What are the Energy Bodies? Give Me a Crash Course!

Your Energy Bodies

* you are a vibrational energy being and composed of light and sound energy.

* you are a balance of six flowing fluid layers and strong grid structures: physical, astral (emotion), causal (karma), mental (thought), etheric (intuition), Soul.

* interact with everything around you and the energy portion is known as your aura.

* react to your every thought, word, feeling, choice, and action.

* are electromagnetic and interpenetrates you with energy.

* You have a
green physical (matter) body:
........ the layer of matter that you see, hear, smell, touch, and can taste!
........ is the one whose eyes are reading these words.
* You have a red astral body:
........ the layer of energy manifesting as emotions and heart energy.
........ is the one whose emotions respond to this as feelings about it.
* You have a orange causal body:
........ the "karmic seed body" where experiences are stored.
........ is the one testing this against the experience of your past lives.
* You have a blue mental body:
........ the layer of energy that manifests as attitudes, beliefs, & thoughts.
........ is the one whose mind respond to this as thoughts about it.
* You have a purple etheric body:
........ the layer of energy that manifests as intuition and knowingness.
........ is the one whose intuitive abilities are acting on this information.
........ is the one coordinating the various responses of the other bodies.
........ is the one producing your final decision about this information.
* You have a white soul body:
........ the layer of energy that manifests as awareness and guidance.

This is a simple guide to your Chakras and Inner Energy Bodies.
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