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Short Description: Clearing and Healing Present Life Blockages via Channeling

Case Summary: Since Higher Self Channeling sessions are so unique and personal in nature, it is impossible to present an actual case without violating healer-patient confidentiality. Therefore, this "case" is a composite - combining the experiences of several individuals into one case - which is representative of the "typical" experience you can expect in a Higher Self Channeling session.

Background: See the Case Summary and note that one thing is true of all cases... When they say "we", they mean your Higher Self, your guides, your guardian angels, and any other servants of the universe who love, guide, and protect you. When they say "woman" or "man", they mean you the person being read. When they say "the General", they mean me - that has been my rank in many lifetimes - believe me, I have more than earned it!

Present Life Issue: The common theme of this Higher Self Channeling case presented here is the common need for many individuals to recognize and reconnect with their own personal power. As it says in the Judeo-Christian Bible, "Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High" (Psalms 82:6).

Unfortunately, your life on Earth seems to conspire at every turn to drive any feelings of worthiness and divinity from you. In modern day society, this seems to be especially true if you are a woman. This composite case was developed from the experiences of a variety of women from all different walks of life. The one thing that they had in common was disconnection from their divinity - whether from unloving parents, abusive spouses, unkind friends, or cruel employers.

Case Findings: Henry David Thoreau remarked that most lead lives of "quiet desperation". It's true. For people are always getting desperate about health (will it continue? or when will it fail?), money (will there always be enough? or if not, how can more be gotten?), or love (can it be found? or if found, can it be kept?).

So often this desperation is a pattern inherited from past lives which continues to run through the present. This "client" was living a life of great, quiet desperation: she was always plagued by sadness, her health was as changeable as the weather, men flowed in and out of her life, and money seemed just to flow out.

In a past life, this client was a Pirate Queen. She stole to keep from working as well as to keep from marrying (in her present life, she was not married). She had a horror of becoming pregnant inherited from another past life as a barbarian (the Romans had slit open her stomach to see the unformed babe inside).

In her life as a Pirate Queen, she spent the money as fast as she earned it (in the present day, she was always broke and deeply in debt). The Pirate Queen longed for love but was too afraid to let anyone close to her (in the present day, she always sabotaged her relationships when men got too close).

The Pirate Queen looked around her but saw no life that satisfied her independent spirit as much as a life at sea (this created the sadness that now dominated her present life). Yet as much as she loved her life, she hated it (in this life, she had a job that she once loved but had now outgrown).

She was worried that one of her crew was going to slit her throat while she slept (in this life, she was social but had no close friends). This worry manifested as a stomach ulcer (continuing into this life as stomach pains and severe menstrual cramps). It was this level of pain that prompted her to seek "help from beyond".

Case Learnings: The more one turns their back on their own power, the more one tries not to see the truth about themselves (which is more often good than bad), the greater the pain becomes until the individual decides to address it.

When someone asks "why me?", they set in motion a sequence of events that will lead them to an answer - but only when they are ready to hear and can accept the answer that is given. In this case, the answer was that this client was trapped in the web of other people's expectations of how she "should be". She felt she "should be" the way that others wanted her to be, instead of being the way she truly was.

Energetically, she was compromising her sense of self and that manifested as chronic stomach problems and a life that left her full of despair. So she worked at a job that others thought she "should like" - and at first, she did like it. Yet she could not accept that she had grown beyond it. She was looking to "recapture" the joy of the old job instead of trying to seek joy in new kinds of work . Then she dated men that others thought she "should like" - and found men that were " just OK" because she was "looking for love in all the wrong places."

So she was left with the choice of looking inside to see what was really there and looking ahead to see what there could be. Her Higher Self helped her with this, spreading before her the tapestry of her past lives and the possibilities of what this life could be. Armed with this knowledge, she was able to move forward from a life of quiet desperation to one much more filled with hope and promise.



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