What are the Chakras? Give Me a Crash Course!

Your Energy Chakras

* are "Spinning Wheels of Light" energy from the universe (which is the literal translation of the Sanskrit word 'chakra').

* are rooted in a vertical power current or energy hose that interconnects and interpenetrates the inner energy bodies and the outer matter body.

* nourishes all the inner energy bodies as well as the outer matter body with lifeforce.

* the flow of the universe is from energy to matter: energy flows from your inner bodies to create the matter of your physical body.

* all your bodies are created from the living energy variously referred to as:
........ chi (China), ki (Japan), manna (Hawaii), prana (India).

* consists of seven major chakras (depicted above):

* is open-ended at the root (genital area),
........ the color is red: it connects you to the Earth and your purpose
* at the sacrum (base of spine/pelvic area),
........ the color is orange: it represents
........ in front: your self love and in back: your use of personal power
* at the solar plexus (stomach/diaphragm area),
........ the color is yellow: it represents
........ in front: how you see yourself in the world (your identity)
........ in back: how you take care of yourself (body, mind, emotions)
* at the heart (heart area),
........ the color is green and expands to pink: it represents
........ in front: how you connect in relationship to others from the heart,
........ in back: how you support yourself in career/work
* at the throat (throat area),
........ the color is blue: it represents
........ in front: how you connect in living your truth using spoken words
........ in back: how you connect in how you see yourself professionally
* at the third eye (between the eyebrows),
........ the color is purple: it represents
........ in front: how you take in the creative forces of the universe
........ in back: how you manifest desires from energy
* is open-ended at the crown (top of head),
........ the color is white: it connects you to universal knowledge.

This is a simple guide to your Chakras and Inner Energy Bodies.
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