonious balance.

It was at that moment I became eligible for a life contract renegotiation. Naturally, I wanted to get out from under the "train tracks" of karma in the worst possible way. So first I had to forgive myself for "all my sins" that had landed me on the "train tracks of karma" to start with.

Then, in a co-creation with my Higher Self, my guides, and others, I renegotiated my contract... and the rest is history (see the "Story of Me" for the details). Now I have been blessed with marvelous talents and unfailing universal support.

And after millennia, I am finally able to say that "life is good!" and really mean it!



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