Past Forward: 77 Secrets of Soulmate Love
Soul #1: The Key to Blissful Soulmate Relationships...

Attracting, Nurturing, and Pleasuring Your Soulmate

Understanding the Soulmate Relationship

"Finding Selves Unimaginably Mine": Understanding How Soulmates Operate in Our Lives
"A Match Made in Heaven": Understanding the Soulmate Relationship Dynamic
"A Match Made of Karma": Understanding What Soulmate Relationships are NOT

"Heavenly Bliss on Earth": Understanding How Soulmate Sex Really Works
Spiritual Purpose of Soulmate Relationships #1: Learning Self Love
Spiritual Purpose of Soulmate Relationships #2: Learning to Love Others

Attracting the Soulmate Relationship

"Finding a Needle in an Infinite Haystack": Soulmates and the Law of Attraction
Attracting Your Soulmate: Root Chakra - Doing Your Inner Work on Relationship Baggage
Attracting Your Soulmate: Sacral Chakra - Doing Your Inner Work on Self Love
Attracting Your Soulmate: Solar Plexus Chakra - Becoming Who You Want to Attract

Attracting Your Soulmate: Heart Chakra - Doing the Inner Work Between You and Your Soulmate
Attracting Your Soulmate: Throat Chakra - Doing the Outer Work on Presenting Yourself
Attracting Your Soulmate: Third Eye Chakra - Manifesting from the Highest Possible Vibration
Attracting Your Soulmate: Crown Chakra - Aligning with Your Soulmate

Nurturing the Soulmate Relationship

# 1: Loving Your Soulmate: Do Unto Them as You Would Have Them Do Unto You
# 2: Loving Your Soulmate: Using NLP to Communicate Your Love in the Best Way
# 3: Loving Your Soulmate: It's a Matter of Give and Take
# 4: Loving Your Soulmate: It's a Matter of Respect

# 5: Making Love a Priority: Doing it Daily
# 6: Making Love a Priority: Love is in the Details & in the Intentions
# 7: Making Love a Priority: Mystify, Dazzle, and Surprise Your Mate
# 8: Making Love a Priority: Creating & Reliving Treasured Memories
# 9: Making Love a Priority: Keeping Positive Streams of Energy Going

#10: Words of Love: The Three Most Underrated Words of Love
#11: Words of Love: Speaking Love in a Foreign Language
#12: Words of Love: Tape Recorded Public Service Announcements
#13: Words of Love: Private Whispers in Public Places
#14: Words of Love: Love Notes Found in Unexpected Places
#15: Words of Love: Love Letters Frozen in Time
#16: Words of Love: "Fighting Fair": Communicating Disagreement

#17: Gifts of Devotion: Gifts Must Be Unconditional and Thoughtful
#18: Gifts of Devotion: Nobody Expected This Gift
#19: Gifts of Devotion: They Expected This Gift and Loved It!
#20: Gifts of Devotion: The Gifts That Keep on Giving
#21: Gifts of Devotion: The Most Priceless Gifts of All

#22: Acts of Service: Monarch for a Day
#23: Acts of Service: Tackling the Honey Do List
#24: Acts of Service: Being Anywhere But Here
#25: Acts of Service: Supporting Your Soulmate's Dreams

#26: Sharing Quality Time: Spending Time Together
#27: Sharing Quality Time: Spending Time Apart
#28: Sharing Quality Time: Sharing the Trivial Details of Daily Life
#29: Sharing Quality Time: Sharing the Responsibility for the Relationship
#30: Sharing Quality Time: Sharing Your Space With Your Soulmate
#31: Sharing Quality Time: Especially When Things Go Wrong

#32: Sharing Couples Time: Doing the Romantic Post Mortem
#33: Sharing Couples Time: Going Out on a Date With Your Soulmate
#34: Sharing Couples Time: Taking Best Advantage of Romantic Locations
#35: Sharing Couples Time: Couple's Holidays - New Year's Eve and St Valentines Day
#36: Sharing Couples Time: Wedding Anniversaries and Annual Honeymoons
#37: Sharing Couples Time: Create Your Own Soulmate Holidays
#38: Sharing Couples Time: Whatever You Do, Be Consistent

Pleasuring Your Soulmate

#39: Know Thyself: Unleashing Sexual "Turn-Ons"
#40: Know Thyself: Identifying and Understanding Physical "Turn-Ons"
#41: Know Thyself: Identifying and Understanding Mental "Turn-Ons"
#42: Know Thyself: Identifying and Understanding Emotional "Turn-Ons"

#43: Physical Touch: A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss - The 32 Flavors of Kissing
#44: Physical Touch: Nurturing Kisses and Startling Caresses
#45: Physical Touch: Hugs and Embraces from the Heart
#46: Physical Touch: The Strength in Unity of Holding Hands
#47: Physical Touch: The Power of Continuous Touch in Giving Five
#48: Physical Touch: The Delights of the Inescapable Ambush

#49: Physical Massage: Understanding and Dealing with Nudity
#50: Physical Massage: Body Mapping to Unleash Sexual Energy
#51: Physical Massage: The Amazing Male Erotic Massage
#52: Physical Massage: The Amazing Female Erotic Massage

#53: Sensory Manipulation: Responsible Use of Sensory Tricks
#54: Sensory Manipulation: Playing with the Sense of Sight
#55: Sensory Manipulation: Playing with the Sense of Hearing
#56: Sensory Manipulation: Playing with All the Other Senses

#57: Role Playing: Pushing Sex - The Ravisher and the Release
#58: Role Playing: Pulling Sex - The Seducer and the Surrender
#59: Role Playing: Inventing Sex - Costumes and Characters
#60: Role Playing: Reinventing Sex - Hot Love at the Movies/on TV

#61: Sex Specialties: Having Sexless Sex and Loving It!
#62: Sex Specialties: The Unexpected Joys of Recycled Virgins
#63: Sex Specialties: About Surprise Wake Up Booty Calls
#64: Sex Specialties: Getting the Most Out of Makeup Sex
#65: Sex Specialties: Adventure Sex is Truly the Spice of Life

#66: Before Sex: Having Sex With The One Who Really Cares
#67: Before Sex: Pleasures of Dressing and Undressing
#68: Before Sex: Doing the Turn On Tango
#69: Before Sex: Recreating Sexual Fantasies

#70: During Sex: The Top 10 Things You Should Always Do
#71: During Sex: The Top 10 Things You Should Never Do
#72: During Sex: Creating the Ultimate Communication
#73: During Sex: Manifesting Your Joy to Your Partner

#74: After Sex: Programming for Pleasure
#75: After Sex: Comforting Human Pillows and Blankets
#76: After Sex: Receiving/Giving Pleasurable Feedback
#77: After Sex: Receiving/Giving Thanks

Some Final Thoughts About Soulmates

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